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Hetero Female Submissive, 57,  Indiana
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Journal Entries:
9/2/2009 7:11:21 PM

                                    THEIR FIRST ENCOUNTER





     It is a lovely day and she is so excited, she has longed in her heart to belong to one who is special, who will protect and love her and who she will serve gladly.

They had been talking for a time and this was to be their first meeting alone, she has taken a long luxurious bath and smells like cherries, it is the lotion she has sensuously rubbed on her body. She thinks, this must be just perfect for he is the one that I hope I will belong to one day. She is nervous, but excited at the same time. They have talked for a period of time and it seems that there is much chemistry there. She is somewhat shy and prays that she will not be used and tossed away. It is a possibility but prays that will not be the case.

  As she was rubbing lotion on her body, careful not to get it on the nipples as she would not want to displease him in any way. She found herself wondering in anticipation what will it be like, when she sees him alone for the first time. Will he be pleased with her? She can't decide what to wear, it has to be perfect, a blend of sexy but modest as they will be meeting at a pub. Yes she has it, a long black skirt, with a sexy shirt, hose and heels but not to high as she doesn't want to fall over trying to walk in them. While she is putting on her make up, finally satisfied with her hair, she wonders, will he hug me or will he kiss me, will he be pleased????

  At last she is finally ready, nervous, excited all mixed up together; it is very much a turn on for her. One last glance in the mirror and a touch of perfume, and she is out the door.

  When she arrives she makes sure to be early so she doesn't have to search for him but he will come find her. She orders a drink and sits calmly as she can sipping on her captain Morgan and coke, remembering their talks and his picture in her mind.

  He just walked in the door; she sees him and waits for him to approach her. She wonders if she looks as nervous as she feels. He walks up to her and smiles down at her and holds his hand out to her for her to stand up. As she stands she tries not to look into his eyes but she so wants to. She tells herself, no protocol is so important, so she keeps her eyes downcast and takes his hand and puts it to her forehead as she curtsies to him. He smiles, he is pleased and hugs her to him, she breathes his smell in he smells so good. He kisses her on the cheek, and tells her to sit.

   They talk for the longest time, and the passion is very strong she can tell his need for her is intense. She knows she should not give herself to him so soon but the chemistry is so strong it is overwhelming for her. His smile melts her heart and heats her passion, her desire for him is strong. She is so comfortable with him and he appears to be as comfortable with her as well. Not like just meeting more like destined to meet.

   When he touches her it is like fire going thru her body and she knows they will make love this night if he wants. He leans over next to her ear and whispers, I want you and she smiles and blushes. Oh her Ma'am will be mad at her but she wants this and will just have to bear what she must of her anger, she thinks maybe she will not be so mad. Perhaps she will understand.

   He asks her if she would be comfortable to go to his place and she accepts. As they drive, he touches her, and she is so very aware of his closeness. He senses her nervousness and talks to her calming her thru the drive.

They arrive at his place and once the door is closed after she enters, she dares to look up into his eyes she just must, he smiles she quickly downcasts her eyes again, not wanting to be disrespectful. He backs her against a wall and tilts her face up to his, slowly lowering his mouth to hers. As his mouth touches hers first so gently and then with passion that overwhelms her, he grabs her hair and pulls her head back and increases his kiss to the point that when it is finished, she is breathless, and hot and wet. She thinks and that is just a kiss oh my...she is careful not to look at him but she so wants to look in his eyes, but no not unless he gives her permission. She is willing him to tell her to look at him. But instead she feels his mouth as it travels to her neck, her knees get weak it feels so good.


He lingers on her neck licking and sucking and kisses oh please don't stop races in her mind, she moans, she didn't mean to but oh god it feels so good. Her body is betraying her and responding to him in a way that is not foreign to her. He grabs her hair to kiss her again, her body strains to him, submitting to him all of her. Allowing him to know that she is his if he wants, how he wants and as much as he wants. He stops and looks at her, god he wants her so bad, his mind is racing, but he steps into Dom mode and wants this to be perfect. It has been a long time since a sub was so subject to him, so submissive to his kisses and touch. He steps back and tells her to look at him and she does, getting lost in his eyes. He smiles and she smiles back at him. For a moment in time they are lost in each other.

   Then he takes her into his bedroom, he sits on the bed, and tells her to stand and to slowly take off her clothes and her eyes are not to leave his. She is shy but willing and wanting to please him, she looks into his hungry eyes and slowly takes off her shirt, and then her bra, and then her skirt and finally she is down to her t backs as she is about to take them off he tells her to stop. He tells her to lower her eyes and to put her hands behind her back. She does, she stands there for what seems like an eternity but then finally he tells her to take them off and not to raise her eyes again. She does as she is told. Anticipation is her driving force; not knowing what is next to come but wanting whatever it may be.

