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Hetero Male Submissive, 52,  New Orlaans, Louisiana
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I am a well trained CD sub in search of a Domme or Fem-Dom couple to use me. i am not naturally bi, nor am i really even bi-curious. Therefore I am not a true TV, TS, or TG. But I am a true sub. I take great pleasure in following orders, particularly from a Domme. My former Domme/Dom couple forced me into servicing men. I did that solely to please them, especially Her. Here is the recommendation they wrote for me. We are moving away and can't torment him anymore. He’s free for others to use him. We used him for clean up duty, humiliation, oral service and chores. We enjoyed binding him, making him watch Us and others have sex, then make him lick the cum from Our genitals, the floor, the sheets, wherever. We loved giving him to others to use as they wish while we watched. The rest of the time We kept him in chrome plated, steel chastity and jeweled butt plug. It took Us two years, but We converted him from a Dom into a submissive CD, slut. He, or "it" as We loved to call him, is ready for You to do anything You want to him. He now craves to be used in the most humiliating ways. Maybe You'll want him as a toi of Your own, or You may choose to lend him to Your friends as We did. he dresses in stilettos (make him walk in the seven inch pair, it's really pretty funny to watch), garter and stockings, Victoria's Secret harlot red panties with matching teddy or bra, or in one of his slutty dresses. His nails are painted whore red, fake eyelashes, eyeliner, and of course his lipstick is slut red. Men, it looks really good smeared on your genitals. And of course there are his wigs. How sweet! he loves to be controlled by a wide, leather dog collar or his spiked metal dog training choker and chain leash. he is shaved from the waist down. We have permitted him to keep his chest hair. he keeps it trimmed. Maybe You'll want him to shave, wax or laser it. The important parts are always freshly shaved. Tie him up and make him watch you, or subject him to bondage, CBT, whipping, rough play, electric play water sports, forced bi, you name it, he'll do it. Have fun. I am searching for a dominant female or Fem-Dom couple to serve. Single males may be a possibility, but as I am not bi, you would have to be VERY special and grateful for me to even consider You using me. I have an extensive collection of bondage gear for You to use on me. I was a dom at one time. As such my greatest pleasure was seeing others enjoying their submissiveness. I discovered that as a sub CD i can also experience that same satisfaction, seeing others be pleased. Occasionally I like to revert to that lifestyle, so a submissive woman or couple would be welcome. Visitors are very welcome. Come use me!!!












 Submissive Male

 New Orlaans 


 5' 11"

 185 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Femdom Couples

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