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Bisexual Transgender Slave, 23,  Toledo, Ohio
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 Transgender Slave



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 150 lbs






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A Poly Household

Hi and thank you for reading my profile.

I am a 23 yr old bisexual trans woman and seeking like-minded individuals (of any gender) and or couples for a genuine long-term relationship (with the aim to live-in or together). At the moment I live near Toledo, Ohio but have US and Uk dual nationality so can relocate easily.

I was raised in the US but moved to the U.K. to complete my undergraduate degree, and finished about a month ago.

IMPORTANT I consider myself to be a slave, not a submissive. My desire is to live as a slave 24 hours a day seven days a week EXCEPT when I am visiting family or they visit me. This is VERY important to me - they must not be aware of my status as a slave. Im also not going to sacrifice my relationship with family just so I can be a slave. I would ask that any potential owner would respect this request. Also, please do not argue with me over the definitions of slave vs submissive and whether I am a slave or submissive. I identify as a slave, please dont question that if you contact me. Frankly its pedantic and I dont care.

A little more about (vanilla) me!

- I am university graduate (graduated in July 2020).
- I have started both socially transitioning (as of June 2020)and medically transitioning (as of August 2020). Most of the time I present as female.
- In my spare time I enjoy endurance sports, namely cycling and long-distance running.

More about my kinky side!

- I enjoy the sissification fetish, though mostly through a non-sexual perspective, as well as ABDL.
- I am experienced with wearing chastity devices, my next one will be a neosteel shemale belt.
- I have served several dominant people both online and in person, each in different capacities.
- I have an interest in tattoos, piercings, and body-modifications.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in chatting and or meeting - I look forward to hearing from you!


ONE FINAL NOTE If you contact me and we find a connection, please dont expect me to move to you immediately. Ive had several people message me who have been kind and there has been a connection, however they dont seem to understand that I cant exactly move halfway across the country without a valid reason. As I said earlier, I do not want my family (who I currently live with) to know about my desire to be enslaved. If one day I tell them that I want to move to bla bla bla city halfway across the country Im going to get very weird looks and theyll be very suspicious looks. But if I say I want to move to bla bla bla city, Ive found a graduate level job there, they are going to be less suspicious and more supportive of a move. So please understand that. Finally, note how I say graduate level job. This is really the only valid way for me to move. If I find a graduate job elsewhere, that is my golden ticket to moving out. However, it must be a graduate level job. If I tell my family I want to move to bla bla bla city, and work at Walmart, they are going to be very suspicious. My point here is that if there is a connection, the only way I will be able to move is under the guise of finding and starting a graduate level job. That being said, once I move to a new place whether or not I startkeep that professional job is up to you. As a slave, I dont mind whether you want me to work and bring in money. I quite like the idea of being confined to a space 247 and completing chores, etc. All I ask is that you understand that the only way I can move is by finding a GRADUATE job. So please do not start ordering me around and telling me you have to get a flightbustrain here in a few days, because that is not going to happen. Moving WILL take time, its not going to happen overnight, so please understand and give me that time.

Thank you for reading.

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