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Pan Female Dominant, 21,  Tennessee
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Hello kinksters, The names Angel and as you can see I am an attractive female ?Domme?.. I have been currently active in the lifestyle for 3 years now. I am also attending college in hopes to pursue a degree in either Human Sexuality to become a Sex Therapist. To find out more about me scroll on down.. What you might want to know about mwah I?m 21 and an Aries <3 Pansexual and polyamorous I am a professional Domme, but I am not the stereotypical one. (Note I didn't say Dominatrix) I don't have to be a bitch to get what I want... I am not a submissive, no matter how hard you think you can make me.. I am probably the most open-minded, non-judgemental person you will meet I don't have to treat you like trash or "act" out how much you owe me something.. I am a far above that. No matter the role you are, I still see you as a human, in which that we are equal at. I lean towards to being a Sadist IF I had to go into the label aspect of what I am. I have great poker face, if you see me smiling.. Doesn't mean it's a good thing.. For you.. I tend to have a exhibitionist streak when it comes to the lifestyle, though it's more of a natural charisma that draws people to me. I love smut, either reading it or if I?m in a mood writing it. I love to blog, or bleed words on paper I adore photography, erotic nudes or fetish related. I love religious play ( anything that has to do with religion, Catholicism, Priests, Nuns, Confessions, Angels etc.) Though I am not religious, I just love the irony of it.. I am made up of many dimensions, you can not define me by listening or meeting me once. I am far to complex for most. I thrive on deep conversations and coffee, no matter the time of day. You might find me at The Mark off and on if so feel free to introduce yourself. I will accept most requests, but IF your not added their is an underlining reason. Probably has to do with my gut instincts. I tend to be a perfectionist in most things in life.. If you have a curiosity about possibly serving me, honesty will get you much farther than cock pics. Also if you are in a relationship ( married, taken, engaged, dating etc. ) please state that in beginning. I honestly could care less what your relationship status is but please know that if you are seeking me out, leave your baggage at the door. I am fully aware that people have a life outside this lifestyle and not everyone can live it 24/7 so please respect me enough to leave your personal stuff at home since I will be doing the same. Messages replies.. I'm pretty selective on what I reply to. So one liners are not something that sticks out. You want to make an impression put some thought into it. What I am NOT seeking Sex.. I am not on here for sex. If I want sex I can get it on any of the days that ends in y. "fuck buddies".. personal relationships ( dating, ect) misleading intentions ( you want something don't beat around the bush or drag shit out) closed mined people What I AM seeking friendships connections submissives ( interested in online or real time sessions which all that info is on my [blog] [ http:/] ) kinky adventures that are not limited to but involve sessions a female submissive who is local a true masochist... photographers interested in shooting If you have any questions about something I didn't go over. Feel free to let me know and I'll gladly explain it to you. Now with all that being said.. Welcome to my taste of heaven, we accept the freaks, the kinks, the fetishists along with the indescribable hope you enjoy it. Miss Angel











 Dominant Female


 5' 5"

 120 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Switch Men

Domme/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

Femdom Couples

Mascdom Couples

Friends Only

 Lives For:


 Anal Play

 Body Worship


 Canes and Crops




 Genital Punishment

 Foot Worship



 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training


 Orgasm Denial


 Sensory Deprivation



 Wax play

 Female Supremacy





 Breast Play

 Corner Time


 Eye Contact Restrictions


 Hair Pulling

 Masks (Wearing)

 Massage (Getting)

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Role Playing



 Speech Restrictions






 Electrical Play


 Massage (Giving)

 Medical Play

 Needle Play

 Public Play



 Lifestyle BDSM





 Gas Masks


 Masks (On Partner)

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Rubber Fetish


 Curious About:


 Fire Play

 Knife Play

 Plastic Wrap

 Theatrical Scenes

 Hard Limits:



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Journal Entries:
10/21/2014 8:58:39 PM

The quiet Domme... at work...

Hey,( insert coworkers name) how are you doing today.

I think it's time to finally introduce myself to you & everyone else that has had their suspicion(s).

You see I know you've been watching me... you've seen me..or least the part I've allowed you to see.

But let me warn you, what you see is all a front..

I may be that quiet girl at work who keeps to herself in her little office desk. The one who tries to keep up a professional front & doesn't initiate contact outside of work context.

Some of you have gotten frustrated with me that I don't say "good bye", "have a good weekend", or even "good morning".

Some have even questioned why I walk so slow when I go & give the folders over to our transportation manager.

You've even asked me if I was okay.. So I played it off with .." Oh it's headache.."

But to be honest... The headache is caused from lack of sleep.. from the weekend.

You see while you spent your weekend either getting drunk, hanging out with friends, family or coworkers..

I've spent my weekend(s).. getting well acquainted with sex toys & spending time with subs..

So the slow pace in my step... is because my body is revolting from all the strenuous activities I subjected it to.

I may look the conservative type & have more clothes on than most but to be honest.. I have an animosity towards clothing. When I'm not at work.. I am either partially or fully nude...

You see, why I keep to myself has nothing to do with you. You shouldn't take it personal. I just simply can't relate to you. Where you live the life of work, kids & family. I live the life of an active Domme.. I can't be open about my weekend.. When you say, "Got any big plans for this weekend..."
Sure I can bluff the occasional bullshit.. but honestly you don't know..if you even had an ounce of what I did.. what I *really* did.. *smirks*...I don't think you would even want to talk to me...

