Hello, Right now, I seek conversation. I am looking to speak with submissive women who have deep dark fantasies of being dominated in every facet of their life. Women who's dreams of submission wake them at night and leave them awake with the memories of those dreams. I have very dark fantasies that I'd like to share. I love long black gloves, opaque tights and stockings. red matte lipstick and dark curly hair.
4/2/2024 5:55:13 AM

Are you a woman who feels rejected by the light? Does darkness invade your dreams and beckon you to its embrace? Do you long for a place where pleasure and pain become one? Do desire a life of bondage, punishment and torture, as if for the sins of this life or past lives.

7/11/2023 4:22:17 AM

Gags are central to the bondage experience for both the submissive and the Dominant. The gag is symbolic of surrender and control. 

 Age: 35