  He tells her to present for inspection, they have talked of this before many times and he has even sent her to a website so she would know how to present to make him happy.

  She keeps her eyes lowered and spreads her legs to give him access to what ever he may want, puts her hands crossed at the wrist above her head, elbows lightly bent, she tilts her head back and to the left side, licking her lips in anticipation, she has practiced this so many times in front of the mirror since he told her of the way he likes to have his sub present, for she wanted to please him so.


She hears him as he gets up off the bed, her breathing is labored slightly, and she can feel him as he gets close to her Aura, he reaches to her but not quite touching her, she can feel him and this increases her excitement. She has never felt so naked before a man, so submissive. She closes her eyes afraid that she will break protocol and disrespect him if she does not. Finally he touches her nipple, rubbing gently at first and then hard, it makes her gasp, she bites her lips and breathes past the pain and he lets go, she can't see but he is smiling, he is pleased at her response. But he is far from being finished with this inspection. He reaches between her legs, his touch feels so good, then she feels him as he pushes two fingers inside her, she wasn't expecting that, but she really doesn't know what to expect, which is part of the excitement. As she feels his fingers enter her, she feels his hard throbbing cock bush against her breasts. She is afraid to open her eyes so she keeps them shut. He moves his fingers inside her, bringing her close to an orgasm, but before he would allow her to cum, his fingers are removed quickly, a whimper comes from her, but she remains for the most part quiet. He tells her to open her mouth and she does as told, and he puts the fingers that had just been inside her pussy onto her lips and he tells her to clean them for him with her mouth and tongue. She as sensuously as she can goes about this task. When she is finished he tells her in her ear, very good, very good. Then he moves behind her moving up against her letting her feel his hard cock against her ass, she is trembling. She is thinking I need an orgasm so bad, but she remains still and in position for him. For it is no longer her will but she has given her will to him. He reaches from behind her to her nipples again, this time holding her next to him tightly and squeezes her nipples hard making her gasp again and tremble under the pain, but before she has a moment to say owie, or even think it he has release the nipples. He tells her to lay over the edge of the bed, face down, and she does, he leans over her and tells her she is being a very good girl, and tells her to continue being a good girl. She waits not knowing what is coming, then she feels his hand caressing her ass cheeks and then he begins to spank her, not so hard at first then harder and when he feels her wince in pain, once more just push her limit and then, he begins to rub and caress her cheeks again, they are bright red by now. He is pleased she is inexperienced but will learn quickly.

   He wishes to find out how her mouth will feel on his cock, but wishes to reward her. He turns her over, and lay down beside her, kissing her again with the passion she has deserved. He moves to her neck and also to her nipples again but this time with his mouth, sucking them into his mouth, was amazed at how big and hard they got in his mouth. She is moaning now, he slips his fingers once again into her pussy to find she is wet, he pushes his fingers deep inside her to find her hidden spot, once he finds it he brings her to orgasm as she is begging, " Oh Sir, please please may I cum", he takes his mouth off of her nipple long enough to say, yes cum for me, come for me". Just as quick his mouth was back on her nipple and she was withering oh his hand cumming and as she was cumming he was sucking so hard on her nipples and she was unable to stop cumming and couldn't tell the pain from the pleasure, oh it was more than she had ever imagined.

 She had multiple orgasms, hard orgasms, before he released his hold on her. Now the hunger was there for her, she wanted more than ever to please him. What he did not know was the more she came, the more the hunger increased in her to cum, to please, eventually it would all roll into one. As he rolled onto his back, she asked for permission to give him pleasure. He cupped her chin and lifted her face to his; he smiled, and said, you will have to be more precise. She took a deep breath and asked,” Sir, may I suck your beautiful cock and bring you pleasure. He smiled, that is much better and yes, you have my permission. 

    She stood at the end of the bed, confused. In the vanilla world, which was all she really knew, she would have been bold by her passion and would have looked deep into they eyes of her lover as she started moving toward her destination between his legs. She realized that she was in a different world now and was uncertain if that was acceptable. She paused for a minute, took a breath hoping it would not displease him, and looked into his eyes. She never took her eyes from his. She slowly maneuvered herself into position. This was the part she loved so, she loved to make love to the cock, to savor ever inch of it. She stated inside the thighs, licking, kissing, and running her fingernails ever so passionately. Slowly, breathing, smelling tasting every inch of his thighs, she heard a small moan, enough to let her know she was doing well. She then pushed her mouth down to the bottom of his sack, licking and kissing a sucking ever so slowly. Rising inch by inch, each kiss longing to hear a moan to know her mouth was being appreciated. Tenderly she sucked first one ball into her mouth, licking it with her tongue as it was in her mouth, gently and letting it then tenderly out of her mouth to embrace the other doing the same to it. Over and over and over again. Loving the smell and the taste of him. She ached for his hard cock, but continued making love to his balls. Her pussy was so wet and hurt from wanting to be fucked so badly. But she pushed these feelings aside and concentrated on him.