I keep myself hidden in the little corner of the office, just so I don't accidentally show my true self.. & the downfall is I already have.. The little details I do give is enough to cause you to think of me differently.. and I can't help it.. I can only hide so much... & the rest of who I am still occasionally leaks out..

I'm not blind. I watch everyone & hear the conversations that take place.. & I don't include myself in them. If I was just like you all, then I would join in but I'm not ...

Hopefully you are satisfied with my introduction, which probably leads to more but just know..

The quiet ones are always the ones to worry about...


A quiet working Domme....

8/20/2014 5:39:46 PM
What's it like to be a female Dominant…

I've been thinking. I was at work yesterday and I was explaining my life to a few of my coworkers. Now they know about me being a Dominant and it’s intriguing to them but after I got done telling them about what I had done over the weekend, it made me feel kind of different. Not particularly in a bad way, I know they don’t judge me for how I am, but it was more along the lines of is there anyone else like me out there.

It’s like I’ve never been able to relate to someone of the same sex because they are not as kinky as I am. It kind of feels like I am the only one of my kind, which I know is probably not true, but I haven’t found another female dominant like myself. Never have met one in person, sure I have been approached on the internet by a few but they didn’t even seem real.

So what’s it like to be a female Dominant…

Well I don’t really know what it’s like for other Dommes but I do know what it’s like for myself.

First is I am surrounded by dicks everywhere… Some are coworkers, friends, family, subs, strangers etc.. Now the truth is I can only torture just a handful of them. Like if I’m at work (which those dicks are all off limits) and I am getting belittled, I have to tell myself…”Self-control”…. I have to watch what I say… Because “Oh I would love to hang you by your balls right now…” doesn’t bode well with most men. The sad part is they probably wouldn’t take me seriously at first, and if they did… it’s because I would have been smiling the whole time saying it. Not many women can threaten to tie a man up by his balls and not even bat an eyelash.. So self-control and filters is a huge thing…

Second… I don’t know half the time if I am being the “right” Dominant. Is there a book that says this is how a female Dominant is supposed to be? Am I doing all of this wrong, am I fucking up? I probably have messed up… I won’t lie. I am no “angel”… no matter how hard I try to be… (Insert pun)… I don’t have another person like myself to bounce ideas off of. I can’t just call up another Domme and say.. Hey is this how you are supposed to do it. Because that’s not how it is… What I know about myself and this lifestyle is all based on first-hand experience. Through trials, lies, tests, failures, laughter’s, hiccups… a crap load of high and lows…off and on arrangements with ( calculates some mathematical number) 70 + 30-20+10….= a very odd number that still is adding up.. subs… Honestly I have played, toyed, mindfucked, used, tortured (thinks about Red Room of Pain), mentored, trained, considered, sessioned, and only a select few loved… at least a 100+ different sub males and throw in a few females here and there. So daily questioning my experience, actions, wondering if I’m even a decent Domme..

Third the Male Dom population….I get approached by males all the time.. They think.., “Oh she’s just a lil girl… ” or “I bet you’re a slut…” or my favorite “Can I fuck you..” It’s actually quite humorous that they even think that I would even want to fuck them. Just because I am a part of an alternative lifestyle that is coevolves on sex or kink doesn’t mean I want to fuck you. There’s a lot more to this lifestyle than just “sex”… or at least it is for me… I also find it humors when they call me a little girl.. It’s okay. You can call me lil all you want, because one thing I have learned is that this lifestyle has nothing to do with “size”. I’ll even give you an example … a baby shark… is lil..


But trust me.. Lock yourself in a tank with that “lil” baby shark.. And you wouldn’t notice its size… all you would think about is that it’s still a shark. And maybe that’s why I am drawn to the lifestyle… I am right now not even at my prime.. I have soooo much to learn still… Everyday I’m learning something new… Hell I’ve learned something new this past weekend….I don’t know what it is yet.. I can’t place my finger on it… well actually I could… It’s called my clit but that’s not really what I was going for… but back to my point.. This lifestyle to me has always been viewed like an ocean.. or a sandy beach.. A few months ago I wrote about how my life would change once I fully engrossed myself in the water (lifestyle). Looking back now, I still feel that I haven’t even reached the full depths of this… that I’ve just been playing in the shallow end.

I want to sooo badly just dive right down to the bottom of the floor…. And just stay there and not even surface for days… I want to drown myself in it… and finally live….

So what is it like to be Domme for me…

It’s my life… It’s not a phase.. it’s not something I’m gonna outgrow… It’s me.. plain and simple.. dark and twisted.. kinky and sadistic… me.. :)

7/11/2014 8:23:32 AM
Attention!!! Attention!! If you are a follower on my blog I am changing my blog site. The effective date will be in Aug since I have to transfer all of my posts over to the new blog site. If you want the new blog address just ask and ill send it to you.

6/5/2014 3:28:02 PM
Ughhh I want a female!!! ..... Please the gods of bondage send me my lil one.... Amen

6/1/2014 12:45:03 PM
So I can officially say I've tried fisting. What to hear about it. Ill be posting about it on my blog. Miss Angel

5/26/2014 4:54:00 PM

If you are searching for Vchat.... it's moved to here...



click #collarme



And wala.....




