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Pansexual Female Switch, 21,  Boca, Florida
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Journal Entries:
1/14/2011 10:43:16 PM

lets go shopping!

1/6/2011 10:46:10 AM

Looking for submissive guys in real life and online! Message me now.

12/27/2010 7:08:51 PM

Local Massage therapist message me!

12/9/2010 7:08:40 PM
All these playful boys are so far away. I don't mind it, because its always nice to make friends from other places. I would imagine once I get on my feet, I can make plans to visit those areas. That's if they would want to truly see me, and its not just something via internet. I wouldn't mind either way, but personal physical contact means a lot as well. Its fun to make relationships when it comes to just talking to each other, but nothing beats the warmth of a touch. I can't imagine what it would be like if I could just visit at my own pleasure. I really want a strong fun relationship, doesn't even have to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Best friends with benefits is all a girl really needs. I'm not selfish either, I just want to enjoy the bonding we have on our time. Wishful thinking, day dreaming and drifting off in thought.. Will I ever be able to make love to someone who lets me fully be me? All these semi vanilla relationships got me going in circles. Silly, silly little girl... making such a mess of things. I need to pick up the pieces, and find my place...Where ever that is. One day I can truly call someone my Daddy.

12/9/2010 10:37:05 AM
Collarme deleted my cumshot photo...

12/5/2010 10:48:02 PM
Why do I find myself enjoying relationships I build with people on the internet, more than in person. This is probably not a healthy thing, but it never seems the same in person. I like keeping people at a distances I suppose. I can't really pinpoint the reasoning behind my actions, but I feel more playful, more open and that I can say much more. Yes, there is a lack of physical contact and in person reactions. But, it feels so right. I don't know what else there is to say. I just hope I don't end up having all my future relationships online. I do need physical fun as well as mental. I hope I can find that person who makes me feel as comfortable online, and in person. Anywhere. Whenever. Where is he? =(

6/23/2010 6:35:31 AM
The dissembling of holiness which,here, literally amounts to genius, and which has never been even approximately achieved elsewhere either by books or by men, this fraud in word and pose which in this book is elevated to an Art, is not the accident of any individual gift, of any exceptional nature. These qualities are a matter of race. With Christianity, the art of telling holy lies, which constitutes the whole of Judaism, reaches it's final mastership, thanks to many centuries of Jewish and most thoroughly serious training and practice. The Christian, this ultima ratio of falsehood,is the Jew over again-he is even three times a Jew...The fundamental will only to make use of concepts,symbols and poses,which are demonstrated by the practice of the priests, the instinctive repudiation of every other kind of practice,every other standpoint of valuation and of utility - all this is not only tradition, it is hereditary; only as an inheritance is it able to work like nature. The whole of mankind, the best brains, and even the best ages- (one man only excepted who is perhaps only a monster)-have allowed themselves to be deceived.

6/23/2010 4:42:41 AM
Where are all the hot dominant guys?

6/15/2010 11:03:03 AM
We must not let ourselves be led away: ''Judge not!'' they say, but they dispatch all those to hell who stand in their way. Inasmuch as they glorify God, they glorify themselves; inasmuch as they exact those virtues of which they themselves happen to be capable- nay more, or which they are in need in order to be able to remind on top at all; they assume the grand airs of struggling for virtue, of struggling for the dominion of virtue. ''We live, we die, we sacrifice ourselves for the good'' (The truth, the light, the kingdom of god) : As a matter of fact they do only what they cannot help doing. Like sneaks they have to play a humble part; sit away in corners and remain obscurley in the shade, and they make all this appear a duty; their humble life now appears as a duty, and their humility is one proof the more of their piety... Oh, what a humble, chaste, and compassionate kind of falsity!

6/15/2010 8:31:05 AM
Why do people waste their time with insults? I question how come it's so easy to use a bad name, instead of just being an adult and speaking to another about the issue you have. I rarely find myself just busting out with ''YOU DUMB FUCKING BITCH,GO KILL YOURSELF''. That does not mean it's not on my mind, but I restrain myself from getting to a level of such immaturity. Even if the person does not matter to me, it's not even about them. It's about how I want to carry myself, for myself. Everything I do reflects on me in the long run. Maybe noone will be there to see that level of me, but if I carry it into a discussions now, down the road the same mind set will stick. I found myself breaking those chains a while ago, and I've felt better about it sense. Rarely will someone actually get under my skin, and upset me. I do not find myself getting mad, but more laughing at how pathetic another human can be. If you can't talk to me like an adult, please go somewhere else. Find a blog, and vent there. I'm not one to sit around, and care. I do enjoy, however reliving the fact that so many people think they're the best. You think your shit don't stink? You probably fill up the whole room with your bullshit. People holding their noses, and rolling their eyes. Point all the fingers you want, but everyone knows where it's coming from. We can all see the shit coming out of your mouth, that's not easy to hide. Sometimes I feel like I'm in middle school again with all this childish shit talking. I suppose it's just a human trait to be a piece of shit. I won't hold the blame on the person then , because they can't help it. They were made to be this way. I'll just laugh.

