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CDingTrans Wench, Mermaid, Batgirl, Catwoman, Santas Little Helper and Many More to Follow.

This cum-gobblin mer-slut is looking to get caught and my tail tied down and hooked deep. Mouth ready for Your bait. Batgirl is looking to be caught by the Joker then taken hostage, used without regard. Santas Little Helper wants to be tied up under Your Christmas tree. An the rest...... well, use Your imagination, lol

Opening up my profile for any possibilities, situations or circumstances that may be mutually rewarding. Sincerely seeking that One (or Two) that would be willing to train me for Their pleasure and use.

No holds barred. Very open and open-minded, adventurous, willing to experiment or be experimented on. Have many interests, Likes, Loves, Lives For and many other areas yet to be explored. Especially love all s and types on bondage... the more inescapable, unusual and extreme then better!

Very open to being Your pet, toy, plaything, friend, lover (maybe more) that can be friendship, someone to hang with, shortlong term or more. Ideally i would like to serve that One very special One in a long term relationship.

Think You can net me? Take a chance, i may be a great catch!

 Wanted to write down one of my first experiences in the lifestyle someday recreating it.....

This happened a number of years ago when i was first getting into my "tail" thing. i got invited to a kinky Halloween party and decided to go as my friends catch of the day. At that time i had a black rubber, skintight tail with a zipper conveniently placed for easy access. 

The evening got off to a great start, got many compliments on my costume as well my friend getting compliments on Her catch. Even though i could not move around much i could still balance on a barstool at the bar and drink. i must have had my fair share of drinks and shots prior to midnight and the costume contest. My friend ended up entering us and one of the stipulations was having me hung as Her catch of the night. So with a net securely wrapped around me i was harnessed up at my waist, knees and ankles, carried up on stage by a few guys my friend recruited and then suspended tail first for judging and pictures.

Needless to say we won, got carried back to bar bar and more celebratory shots passed all around. By this time the party was coming to a close, or so i thought. What my friend neglected to tell me that this was a Halloween party til 2 but then an anything goes party afterwards til 6am.  With the amount of drinks in me as well as something that made me very open to suggestion i was open to anything that my friend wanted or wanted to see. 

Before i knew what was happening i was hoisted up onto the makeshift bar, blindfolded, my wrists cuffed then secured above my head and secured to the bar by the harnesses that were still around my ankles, knees and waist. Someone then got the idea of turning me into a sushi buffet but since we have no sushi they used what food was available: chips, dip, cookies, vegetables, crackers, you name it. Others did shots off my tail.. ordering me to remain absolutely still... which being in no position to i had to comply.

My friend was completely into it at this point as were a few others when i felt my zipper being unzipped by Her and my cock being pulled free. "You don't mind if a few of us play a bit do you? she asked. Not that i could as i was Her catch afterall..... She then started offering up cockshots: a shot of your drink of choice and a suck off my cock... then only condition being they could not make me cum. i don't really recall how long this went on for until i got a shot of my own. However, it was not a shot of alcohol... 

Seems one of her friends felt sorry for me, unloaded into a shot glass then offered it to my friend to give to me. She did not tell me what it was but told me if i wanted to get out of there the next morning i best take my shots. So she pulled my head back, opened my mouth and poured the first shot down. I say the first cause after that first one a few more of her friends got the same idea and She gleefully went along.

At this point i was so open to suggestions and anything She and the group wanted or wanted to see that i was in no condition to . From this point on i can only go by what She and others told me afterwards. Well the shot thing got old fast and a few of Her female friends wanted in so since the bar top was only plywood and i was tied to it, She had her friends lift it down to a lower table so Her female friends could gush their own shot down my throat with my head hanging off the end of the board and my hands/arms  and ankles tied to the single table leg underneath. Some of Her other male friends wanted to do their own gushing and proceeded to do so. 