5/13/2014 3:05:17 PM

I am seeking a female submissive  who is willingly to relocate





Must be bisexual/ pansexual

  Interested in being a part of a poly house

Age should be 20-39



Serious Inquiries only.


Message me for more details.


Miss Angel


5/9/2014 4:21:38 PM




If you are a frequent follower on my blog than I am wanting some intake from you.


Weekly I want to start posting entries about certain topics you have.


It can be about kink, love, D/s, advice. Anything really... I just want to start blogging more often and it would help if people were to send me topics that they'd be interested in reading..


So send me a message on here and I will pick a topic a week to write about.


Ps. If you dont have my blog link you can ask for it as well ;)


Thanks and have a kinky weekend!!



Miss Angel

4/15/2014 9:53:45 PM
Just got back home from a real time session. God I fuckin love strapons!!!!!! Won't forget tonight... :). Tired now I just need a massage.. Any takers...?

4/11/2014 9:17:55 AM



I am looking for REVIEWERS.

If you are a follower of my blog or have had a session with me before

than I am looking for an honest review from you.

I would like if you could write a honest, sincere review of what you liked or enjoyed about your session.What made you come back to me? Why you even wanted to session with me in the first place.


The reason why I am doing this is because I am expanding my blog. 

I want you guys/gals to be a part of my journey. Help show others out there that there are REAL people who enjoy this lifestyle and not take it for granted.


I will be accepting reviews from anyone who has sessioned with me or has been a part of the notorious "Red Room of Pain"..


I will be posting your reviews on my blog and it will be one of the first things new readers/followers will see.

So if you are willingly to take time out of your day and write a simple but sincere review you'd be helping me out along with newbies who are interested in becoming active in this lifestyle.



Thank you for your time and looking forward from hearing from you.


"Sadistic Angel"

3/25/2014 9:00:22 PM
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. :) I've had a great bday. Can't wait for my party this weekend.

3/25/2014 4:49:36 AM
Happy birthday to me!!! Today my 21st birthday. :) woohoo can't wait for tonight and this weekend.

3/2/2014 9:30:23 PM
I know your asleep but I'm thinking about you. I miss you my Wesley.

2/25/2014 8:52:45 AM

Shredding Daisies…


I dream of counting the petals off daisies… plucking them off the stem ever so slightly..


Remembering the little saying “He loves, he loves me not”…


But now I am not that young innocent little girl anymore...


I’ve grown up and… have felt what love is… and what the destruction it can cause…


And the words have changed... “Are we meant for each other… or not”..


I want to ripe the petals off so fast to know our fate... If only a flower knew our destiny..


So that’s why I dream of it…


Because how many flowers will it take to get the right answer…


Or am I just too crazy to be trusting petals off a flower…



2/24/2014 8:45:45 AM

Attention!!! Help me Celebrate my birthday!!


I am having my birthday celebrated this year with a big party!!

I am offering an option that if you are wanting to help make my party freaking awesome then you can "help" me throw it!!


I have a goal limit on what I will need that should cover everything and if you are going to help out I will be giving sessions in return.


Who wants to help make this Domme a happy happy woman on her birthday this year.


If you are wanting to help!Send me an message on here and we can work something out!






2/20/2014 2:05:16 PM

Confessions Confessions Hear All About Them!


So hey all you sexual deviants!

Confessions on my blog is on it's first week. I've gotten some dirty secrets already but I know there has to be more!


Anyone out there that has a dark secret or fantasy they want to tell or have a topic that they need advice about ask me. And it may appear in my blog..


If you want to submit a confession email me on here and I will send you the link to the blog. Even better ask about my twitter and you can get all my tweets about upcoming post, writings, or confessions.


Until then,

Stay Kinky you little sinners.


2/17/2014 7:23:26 AM



So most of you all know I have a blog that I keep more of my recent writings and what nots.


Lately I have been working on a portion of my blog that will do with Confessions. I have thing for pseudo-religion so what I am offering on my blog is a place where you can submit all your dirty and dark secrets or fantasies. Things you have done or want to do. Or you asking advice. What my plan is to have them submitted on my blog under Confessions and they will all be submitted under anonymous unless stated other wise.


So if you are up for it and feel the need to confess all your sins to me.. I'd love to help you repent.. hahah *giggles*




Your Sadistic Angel....  </3


P.S.. If you want the link to my blog... just ask.. :)




2/4/2014 6:48:52 AM


I am having to take a leave of absence. It most likely will be indefinitely. I have some personal matters I have to attend to that come first before all of this.

I want to say that I have enjoyed my time and want to wish everyone the best of luck in their searches and adventures in this lifestyle.

Good luck all sorry for all the inconvenience...



2/2/2014 6:11:21 AM

Heading home from Lawrenceburg In. Went up there to go skiing. Took a detour and ended up in New Albany In,  to go to the casino.


Finally on my way back home. Had a nice weekend hope everyone did too.





1/24/2014 10:15:32 PM
I'm being selfish right now... Is it so bad to want something you cant have... I know what I want...and yet I deny my self the opportunity.. I won't know the answer till I try. I'm soo tired.. Time what you have done to me.