6/3/2010 3:06:02 PM
This thought came to after going over many journal entries of complaining. Fakes? What defines a fake. Yes, there might be guys out there with fake profiles, pretending to be a female. However, if that is their mania, who are you to judge? Sure, it bothers you and annoys you to come across this. That's probably what they get off on, and I surely know I'm no one to judge. So someone won't meet you? Consider that not all the time it has to do with being a fake, but more along the lines of YOU? Maybe you're not their type after speaking, and they don't know how to tell you. Immature, maybe but we all deal with things differently. Sometimes people do not want to hurt anothers feeling, and want to avoid conflicts.  Over all, how can anyone be a fake perv? We are all horny bastards trying to find one way or another to get our pleasure on. We all do things for different reasons. So who defines fake when it becomes to a fantasy base lifestyle?  Who judges another for what they enjoy? I can understand the rage if bothered, but the claims are invalid. 

5/31/2010 1:46:42 AM
Interested in finding submissives who would enjoy being given tasks daily from the internet.

Mostly writing homework
Planning of daily things
Working on food diets and eating habits
Work out plans

Anything a sub would like to have someone aware of, interested in, and like to have that sort of control over to another.

Message me.

5/31/2010 12:05:23 AM
I need more female friends in my area

5/30/2010 3:31:59 PM
forget my last entry. I am going out for the night! Ha.

However, starting school late June. I want to have as much fun, and much pleasure as one can get before then. I will also be looking for subbies to unstress me from my school work, and studies.

So real time only. Message me with info, and we will go from there.

5/11/2010 3:23:26 PM
Anyone wanna go out tonight?

5/11/2010 2:37:31 PM
Looking to be my slave? message me now and we'll start the process of consideration, and planning. 

5/11/2010 8:08:28 AM
''It was our first and worst attempt to understand why we are here'' - Christoper Hitchens

It was a good try, but as we know now, things were much different then. Along with the fact that remains that the stories in the bible are just that, stories. If people find morality in them, that is fine. However, I lack seeing it on the old testament. All I see is a  God creating fear in it's worshipers, being told by people who seek the power over them. I will not deny these stories, and the bible together bring good, bring families together, and do all these wonderful things. However, just as much good,it has done as much bad. When people give away clothes for the homeless in the name of God, others are raging war in the name of God.


4/13/2010 10:40:09 AM
One of the most confusing and truly unanswered question is : Does life have purpose? Meaning?

My point of view is simple, it's no in the sense of a higher divine plan. The meaning life holds is the meaning the one who is holding it gives. The reason you are here, is because your parents had sex by mere random chance. Along with, all the random chances of their whole family line ever coming into existence with each other.
Us as humans were nothing more than a evolutionary accident. Nothing special.

Purpose of life is to create the meaning of you for yourself.


4/2/2010 1:06:49 PM
Something about religion makes me all hot and frustrated at the same time. I'm frustrated the more I read into it, but it's hot to mock it. I have only been reading the bible for 2 days now, and I'm sort of confused as to why noone thinks God is a self rightous asshole. Even tho, I am not one to believe in God. I question the thought patterns of others, and I wonder how these blockage of logic slip by.  I have yet to find any morality in this book. This is suppose to be the word of God, the way of life? Forgive me if I am wrong, but God is not really provide human beings, his creation with any sort of common sense for latter than a minute or two, when it comes to them being able to, lie, cheat, steal, incest or better yet know of a plan of action to not get someone pregnant. Yes, I should have written it down, but there's a story of a man who is told to have child with his brother's wife, brother died. He didn't want to do it, so before laying in bed with her, he would masturbate and cum on the floor.

Anyone else enjoy mocking religion?