      Not missing a beat, she started licking the staff of his cock, ever inch, licking, lightly nibbling, and kissing every inch of him. When she finally arrived at the head, she licked it as it was cherry flavored, closing her eyes and then she opened her mouth, looked into his eyes and proceeded to take the entire length of his beautiful cock in her mouth, it took several times to be able to take it all, reaching her throat on the third try. He grabbed her by her hair as he moaned loudly, he would, let her up long enough to breath and then slowly so he could feel himself go deep into her throat. He knew she was new, but pushed her to her limit, she would gag, and he would let her off to breath and push his cock back into her mouth. When he saw the tears running down her face, he knew she needed a break. He was so pleased with her. He kissed her passionately, with approval. He knew she would with time be able to last for him to cum down her lovely throat.

    She was ablaze with passion; there was a fire inside of her, she hurt she needed to cum. This happens to her, when she gives head, it builds in her. When she does start cumming it is over and over and over again, back to back orgasms.

    He looked deep into her eyes and saw the hunger there, he took her arms above her head and tied her wrists together there, left her legs free so if he wanted to turn her over onto her stomach he could. She was breathing so hard. She was pleading please please, I need to cum. He smiled at her as he looked into her eyes; he loved hearing her beg for release. He knew he needed to back her down a little so he began teasing her nipples, teasing her mouth with his mouth, she was on fire and every time he kissed her lightly she tried to lift her mouth to his when he pulled away. She whimpered as this was done to her over and over again.

   Finally, he eased himself between her legs; it was his turn now to feast on her. He was hungry to taste her, he licked around her half shaven pussy, found her large pussy lips and sucked them hard into his mouth until she moaned, "oh god, oh god". Then he stuck his tongue into her wet mound, deep inside her, he could feel her pussy spasm on his tongue trying to draw it deeper in her. God she tasted so good. He then licked her up to her clit, and started to lick and entice it. Slowly, lightly licking her until her hips started moving under the rhythm of his tongue. She had been a very good girl, and he was very proud of her and wanted to see her cum, he slipped two fingers inside her slowly, and looked at her face, her eyes were closed, he told her no, look at me and do not stop looking at me. I want you to see who is making you cum.

   She opened her eyes and he leaned up over her putting his fingers deep inside her reaching the spot, when he touched it, he knew for she gasp for air, he worked that spot. She started begging, "oh please, oh please Sir, please let me cum, please Sir". As he looked at her face he knew he wanted her to be his submissive, and told her, "Call me Daddy, and tell your Daddy you want to cum. She cried out, "oh god, oh god, fuck oh fuck, Daddy please, Daddy please let me cum please". It was the most wonderful sound to him, her calling him Daddy, knowing her pleasure was literally at his fingertips, he told her yes baby girl, cum for your Daddy. She came and he did not let up, his cock was throbbing, but he kept her cumming one, two, three, he lost count at four times.

   When he finally pulled out his fingers from her pussy they were dripping wet, he had her clean them, licking hungrily, sucking them clean. Then leaning over her kissed her deep and long and passionately, tasting her pussy on her mouth made his head swim. His cock was rock hard, like never before, he positioned himself between her legs, driving his cock deep inside her, hard. She yelled,”Oh yes Daddy fuck me hard, I need it so bad." He didn't need any more prompting; he started fucking her so hard and with each thrust, her pussy got tighter around his cock, cumming all on his cock. She was watching his eyes his face, it was making her drunk with excitement, watching his expression change, from passion to lust, to love and as they exploded together in ecstasy, he knew she was his and she prayed he would be her Dom forever. He stayed there for a moment longer, lost in her green eyes, catching his breath, watching her catch hers and she was smiling so sweetly.

   He climbed off her and lay by her side again, her arms still bound about her head, he looked at her lovingly, smiled the smile that warmed her heart.

   He got up shortly and went to the dresser, and told her to close her eyes, she did. She felt his hands around her throat, placing something around her neck, dare she hope, yes she was placed in a training collar it was official she was his. He kissed her one more time; she thanked him with tears in her eyes for she belonged to him. She would do everything in her power to always make him proud of his choice to make her his. She so wanted to be up so she could see the collar that he had just put on her.

   However, he told her baby girl, Daddy is not done, we are but just getting started, and he rolled her onto her stomach and began to give her the sweetest spanking of her life, she cried tears of happiness as she embraced the pain, knowing that it excited her Dom and was pleasing to him.        The End……For Now! 

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