1/24/2014 7:47:18 PM
My Rocks With Words On Them.... Your are my throwing stones, the pebbles in the sand, the rocks with words on them.. You are my morning sunrise, the shadows on the moon, the whispers of confessions I speak in the brink of night.. You are the first breathe I take in the mornings, the one that keeps me balanced, and the last thought right before I close my eyes to dream. You are the fresh air, a 5o'clock rain shower,the kisses that of a snowflake.. You are my other half, you are essential to my being.. You are my rocks with words... -Nora

1/23/2014 11:13:11 PM
If you read this... Just know you've been keeping me up at nights... I miss you....

1/18/2014 7:45:34 PM

So I think its time again to search for a new sub to own.

I'm going to go ahead and say that this position that's open will be very hard to fill.

Many will give up before they even capture my attention.


I am searching for someone who is REAL and is willingly to get vulnerable. I have requirements that you must pass.For example.. must be SINGLE.. and interested in a REAL TIME. Should live within the US and would be better if you are within a 7 hour distance.


If you think you are man enough and want to apply for the position. You must send me a message stating 'I'll be your Søren'.. So I know how serious you are.

I know you are out there.. I can feel it... What are you waiting for.. You know you want me... Lets just see how badly....




1/18/2014 7:36:59 PM
Cant sleep.... Someone tell me a bedtime story...

1/13/2014 2:39:44 PM
I'm confused... Time what have you done to me...

1/7/2014 9:13:24 PM
Day 7: I miss you already. Still can't sleep. Way to excited... After tonight it will be 6 days till we meet. :) I love ya kid. You better have fun on vacation. 5 days without no communication. Island resorts suck... Good night. Limitless

1/3/2014 10:30:45 PM
I fuckin miss you already. 10 days till we meet. I can't wait to feel your hands all over me.. Your mouth on my lips,hips and pussy. I can't wait to smother your face with it while I'm straddling you. Those 9 hours are going to be soo wonderful... good night my Limitless...

12/31/2013 9:18:44 PM
I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! What to look forward this year from me. Tons of fun filled kink, more writings, and more Red Room. With the new year I have a few things I want... I want to find me a female submissive that lives close to me... Get some real time with my Limitless.. Find a cuckold that lives near me.. If you think you might be a candidate for any of the position I have opened shoot me a message. Cheers to a New Year. Bring on the Kink 2014 <3 'Angel'

12/29/2013 8:50:00 PM

Convergence:  Part 3




Part 3:

Smiling at him I lean forward and whisper, “Good boy”, into his ear while biting hearing him gasp from the slight sharp pain.

Sliding off his back I walk around him and grab for the metal collar that lay on his bed. Turning around I tell him to sit up while I tightly lock his collar into place. “Stand up,” I tell him. When he does it allows his cock to come head to head with me. I look up at him knowing he can’t see me down here because of the blindfold. That’s why I end up just staring at his cock for almost 5 minutes. I haven’t even touched it yet and he hasn’t said a word. He’s been standing super still and I know he’s extremely aroused since I can see some pre-cum dripping out of his cock. I also know he’s anticipating how my hands will feel around his cock.

Finally allowing myself the pleasure of touching his cock, I gently start to tease his head while reaching down and grabbing the cage. Sliding the metal piece over the head of his cock making sure the urethral plug slides into place, I then grab the part that goes underneath his balls and pull it tightly closed allowing me to lock the cage into place with a padlock.

Sitting back on my heels, I start to examine my master piece before me. Looking at him, I keep trying to find something. He looks right, but something is missing. I slowly start to run a finger down his muscular abdomen watching goose bumps follow in my wake.  Leaning forward I allow myself to open up just this once and place a delicate kiss to his right pubic bone. Feeling him take a deep breath, I slightly smirk not letting me lips leave his skin. Knowing all this is doing is messing with his head, just depends which one is doing most of the thinking right now. Opening my mouth I start to run my tongue over the imaginary mark I branded his skin with that one kiss, knowing this isn’t satisfying my cravings.

Inhaling deeply I can smell his scent; it’s a mixture of musk, pheromones and sweat. This is the smell of sex, desire, or full arousal. And this is just the beginning, this is where I take what I want and purposely forget his needs. I am going to use his body for my pleasure and eventually his mind will follow. This is why I place my teeth over his skin and bite. I bite so hard I hear him moan and feel him tense trying to mask the pain which all it does is fuel me to bite harder.

I bite so hard I get a metallic taste in my mouth and that’s when I let go and push him away from me. Taking a deep breath I wipe my mouth and spit in his face hoping to ignore the thoughts that are running through my head, I know I shouldn’t be like this. I shouldn’t get aroused by seeing him in pain, but that’s only a fraction of what’s going on. Deep down I know it was blood. His blood.

And to be honest if you only knew the state of arousal I am right now, the wetness of my panties, the physical toll my body is enduring would be considered masochistic in some eyes. Is it sick that I want to beat him to bloody pulpit that those are the thoughts that run through my head. Knowing my sadism is at high I try to gain control of it and use those sick twisted thoughts for my own benefit and pleasure.

This is why I end up sliding onto his bed, moving toys and tortures devices out of my way and tell him to lose the blindfold.

Watching him nod his head in silence I see him reach around his neck and pull the blindfold loose and drop it to the ground. Seeing him get accustomed to the lighting in the room, he blinks a few times and drops his head to the floor.

