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Hetero Female Mistress, 24,  Cambridgehsire, United Kingdom
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XDARKSOULX - Dominatrix

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Last Online:


 Femdom Dominatrix


 United Kingdom

 5' 7"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

 Lives For:

 Amusement Parks (Expert)

 Movies (Expert)

 Shopping (Expert)


 Art Galleries (Beginner)

 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining




 Bar Hopping



 Flea Markets (Beginner)

 Opera (Beginner)

 Volunteerism (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Garage Sales (Beginner)

Guys, How are you all? hope all is well?   I new on here after recently splitting with my bf, and decided that what we used to do in the bedroom i would like to take further. I have been domming my ex for about 2 years now so i have 2 years worth of expereince. Im a firm fun and easy going girl that so happens to like making a guy submit to me.   As for me i work in retail not a flashy job but it pays ok and i like it and have some good laughs there to. I like to have fun and go out when i can afford or have freinds around. Im a sociable person like to go out travel meet new people and see the world. I do go out now and again but im not a slapper or a bimbo, i do have a brain and can use it! so some nice conversations on here would be nice to.   Im not into blackmail or any animals or blood or poo etc if thats your thing then fair enough just does nothing for me. But i dont judge anyone!! "each to there own"! {#}   Im not looking for loads of sub guys to domme just one!!! Hopefully will find or get close to one on here. Sorry just dont see the point of having loads of guys serving me i want to trian and grow with one.   Ideally i am Looking for a guy that is 18 to 30 really and into the following:   Strap on Humiliation Tease and Denial CBT Bondage Spanking Blindfolds Footfetish Cum control   Sure there are things i missed of but just ask.   Even though i am a miss and not been on here before i do have pics and webcam to prove who i am. But if you do take the time to read my profile and have a look at my pics PLEASE have a pic of you head to toe attached to the message you send or on your profile.   You might not want freinds and family to see and that is cool as im a private person myself when it comes to this side of my life but a pic attached to a message isnt hard guys, but also lets me see you and weather i fancie the pants of you hehe x   I have taken the time to right this so i hopefully get near enough what i am looking for, so please take the time to read it and respect my age limit and what am looking for and asking.   PLEASE DONT JUST WRITE DOMME ME OR YOUR NICE OR HI SPEAK TO ME TELL ME ABOUT YOU I LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT PEOPLE X   If you just want a chat to please message i try and responed to most messages on here but forgive me if i dont get back to you straight away   Thanks for reading (althought i should think it will put most of you off) but hey ho x Emma x

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Journal Entries:
3/12/2013 2:16:00 AM

Hey guys back now after a long time neglecting this site x hope all is well with you and yes i am looking once more for a new sub guy to trian x hopefulyl here from you 18 to 29 only though x


8/30/2012 9:24:48 AM

thought it was  about time to update this profile again x hope everyone is ok and message me willing to chat to genuin people x


1/1/2012 1:12:12 AM


11/7/2011 12:49:04 AM

hello guys hope all is wellx i have beeen veery busy with work lately so have not beeen on this site much but am back now and looking for a sub guy to trianx hope your all well and sorry to guys if i missed your mesages x


9/8/2011 11:03:34 AM

Good evening peeps hows you? hope all of you are ok and doing well x  thought it was a about time for a new post as havent done many lately where to start hope you all had a good summer soon be xmas hehe x


had a hard time with guys on here lately one guy particulary thought was a real nice guy and impressed me but let me down big time so back again looking for a sub hehe is it that hard?


anywho the search contonue i apologise if i havent rsponsed to many of you just been busy but bare with me added a few new pics of me and a freind of a works night out thought you guys might like anyway addios amigos x


7/17/2011 2:28:04 AM

Hey all i hope you are well this sunday morning its been a long time since i updated this but i thought i would today x

I have chatted now to a fewguys here and they have beeen really nice which has restored my confidence massively x


i am yet to find a sub though as everyone seems to be miles away or cannot serve me! which is disapointing but i still live in hope. anywho i have increased my age range today as over the last few days i have spoken to a few older guys and they are very sweet x


anyway take care and hope this summer comes along hehex

6/13/2011 1:55:35 PM

Why are there so many time wasters here? new pics for you all like to update as much as i can to show i am genuin and me hehe xxx

6/5/2011 4:02:30 AM

Hello all just thought i would update my profile a bit as i havent been on much lately but i am a back now x

thanks for all your messages some were nice to read hehe x i have chnaged a few pics and updated a bit so i hope you like x


anyway look forward to hearing from you more

4/24/2011 3:00:14 AM

Happy Easter x a few new pics for you all hope you like let me know what you think? x


4/17/2011 5:05:50 PM
Hello all hope your all well and getting on on this site! Been on now for about 3 months and althought diddnt start to well ( to many weridos and fakes here ) it's starting to be a. Good site so I recommend you stick with it! Have spoke. To alot of nic guys made alot of freinds which is cool although sometimes I do take ages to reply hehe sorry bout that! There are couple guys on here in particular that I want to say thanks to they no who they are and one guy who has restored my faith here thanks dan! Anyway message me come say hi I don't mind chattin. To anyone !! Happy Easter x

4/1/2011 3:38:37 AM

second [post today hehe so thought i would add 2 new pics of me on here keep it updated a bit hoep you like x


4/1/2011 1:49:47 AM

had a few days of this site for a while and now back and rareing to go hehe restored my faith in the site as speaking to some nice genuin gusy now x


3/7/2011 4:04:43 AM

Hey hey how are you all, just a quick update and a thank you to all the guys that have passed on nice messages i apreciate it restores my faith in this site a bit more x


anyway hope your all ok x look forward to chatting with you guys x

p.s. i have spoken to a few nice guys lately and they no who they are so thank you x


2/27/2011 3:30:00 PM

wow starting to lose all hope with this website i have chatted toa few genuin nice guys, but have just been spekaing to the most rude and nasty guy about! Why do guys get nasty when they are rejected? someone please tell me! even as a miss i am a bit upset x There is no need for nasty remarks just becasue the answer is no x


started of to be a great website but now not so sure!

2/16/2011 10:21:14 AM

Well now been on here a week well just over now and i have to say i am still impressed with the site, alot of sweet nice guys which is nice to see, have had a few weridos message me and let me down ut most seem cool x

Not sure if i still doing this right? or what im looking for exists but thanks to everyone tha is reading my profile x


2/4/2011 6:44:36 PM

First journal entry here hehe feel a bit strange writting this but here goes thanks to everyone that has made me feel welcomed here there are some nice guys about and you know who you are x



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