Vertical Line



Women on this site are losers..... they treat the lifestyle like a popularity contest.... popularity doesn't matter if you dont have a partner so it really only makes her that much more of a loser. If youre on this site and haven't found an owner... its YOU that sucks, not the owner. You just chose the wrong one. Im looking for my permanently owned slave. Its bot my fault that women regularly make bad choices. Get to know me if you're looking for an experienced, caring established, 1950's lifestyle. I havent found a woman yet who has good enough judgment or the ability to find a longterm Dom. I dont take this site or the people on it very seriously, so you need to prove to me that you're serious about ownership, and not just trying to justify your existence with someone's attention.

At what point does it become completely rediculous that I can have more conversations, with the gay males that I've told out front

'im not interested',

than a single woman on this site who claims to be looking for a relationship, because they realize that they have to actually say things to have a conversation instead of expecting me to read their mind..... this community overall has like zero social skills.  what a joke. 

Had to make a whole new profile, last one has been waiting for review for over 2 yrs

Can't reply on here yet so if you wanna connect, leave your kik or snap in a message.  Have pics and happy to share once we start talking.