“No I want you to look at me” I say out loud. Following my orders he tilts his head back up and I start to feel his eye explore my body. Slowly I start to unbutton my blouse and untuck in from my skirt I start to speak. “Do you have any idea what you have made me do? Look at this shirt I got blood all over it.” Knowing there isn’t a speck of blood on it I keep going on saying “How dare you tempt me enough to do such a horrible act. Do you have any idea what kind of thoughts are running through my head right now.” Widening his dark russet eyes, he shakes his head in confusion unsure if he should speak. “Because you choose to be a little tease, I think it’s time for some punishment and trust me it’s not the kind that I want to do to you right now, but one of us can’t be losing control can they?”

Finally speaking he says “No Angel, what do you wish of me to do?”

Smirking to him I slowly dip my hands to the buttons of my skirt and say, “Just watch”….

Running my delicate fingers over the buttons I start to snap them and lean back into his bed.

“If you’re going to be a little tease then it’s only fair for the same treatment don’t you agree?”

Biting my lip I watch him watch my movements. Sliding my hands underneath my skirt and panties I finally allow myself the pleasure of touching my pussy. Running a finger in-between my lips I feel the wetness that’s been coating my panties. Moaning out loud I say, “Oh look at the mess you have caused...” “Can’t you just imagine the taste, the wetness down here all because you have to be such a tease?”

Pulling my hand out from underneath my skirt I look up into his eyes, knowing he will follow my movements with his eyes. Placing my wet fingers in my mouth, I start to lick my juices off of them.

Looking down, I see his cock straining in the cage. “Oh do you want a taste?”

Nodding he steps forward not realizing I didn’t say yes, but because I really can’t wait to feel his mouth on my clit I allow him the luxury of watching me up close.

“On your knees…”I say and immedietly dropping to his knees I scoot up to the edge of the bed but bring a pillow to lay on. Allowing my legs to dangle of his bed, I allow myself to get comfortable and stick my shoe in his face.

“Undress me…”

“Yes Angel...” he says while grabbing my ankle softly and slowly unclasping  my heel off me foot.

While he continues to do the same to the other foot I search the bed for my little bullet that got moved earlier. Finding it I turn it on and slid it underneath my skirt and panties and start to play with my pussy while he undresses me.

Once he gets my heels off he hesitates what should come off next but must have decided that my skirt should be next since that is what I feel get tugged off of me. I’m not even watching him anymore, I have my eyes shut and I am letting the bullet tease my clit but I know he is taking my skirt off so I gently open my legs and press my feet into the bed allowing  him to slide my skirt off. Peeking I see him fold my skirt and place them on the floor, then turn back to me and that’s when he doesn’t even ask he just does. He starts to run his hands over my legs that are encased in stockings.

Moaning from the pleasure the bullet is releasing on my clit and the mixture of his hands on me I say. “You better hurry up or you will be in that cage the rest of the night”.

“Yes Angel”

Watching him unsnap each stocking from the garter and carefully yank them down my legs he sets them with my skirt and shoes.

Sitting up I take off my blouse and toss it to him and he folds it and sets it down with the other clothing.

Feeling the wetness in between my legs I lean back but before I do I grab his collar and pull his face down into my panties but say “No licking”.

Knowing he can feel the vibration of the bullet and the wetness of my panties I look beside me and find the pinwheel.

“Now since we are in this situation, I think it’s safe to say that I get to cum and if I feel like you have deserved a release I will let you know. Understand?”

“Yes Angel” he says not thinking twice about it.

“Good now take my panties off.”  Feeling his hands on my waist he slowly tugs my panties down over my thighs and legs and drops them to the floor. Peeking down at his cock, I can tell he is incredibly aroused but can’t fully take advantage of the state he is in. Damn cruel devices, aren’t they such a lovely thing.

“Go ahead boy clean up the mess you have made,” I say rubbing my fingers in-between my pussy.

Now this is where I would have thought he would have dived right in, but no the damn humble bastard hesitated and brought his mouth down to my thighs and started to kiss and nibble all the way up to the outside of my lips and then down the other thigh.

Getting even more aroused and agitated I grab him by his hair shove his face into my pussy feeling him immediately lick my clit. “You damn fool; you are so totally getting punished for that.” Feeling him smile he keeps running his tongue down and in between my lips tasting my wetness and arousal from the bullet and the obvious effect he has on me.

Biting my lip, I start to dig the pinwheel into his back knowing how sharp those little points can be. Watching his back flinch I dig deeper which makes him speed his movements with his talented tongue. “Harder you little tease.”

Finally feeling two sets of finger slid into me, I moan even louder.

Knowing I’m close to cum I make a drastic decision and kick him off of me.

Not expecting my reaction he falls back and looks up at me with confusion.

“Oh you silly man, you think you’re going to let me cum that soon. Oh you have so much more work to do. I plan on cumming the first time when I am inside you.”

Swallowing he realizes what I mean to that and looks for the strapon that lies up near the headboard of his bed.

“Stand up and turn around...” I say while grabbing the rope beside the strapon.

Starting with his wrist I start to bind one of them and then cut it with some scissors leaving enough rope to tie his wrist to the headboard. After getting both done I stand up and tell him to lay flat on his stomach and not to move.  Getting his wrists tightly bound to the headboard I move my way down to his feet but grab a flogger the fell on the floor. Grabbing one ankle I wrap it up with the rope and tie it to the end of the bed making sure there isn’t any slack.

