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Hetero Male Dominant, 65,  Las Vegas, Nevada
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First and foremost, I am non-yielding, VERY strict, and VERY perverse yet genuinely caring, nurturing, mentoring, and training.

Highly educated and very successful in the business and entertainment worlds, I have little time for nonsense and all the time in the world for THE right person.

From the onset, let me be clear that (for me) this is a LIFESTYLE and not a game. The fact remains that if one has a job, wage labor, then one is in fact SUBMISSIVE to a boss, the work rules, and the regulations. If one owns a business then one is LIKELY submissive to investors, a board, or perhaps licensing authorities. Alas, if one pays rent one is SUBMISSIVE to a landlord and if one owns then one is SUBMISSIVE to a mortgage holder unless one owns outright (dont think so? Try reducing the amount of home owners insurance you carry and see how your MASTER (mortgage holder) makes you SUBMIT to their whims). If one has not finished all the formal education intended, then one is SUBMISSIVE to GURs, graduate committees, andor professors whims. PLEASE dont insult your own intellectual standing by pretending that SUBMISSIVE is only a term for a few bedroom kinks (rolls eyes). Most people are, like it or not, SUBMISSIVE. NONE of that describes me and chances are it DOES describe you (as well as 99 of those who have claimed to you that they are masters, doms, dommes, trainers, mentors, or what ever other fantasy they live.

IF you become involved with me... fantasy goes out the window.

Wait wait wait... lets discuss the difference been SLAVE and SUBMISSIVE. Many submissives have limits, kinks, and rules for their interests. That is fine for submission is behavior and circumstances rather than an absolute lifestyle decision. As aSLAVE, however, if that is your choice and decision, do not EVEN send me a list of limits. Seriously. Can you imagine, for example, an African American slave in 1845 Georgia saying to the Master, sorry, I am not going to pick cotton, that is a hard limit ?? (laughing) Dont throw around the label SLAVE unless you REALLY want to be a SLAVE. Just dont.

This is not about abuse, assault, gratuitous pain or gratuitous sex, misogyny, nor any of the games often played out as bedroom kink or online masturbation help.

Having said that, please be aware that I am VERY real, VERY sincere, and ready to change the life of THE chosen one. The issue is... you must be THE one.

IF you are reading this AFTER receiving an email from me then you have read most of this already because I often copy parts of it into a first email to make certain it is understood. If you do not understand everything written here (and take the time to read it)and IF you are NOT hungry for this lifestyle, do not bother responding to me.

Also from the onset I will clich warn you to not mistake my intense passion for weakness in any manner. This is very serious.

I am seeking one and only one who UNCONDITIONALLY and desperately wants to serve, totally in real life. If you are seeking on-line or wait and see for a year or two then this is a waste of time for both of us.

As noted, I am about a WAY OF LIFE and not about scenes, play, or other such nonsense. Moreover, I am NOT for you if you are seeking an on-line master (who likely is little more than a confused misogynist wanting a power exchange because he masters nothing in his own life -and apparently not even his own erections).

This is about your HUNGER for the LIFESTYLE not mere bedroom play.

I am a Euro-classical style master, trainer, mentor...which is VASTLY different from online silliness, ANY kind of roles or playing anything or even traditional BDSM. But that does NOT mean I am from Europe I am more American than apple pie.

It DOES mean that I focus intensely on the emotional, mental and psychological (as well as, of course, the physical) meaning that it is natural-order and lifestyle oriented rather than merely little-boy hot wax and cheap toys in nature.

Understand that, in MANY ways i am much more STRICT than the hordes of wanna-bees who buzz around pretending and playing games. (For example, though I have co-owned (as an investor) several dungeons nationwide, I rarely (if EVER) publicly scene ... in fact I never scene, preferring instead the one-on-one intensity of that natural order of things.

I am VERY intense and focusedand you must HUNGER for more. If that is you then we likely have a starting place.

I live part of the year in Nevada part time in South Florida part time in California, and I travel the rest (more than 200 days a year)in extended stays to places where I have business interests ... but that is why they make plane tickets for the right girl, so your current location is not an issue.

For a living, I am own a film company (NOT porn), and ama professional gambler who plays BOTH sides of the tables. (Yes i WAS on last years World Series of Poker) but much more importantly and interestingly, I also own casinos, manage, operate, buy, sell, and develop casinos all over the country...and the world. This is not an announcement of things I own but, rather, informational that I am I am a casino operator and not a goofball card player trying to impress himself.

As you can see my head is cut off on the picture on this site...I am too well known in SOME circles to have pictures of me floating around on sites like this. Moreover, in some circles a professional gambler (even one that owns casinos) is little more than a grifter.

(Photos are available if we talk and I am sufficiently enticed by your email(s) to me.)

I am 59 185lbs. brown-blond hair and very VERY blue eyes (the color of the sea at Cannes). People say I either look like a European adventurer (in my tailored Italian suits and tee-shirts) or your favorite bespectacled philosophy professor (in jeans), though I suspect it is more like a businessman...or a 1940s film noir gangster (not a gangsta but an old-movie gangster --more appropriate than they know, in many cases). DO think 1940s gangster and NOT 2000s pretty boy. (And if you are idiotic enough to believe that I am 98 years old (or whatever it says), PLEASE do not bother responding.)

As noted over and over, I am NOT about play or roles (and you dare not ask me about those who think they can switch or who started as a submissive and became a dom.) This is about LIFE not about games. Please understand that if you contact me.

I am looking for a girl that romanticizes this lifestyle that I am all about the traveling gambling man, grifter, part con I REALLY AM the last of the old-style southern gentleman scoundrels who truly DOES believe that a gentleman does not appear in public without his jacket and well-ironed slacksbut at the same time is a genuine rogue scoundrel who lives a very intense, passionate, and full life. It is a lot to swallow and it requires a girl that not only appreciates the romance and story-book quality of it but who LUSTS to escape into that life it is both 50s lifestyle AND 1890s lifestyle.

I need a girl who is genuinely and sincerely excited about touching legendary storybook adventuresas an active participant a girl who wants to taste that lifestyle, is willing to learn, and who is HUNGRY for it. A girl who may not have had an 80 brunch at the Four Seasons but would love to learn to but a girl who at the same time can quickly pack the saddle bags and head out of town when necessary to do so.

I only do fun things in life when they cease to be fun, I cease to do them I am seeking a girl who SOOOO badly wants to know that lifestyle and ready to submit to it without limita












 Dominant Male

 Las Vegas 


 5' 9"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female


 Erotic touch


 Local BDSM Community

 Modern Primitivism


 Sensation Play

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