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Hetero Male Dominant, 43,   , Texas
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I am looking for someone to possess as my property/slave. I am not interested in a wife or girlfried. I am looking for someone who has an innate desire to serve, please, and be used by another. Someone who has an eagerness to please and be of use. Someone who is open to receiving leadership, direction, guidence, structure, and discipline. Someone who will become consumed by their service to me. Once owned, you will have no say, make no decisions, and will be controlled to the point that your appearance, the way you speak (if allowed and when allowed), and act will be in accordance with my desire and will. About me:I am serious, driven, passionate, literal, aggressive, dominant, possessive, territorial, competative, controlling, heavy handed (I am rough with my possessions) and persistent. I enjoy the mental aspect of domination and control just as much as the physical aspect. I am financially comfortable ( I do not live paycheck to paycheck), educated (Bachelors, MBA, and pursuing a DBA (Doctoral Business Administration), cultured, and well traveled. When I set my mind to something I obtain it, always. About the dynamic: Your wants, desires, dreams, and likes will not matter. You will exist to serve and please me not the other way around. I will not consider any of the above when using you or having you used (if I decide). This is a reality based life, so no you will not be kept in a cage or dungeon 24/7. You will bathe and take care of my property so that it is always available for my use and pleasure. You will eat human food and sleep in a bed when I deem it so. I will talk to you however I please I will not consider how you will take it nor care how you do. The purpose of your whole existence will be to serve and please in every and any way I see fit. Understand that you will be taken care of to the point that it facilitates my use and enjoyment of you. I do not care about your previous acheivements, positions, and titles nor your opinion. You will know what it means to be owned completely. An example: When you own a couch you dont ask it if you can sit on it, nor do you ask it how long can you sit on it you just do it until you get up. You do not ask it if you can move it or change its appearance or soil it if that pleases you. I will mold you into the possession that I want not the one you may have in your head. Understand that there is no on or off switch for me it is who I am and how I live. I do not care what others think about me or how I live. Realize this when you write me. Also I am in no way interested in men as property/slave or anything else. When you write, write with a purpose and understand that this is an opportunity to possibly obtain what you have been searching for. With that perspective realize you are not the only one looking for that same thing. Be impactful, stand out, but most of all understand the man you are looking for has options so relay why he should pick you (why are you a good fit). Everyone is unique and has something to offer even if it is just to be used.











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Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

A Poly Household


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