To be honest I don’t plan to be nice. I had trained him for this all those months; I just hope he knows how brutal I plan to be. If not he does have a safe word, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to disappoint me and I know the level of pain he can handle. I may not be nice but he will learn something from this. One doesn’t fuck with a sadist and two if you can’t resist watch your back.

“How are you feeling”... I say noticing he is a bit tense.

“I am alright Angel...”

“That’s not what I asked.” Knowing he isn’t saying what he wants.

Taking a deep breath he says, “I’m a bit nervous, but I trust you and I don’t want to disappoint you. I can take it.”

“Yes you can, but I am going to help you in the beginning. I am going to give you a taste of pain that is going to be worse than what I plan on doing to you with the strapon.” “We’ve prepared for this and you know what you have to say if…” Cutting me off he says, “Yes Angel, I know what you are going to say but I’m alright. I am ready.”

And with those three words he gives his body over to me.

Nodding silently, I take a deep breath and pick up the flogger. Taking a step back I take a few practice swings testing the level of pressure I should use. Once I get where I want I say, “We will do 50. I want your back and legs burning and stinging when I take you.”

“Yes Angel”…

“Count with me...” I say and with that I start to layer his back and legs with marks and welts. Hearing him echo a number after each blow, I keep going all the way till we reach 50 knowing he is about to reach his limit.

Dropping the flogger to the floor I look at my canvas that has been painted with welts and marks. None that will be permanent but there will definitely be bruises. Grabbing the strapon and lube, I start to put the harness on and that’s when I hear it.

He says it so softly but I heard it.“Thank you…”

Of course he would thank me, god this man could be the death of me.

After adjusting the straps I slide the feeldo inside of my pussy and pull the head of the strap on through the harness hole. Grabbing the lube I coat the blue strapon running my hands up and down it.

“You’re welcome, but you shouldn’t be thanking me yet.”

Placing my knees in between his legs I carefully mount myself over him and grab more lube.

“Remember… relax…” Feeling him take a deep breath and letting it out slowly, I pour lube onto two fingers and start to spread his cheeks apart.

Rubbing my fingers over the rim, I coat him very thoroughly making sure that when I penetrate it would be that bad. In real honesty he has taken bigger anal plugs than this but I never let him fuck himself with them.

Feeling him take another deep breath I start to finger slide a finger in his ass, opening him up. Grabbing the strapon I move the head of it right where I had my fingers and slowly start to apply pressure. Slowly I feel him take it in and that’s when I run my hand to his waist and grab his caged cock. Pushing deep into him, I stay still and find the padlock of his cage. Feeling him lift I grab the keys around my neck and unlock him from his cage while still deep inside him.

To be honest I do want him to enjoy this as much as I do. If I can make him come from this alone, then I’d be pretty damn proud of myself.

Sliding the cage off of him I set it down on the bed and go back to his cock feeling it hard.

“So you do like this…”

“Yes Angel”….

“Good… let’s see how much you can take.”

Grabbing his cock I start to stroke him while I move my hips in and out making the strapon move inside him.

Hearing him moaning from the mixture of pleasure I smile to myself and finally let go. Moving my body in rhythm with the strokes I unleash on his cock I bring myself to the edge feeling the feeldo in my pussy rub against my clit.

With the mixture of pleasure, pain, humiliation, submission, I finally let myself go and cum. Driving myself into him hard and fast not letting up until I hear beg.

Begging for his release he says, “Please Angel… I need.”

“Shhh…” I whisper to him knowing what he wants and finally giving it to him.

Sliding out of him, I unhook the strapon and harness and grab the scissors. Cutting the ropes he turns over and grabs me by my waist and drags me to his lap.

Feeling his erection in between my legs I push him back on the bed grab his cock.

Straddling him, I look down and watch him watch me slide his cock in between my pussy.

Feeling his hardness I lower myself down on him moaning when I finally take him all the way. Grabbing the headboard I start to ride his cock while he fondles my breasts.

“You’re so beautiful Angel…”

“Hmmm…. You are something else my boy..”

Rocking against him, I speed up my pace knowing he is close. Grinding my pussy deep into him over and over again, he finally says “Angel… Please...”

Riding him harder I let go and dig my nails into his chest and give him permission to cum by kissing him on the mouth and saying “Cum for me.”

Reaching down he grabs my waist and starts to match my movements bringing him to the edge.  Over and over he plunges deeper into me, and that’s when he cums. Feeling him release himself in me, I smile to myself knowing what I have plan for him.

Laying my head on his chest, I listen to his heartbeat not quite wanting to get up yet but knowing he has a mess to clean up. 

“Sorry Angel…” He says while running his fingers through my hair. “I shouldn’t have cam inside you”.

Sitting up I look into his dark russet eyes and say, “Oh don’t be, you can clean up your mess with your mouth” Sliding him out of me  I move up his body and straddle his face.

Feeling his tongue run over pussy, he starts to lick up my juices and his cum. Over and over he sucks and licks, making sure he doesn’t miss a drop.  Feeling clean I tap him on his shoulder and he stops after placing a kiss on my pussy lips.

Shaking my head, I look down at him and say “Good night.”  Placing a kiss on his lips tasting the mixture of us on I knock off all the rest of the toys and push back the blankets and sink deep into the covers.

