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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

Strong likes: Anal, Pet Play, DDLG, Spanking, slave/master, humiliation, sensory deprivation,
Hetero Male Dominant, 28,  Maryland
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 Dominant Male


 5' 10"

 180 lbs





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Submissive Female

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Friends Only

Strong likes: Anal, Pet Play, DDLG, Spanking, slave/master, humiliation, sensory deprivation, yelling insulting

Occasionally fucks with: Piss play, some blood (nothing crazy or permanent)
Don't Fuck With: Scat, scars or permanent marks, knives


My Style: Everyone marches to their own beat.  I enjoy the chess match of finding out what makes you tick, then prodding it and using every available tool that I have to dominate you.  Some respond better to physical domination and posturing.  Others I'll need to break down over time and whittle your defenses away until you're mine.  I enjoy the game and instant gratification isn't what I'm necessarily looking for.  


Rules and fetishes to indulge aren't set in stone.  BDSM rules should be custom fit according to the unique dynamics of the people involved.  So we can discuss that once I get to know you.  


Truthfully, it's a bit strange posting on bdsm or DDLG matchmaking sites.  The idea of choosing a partner based on your kinks is uncomfortable and somewhat incomprehensible to me.  


Well, here I still am.  There's a part of me that wants to be unconditionally and mutually doting, a mentor to someone, dominate every ounce of their will, and at the same time express my sexual fantasies.  I don't really have trouble (no humblebrag I swear) dating, but those parts of my personality I've listed don't always get a chance to be nourished. 


My passion is literature!
My favorite authors are liable to change but some of them include: Don Dellilo, William Faulkner, Toni Morrison, and Franz Kafka.  I'm sure if you asked me who my favorites were today my answer would be different.




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