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IF YOU WANT REALITY AND NOT CRAZY, KEEP READING. I am actually a real person, not the liar, f
Hetero Male Dominant, 68,  Northern Maine, Maine
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 Dominant Male

 Northern Maine 


 6' 0"

 245 lbs




 3 minutes

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Submissive Female

IF YOU WANT REALITY AND NOT CRAZY, KEEP READING. I am actually a real person, not the liar, fake, scammer, crazy or predator you typically find here. The truth? A woman who serves me will suffer when she gets out of line. But, just because I hurt you, do not think me incapable of tenderness and affection (how can I not love one who willingly suffers for me?). And you want me to have positive feeling for you; what do you think keeps you safe? I prefer (but not essential) that you are not a masochist (as that would mean you love and are excited by what I will do). Instead, I want the woman who fears and dreads the punishment she receives yet accepts it as part of the limits she feels deep in her heart that she needs. The woman who honestly both hates and loves what I do to her is my kind of gal. I have a particular interest in a woman who has a strong need for a strict, severe father figure (do not confuse this with the popular term Daddy Dom; it's just that there is an obvious paternal sense to my strict control). Beyond the misery, I require a gal with class, one able to understand her need for external control and, equally important, able to understand the reciprocal nature of our dance. Titles such as Dom/sub or Master/slave are meaningless to me. Your knowing that I understand and accept the unacceptable (to conventional society) in you and will cherish you for it will bind you to me tighter than anything. If you feel you meet my criteria, reach out to me.  And if you have a special need, feel free to bring it up as nothing is off the table!  I really won't be judging you for your needs (aren't I the one who might thrash your rear and make you scream and cry?).  If you are a scammer who needs me to front relocation costs, pay off any debts to get you free of your area, purchase you from a prior owner or training school or any of the many schemes you come up with (some clever and some overdone), I will be a poor investment of your time and trouble. There is no shortage of gullible fools for you to play with. Ironic that those “women” complaining about time wasters always seem to be the biggest offenders!

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Journal Entries:
3/3/2018 12:32:34 PM
Perhaps a bit of clarification: I am likely ideal for a young woman who seeks a permanent situation in which there is a minimum of ritualized BDSM but which features strict control/micromanagement, heavy doses of corporal punishment and a loving atmosphere.

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