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Equality be damned !!!
I want worship, attention , time , patience ,respect and availability ..

I'm not interested in your list of needs and kinks until you fulfill the above therefore I'm not looking for sessions and definitely not looking to be anyone's tryout new thing !

You want to know me and what I can do to you , you damn well earn it first!

Make me feel like a queen so I can make you feel like you belong and are of use, needed and wanted!

:::: Currently looking for a D/S relationship, or someone with fantasy and wish to explore without giving up loyalty and respect to me ::::::
:::: Living in the south of the Czech republic can drive but slave must provide a place to stay if not within day trip distance ::::

What I love :
Naturally submissive with a desire to please , inteligent and creative mind , sense of humour , nerds/geeks welcome providing you are capable of balance and can still serve your queen . I do appreciate if you come up with new games or role plays too.
Physically preferred skinny to average build and tall ( I'm 180 cm 5'11 you should be at least around that ) Flexible would be good as I like bondage but not a must.
If you can do RP accent apply no matter the rest !
Someone solvent capable of helping if there is need although I do not expect to be permanently maintained I like my independence.
Age preferably /- 10 years max I want a relationship to be a real possibility not just a fantasy of a young boy ...

What I seek is a real relationship therefore you must accept there will be times when D/S is switched off in order to fulfill vanilla needs both in mundane things and sex. I would much prefer this being the possibility as I'd much rather get all from just that one person and only involve others as a fun occasion we both agree on rather than having to resort to double life of vanilla and sub partner.

What I hate :
Subs who need to be constantly forced and put in line I am no dragon tamer I want harmony not war ...
Any drugs or alcohol dependence or strong liking you are instantly out.
Any unhygienic or dangerous to health practices being on your must list you are out .
Physically I feel repulsed by michelines ,beards , excessive body hair especially if rough to touch .
No adult babies or kids please.
I don't on whole feel attracted by men 10 or more years older .
Subs and "slaves" that are only thinking about fun time or kinky serving and no mundane boring stuff - go to a prodomme and do not bother me life isn't made just from your porn dreams.
My sub is mine to rule and enjoy. Poly unfaithful whores be gone ... (Excludes kinks we both agree to try that involve others)

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