Feeling him wrap his arms around me and pull me close.  We lay there like that not saying a word. I’m not sure how long we ended up lying like that. It could have been minutes or even hours. I really didn’t even fall asleep at first but when he started to place small kisses on my shoulders and rubbed my back, I couldn’t help but fall asleep.


Waking up I look around and notice it’s still dark out. All my toys and clothes are picked up and placed nice and neatly on his dresser drawer. Sliding out of the bed not trying to wake him, I go search for his bathroom. Walking in I shut the door and turn the lights on.  Looking in the mirror I look at myself and noticed that I am still naked from our session and it’s probably like 3 in the morning.  Turning the faucet on I wait till it gets warm and start to splash warm water in my face.

Reaching for a towel, I dry off trying to not think about my phone.

Knowing that I should probably check it I shut off the lights and open the door in search for my phone. Finding it by my tote, I grab it and notice I have 4 missed calls, and 12 texts, I shake my head knowing who it is.

Walking over to the corner of the room and sit down on the floor I start to go through my phone. After getting the confirmation I set it down and look at him asleep on the bed. He looks peaceful, happy, and sedated. He doesn’t look like he regrets anything, and that’s problem.

Once he realizes who I really am then it will change. Deep down when I decided to meet him, I knew this was going to be a one-time ordeal. It’s not that I don’t want him. I do, if you only knew how much.  But I have come to realize that sometimes we are not afforded the opportunity to have what we what. That sometimes we have to settle for what we have or just accept that things are not meant to be.

To be real honest all that is a crock a shit. I am just denying myself a great chance at a fresh start but I’m not ready, nor will I ever be ready.

This is why I grab my clothes and get dressed quietly grabbing my tote of toys and shutting the door.

Walking down the hallway to the stairs, I go down them in search of some paper.

Finding some in the kitchen, where all our food lies uneaten. I reach in my tote and find a pen and write out a letter to him.

You can call it a good bye letter, but I am not much into good byes.

Since really there isn’t anything good about this. 

After signing my name below three simple words, I leave the letter by the kitchen sink.

Walking to the front door, I turn around one more time hoping I am making the right decision and decide to walk out the front door.

Hoping he will believe the simple lie I told him, hoping that my behavior will make sense, hoping that I didn’t hurt him.

Walking to my car I get in and start it hearing my gps coming to life. Pressing home, I reads out 3 hours and 22 min away.

Backing out of his driveway, I leave him and my lies at his door step.


The lie that read, “I am married… Angel”…



This is not how I really wanted this story to end. But it was the best ending I could give, maybe you the readers can think that her being married didn’t change anything, but to me I believe that was the only way for an ending to come. I really couldn’t continue this story on the way I wanted to since my feelings and emotions wasn’t in it the way when I first started it.

12/28/2013 2:53:35 PM

Immeasurable:(The Mistress Archives)                  Angel Lynn

I have a thing for names. I love it when a name purely describes a person.

I believe that a name displays your character, your true nature, who you are or what you want to be. A name provides you so much more than letters. It gives you dignity; it holds your reputation or your morale. It gives you life and spirit. It helps lay the foundation of your identity, one that illustrates your unique personality. It gives you so much… That’s why babies are named immediately when they are born.

That is the very reason why when I own a sub... I name them. I only collar them if I have named them.

Let me give you an example…



Limitless… What do you think of when you hear that word? Something that is endless, all consuming, undoubtedly unbounded, basically something with no limits correct? I see that too but I see more. I see that it’s unmeasurable; no one can match its worth. Its limitless plain and simple no questions about it end of discussion.

This is why I named him limitless

Now you are probably wondering who I am talking about and we will get to that trust me. I just need to make sure a few things are in place before I start this story.

One.. He is mine.. I know this for one of many reasons. You wanna know why. Here’s why. You ever remember those little stories your parents would tell you about love or about a friend…the ones that are like if it’s yours let it go, if it comes back to you it was meant to be… if it doesn’t… you have your answer.

This is what had happened. I had to let him go. I had to let him vanish unwillingly. Something neither of us wanted…but in the end was bound to happen.

The months that went by without him in my life were hard. I left the lifestyle for a while; I lost the thing that made me whole. There was no need for me to search for something that I already had found… I lost him and no one was able to fill his spot or role…

But like every good loyal pet…they know their true owner… Of course it took him awhile to come back to me more was because out of fear. Not because he didn’t want me… No he wanted me. He barely was living without me… Sure he was living…was feed and cared for but he wasn’t alive… No what took him so long to come back was his own fear of rejection.

I gave him… so much and he vanished… but…. Yes there is always a but… he came back ..

This is the story of him….


It all started with curiosity. Something had sparked my interest and I couldn’t help resist….

I didn’t know what he looked like from the chest up. I took a leap of faith and finally did some searching of my own. Keep in mind I never chase. I normally have men come (crawl) to me.

But no.. for this guy I saw something. I really can’t say what it was but I had to message him..

And the simple message was “Hey”…

Yes I used a one-liner. Hypocritical of me since I hate it when subs/switches/doms send me one-liners, but I really didn’t expect him to respond.

But boy was I wrong..

It started off with fun and playful banter. We really skipped right to chatting with Skype. Didn’t mess with CM email. This isn’t the case for me anymore. This was when I was just testing and experimenting on what I wanted.  At one point in time I had over 60 subs wanting to serve me and had no time. It became too much and I started to focus on my priorities. College.