By the end of the evening... actually later the next day after i had recovered and gained my wits, my friend told me i had taken another seven loads directly in addition to five loads in a shot glass. Others contributed by unloading on me to the point that my tail and skin had a glistening sheen to it. Finally my friend jerked me off and had me take my final shot with my own cum.

i  woke up at my friends place on her coffee table, dazed, confused, still tailed but unzipped with the taste of cum in my mouth and some more on me and one hell of a Halloween i will never forget!

i had not been very active recently so decided to answer a few ads on Doms seeking a CD/TG. One in particular stood out about wanting a fashion show because He had a room with show-off mirrors, which caught my curiosity as i did not know what show-off mirrors were. He replied to my ad and we exchanged a number of emails and eventually texts. Needless to say the thought of putting on a show for someone with different outfits was highly arousing and had me very turned on when He asked to see me that evening in His room

i showered and prepared myself and dressed in shorts, t-shirt and sandals and made my way to His hotel room. He met me outside and with suitcase in tow, led me to his room. The show-off mirror was just a wall mirror, not the type i was expecting like in dressing rooms, but decided to go with the flow. He was nice and cordial and offered me a drink: coke, water, beer, vodka or whiskey. i went with the whiskey on the rocks.

The first glass went down smooth and quick... god it tasted good but i was feeling a bit more relaxed as meeting someone new always puts me a bit on edge with my guard up. We started talking, finding out about each other but more towards myself as i had my second glass. i was sitting in the window seat, stretched out while he was at the desk with a number of computers running. We talked more as He poured me my third. At this point i was very talkative, telling Him how i had always thought of myself as a women, how i decided to take the next steps, what i was into, what i liked.

At this point i had finished my third and had moved to sit on the bed. i think less than an hour had passed when He handed me my fourth. i remember having one good long sip and then set the glass on the floor. Alcohol puts me very much in touch with my thoughts, feelings and emotions plus makes me highly tactile. i spread out on the bed and started running my hands across my breasts and body............. and that is the last thing i remembered.

i woke up sometime later...... the lights were still on in the room and i heard a jingling. i raised my arms and hands and realized through the haze that the jingling was coming from me. Specifically, from the cuffs secured around my wrists. i must have had a puzzled look on my face as He said "Do you like them?" i think i mumbled "How?" "When?" but received no answer. It was then i noticed the tightness around my neck and realized i had also been collared, a large O-ring jingling when i moved. i started to get more of my wits to me and finally realized that i was now in the short nightshirt i had brought. i saw my shirt, shorts, bra and panties on the floor. Before i could even ask a question "How?" i was offered a glass of water, as my throat was very dry and i could barely talk. He fed me the water and it was then i saw that my ankles were also cuffed and my legs spread and tied to the bed. It was the last thing i remembered seeing as He placed a blindfold on me and i passed out again.

i woke the second time to a vibration inside me and the taste of cum in my mouth. i was still blindfolded but it had shifted enough for me to see that the room was still light and i was alone. my legs were still secured but now my arms were as as well. i could feel a vibrator in my pussy as well as another secured to my clit, which i could feel was hard and dripping; either from myself or the lube He had used. my nightshirt was still on but i could feel the clothespins on and around my nipples underneath, which were also hard. i must have laid there another hour or so until He came back.

i was seeing him upside-down as my head was at the foot of the bed. "I see you're awake now" He said. Before i could protest about being left alone tied he said "I have been keeping an eye on you". The look on my face prompted Him to say "I have been watching you on webcam. In fact, the whole world has been watching you, even now. In fact, I have been getting suggestions all this time on what to do to you. You can thank someone online for that vibrator in your pussy and clit." At that , He turned it up more and i moaned involuntarily at the deep pulsing inside me. My pussy clamped down hard around the vibrator taking it all in. "Oh that's a good girl" he said. "Gotta get EVERY angle of your torture for the studio audience" (i learned afterwards that He did indeed got EVERY angle as He had 4 webcams capturing EVERYTHING.)

"Now open wide and smile to the camera. you need to finish Me off as it's the only way I am letting you free." And at that He slipped His cock into my mouth and i proceeded to lick and suck Him til he was nearly ready to cum. He pulled out, "and now for the money shot" and proceeded to shoot into my open mouth and onto my face. i swallowed what i could lick off my face and true to His word He started loosening my bonds to allow me to leave.......