3/27/2010 5:47:00 PM

I'm back around

1/27/2010 7:41:05 AM

''i have been told you have a superb ass,'' be said with deliberation. ''As, for the past sixty years, I have had a decided weakness for shapely buttocks,I should like to know if the rumours are so kind as to lift your skirts.''
This last request sufficed as an order;not only did i obey by exposing my prize asset,but i moved it as close as possible to the roue''s face.At first I stood erect,then,little by little, bent over, slowly revealin my full curves and the little pink hole they shielded. With each increment I felt the old dog's hands wandering over my soft skin,sounding out the curvature,the texture,sometimes stroking, sometimes pressing, sometimes pulling apart. ''The hole is ample,very ample,'' he observed; ''it indicates an advanced degree of anal prositution,a propensity for rank sodomy.''
''Alas,Monsieur,'' i conceded, ''we live in an age when men's vices are so rampant and diverse tht in order to satisfy them we must be prepared,and willing,to accept anything.''

1/24/2010 12:44:58 PM
I know that ''life'' in general is very hard,and overwhelming for some people. Others were able to learn coping abilities, and others don't. We are all giving different phazes and struggles in life,and mine happens to be...anxiety. Which creates uncomfortablity,that only makes me wanna hide from what the situation is,and not deal with it til i feel i can. This does sound like the wrong way to handle things, but that's how it's been for a while,and why i search for the right person to help out. I feel like a very nervous little girl.

One day.

1/19/2010 7:07:24 AM

Do i need to post pictures of me bleeding? I thought boobs = female, but supposely i'm a male. Damnit.. now only if i could find my penis, i'd be able to fuck whores in asses. Yes, that's right i wouldn't bother with pussy. As far as i could remember i would always say if i had a penis,i'd fuck people in the ass. Actually... to be more honest if i was a male, i'd probably be such a loser i'd make a complete fake profile, fake life, fake screen name, fake name, steal pictures and put on a whole act just to fuck with people beacuse i'm a lonely loser who can't get pussy. So maybe if i was a male, i wouldn't bother with it beacuse i can't get it.. However  sadly enough,i woke up to bleeding and realized once again how sometimes being a female isn't all that ''pretty''. So once again, I go on... being this damn she-devil creature, who angers people enough for them to tell others i'm a male. person who thinks i'm a male,i got a few questions so message me please? k? thanks.

fake? No. Uninterested? probably. Don't get them mixed up.

1/18/2010 8:52:10 PM
Libertinism: Libertine practices or habits of life; disregard of convention or authority in soical, moral, sexual or religious matters; extreme promiscuity; the absolute assertion of the will, regardless of consequence,even to murder.

Mild!?  I don't know about going as far as the murder part but,i was liking it up til then. Ha.

1/16/2010 2:49:23 PM
''a little of this, a little of that'' , replied the president,''it's my only joy in life,as you know; I've no time for mild or antiseptic pleasures''

1/12/2010 2:34:08 PM
People can be so pushy.

1/8/2010 10:13:13 PM
I have this overwhelming feeling of misunderstanding of what is going on in my head.I've spoken,met,and be friended many Doms from this site alone about a year and some months ago. All interest in me,saying all these things. I also have the vanilla ex's who wish for me back,and i wonder what is it that's having them keep trying. The guys i wish could be my dominant, really are not interest in a BDSM lifestyle,and the guys i find in the lifestyle,I'm not very interested. With females, it's just even more hard. I have a vision of what I'm interested in,but I suppose one day it'll happen.

12/29/2009 10:11:27 PM
I have to go out of town for a couple days due to family issues. I'm sorry for any plans i've made,but need to break til i am back. Leaving tomorrow morning at 8am.

12/29/2009 4:27:50 PM
''though itself is sometimes closer to an animal that dies than to a living,even democratic,human being.''

12/27/2009 10:11:31 PM

Will i ever find a female domme to use me here in south florida? =(

12/25/2009 11:25:44 PM

''I've told you already: the only way to a woman's heart is along the path of torment. I know none other as sure.”

Marquis De Sade

12/25/2009 4:34:45 AM
sadly as it is,putting up a picture of my ass MIGHT get some more attention on this side of my profile. We'll see.

12/23/2009 11:06:10 PM
Being the switch i am, I finally got to experience peeing on someone and having them swallow it. I've had doubts,i went back and forth. Even durig the act,it took me a bit to actually do it so i allowed him to lick my ass hole while i fought with my body. It felt like it was either ''THIS IS WRONG,NO!'' or being shy,however i've peed in front of people or boyfriends. Maybe i just really didn't have to go right away,and this is something i wasn't sure i'd ever be interested in doing. Finally doing it,and stepping my heel on him,and saying ''SWALLOW IT'',he did. How pleased i felt! I couldn't have been happier to have my first experience with a switch like this. I am glad when i actually do find people on this site i can enjoy. Rare!
However, we can add this to a new interest. Now,i'm not so sure about the peeing on me. Depends on who,and i probably will have to say a hard limit would be swallowing it.

However,yay for new doors being open.

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