I started to eliminate subs that weren’t useful to me. Nothing against them I just had already found what I was looking for and hadn’t known it yet.

While I was decreasing my sub intake, I started having favorites. You know when you were younger you played with certain toys and friends more than others. I had found my favorite toy(s), when I started to pay attention to who I chatted and skyped the most with and Limitless was one of the most prominent ones.

We ended up doing skype sessions and played together.  Food play, chastity, cross dressing, orgasm denial, edging, punishment, sounding, anal, public play (having him play at work), even fce (forced cum eating), it became a game sort of. What limit can we push this time…and with that we became sloppy.

We didn’t cover our tracks. We became so in tuned and relied on each other almost every day. And that was our biggest mistake. We became careless.


With this lifestyle I have learned there are all sorts of people interested or in the lifestyle.

We have the single or the newbies, we have the old perverts… yes I am talking about you if you’re laughing, we have the divorced ones (those are some freaky people lol), then we start branching into the ones that are dating, engaged or even married.  At first I was very adamant about even talking to those kinds.

One of the most things I hated about being a Female Dominant, it was the “Mistress persona”.

When I thought of a Mistress, I always thought of the second woman, in an affair. What does she really get out of the affair?  Even the name just rubbed me wrong. That’s one of the reason I go by Angel. I am not nor will ever be a mistress. Meaning, I will not be second… I value my worth.

But then again I was proved wrong…

Don’t you hate that… I got so caught up in the label aspect of this lifestyle that I almost lost myself.  

I gave up…. I say I gave up.. But that’s not what had happened….

What had really happened was that my Limitless got caught. His girlfriend had caught us skyping.

Yes… I’ll own up to it.  It’s official. I am a true deal Lucile Mistress… I am the second woman. But we also have our stories to tell and trust me those married, engaged ones, they are no better than the rest of us, but that is a whole different story to tell. Maybe at a later date I’ll explain it.

But back to limitless.. He got caught and I became the Mistress.

And I left the lifestyle….

I went Mia or better known as my LOA…. (leave of absence)..

It was gone for over a month… and that’s where I could tell who the real ones were. I ended up slowly getting back on CM but only in the sole purpose of talking. NO playing. I wasn’t ready yet… to be honest without him I really didn’t have a reason to play. I missed him but I didn’t allow myself to miss him. If that makes any sense.

But honestly I couldn’t deny myself the lifestyle for so to0 long. It sung to me and I tried my best to stay away but I couldn’t. I slowly dipped  my feet back into the lifestyle not knowing what had happened to my limitless but knew I needed something. Until one day I was on CM… and this one particular sub branched out to me. He is known as my Runner, my partner in crime, my father… (Only you will understand that). We talked about books, or more importantly my favorite kind of books erotica.  Runner is the man that helped me get back to where I am on this site. All you little boys out there that just jerk to my pics, I know it happens, I probably do it if I had a cock too lol.  But you should be thanking my Runner..  He is the very reason I am still on this site. He knew about my limitless. He was the first person I told that I had lost a sub. He knew limitless had meant something to me and that I was very closed off to new subs. I became black and white with the lifestyle. I decided before I met Runner that I had to filter my emotions, because if not I would get hurt every time a sub disappeared. Limitless was the first one who had disappeared without a trace nor will he been the last.  So with Runner he slowly gained my trust. We talked about our life’s vanilla and kink related. We left no stone unturned and was completely honest with each other. We created a great friendship with kink.

And then one day I got a text… and it was from Limitless..

To be honest I was soo mad.. No not mad. Hurt..

He went 2 months without a text, a message (ones that I received), an email.


I had told Runner this… he said that it sounded like he got caught.. I knew it was the case. Even though I had never got the confirmation of that until we started talking again. I had always suspected that. Like I said Limitless and I was so in tuned with each other. Going a day without talking was considered abnormal. I remember a time when I had left my phone at my fathers and he went out of town for 3 days I didn’t talk to Limitless. When I had found my phone.. I had some very worrisome texts..

I never sent those texts…

I was so scared that if I sent something it would have made things worse. So I waited. I waited for him to come to me.

And he did come to me, and I was right.

He really did get caught but he’s still my boy.

I was a bit rude in beginning…. But that lasted all of 10 min. I couldn’t deny him… I was too happy that he actually came back.

Now it’s been a few months since then.

We have finally decided to take the next step.

Real time….

I plan on meeting Limitless soon.

Our bond or connection is virtually unbreakable. I know what to expect from him and as does he. He regrets his actions; most of them were out of fear. Fear of rejection… 

Our story is still progressing.. It’s a work in progress.. It may not be forever…it may come and go… I don’t know how our ending will be. But I do know this. That I will forever treasure our moments together, and that all the happiness he has brought me will be considered the happiest moments of my life.  My limitless is back and he is mine….

Welcome to Mistress Archives.. (Stayed tuned)

12/28/2013 11:23:41 AM



To all my following viewers and readers... Doms, subs and switches.


I want to first say that I appreciate the following response I have received from The Convergence: Part 1 & 2.


I have loved your feedback, your criticism and your perception on it.


Sadly I have bad news.. I feel that it is safe to say that after Part 3 I will not write about "him" anymore... It may end on bad note or may just be cut off at point where you the readers can make them have the ending. I just can't do it.


Hopefully when I finish Part 3 it will help me let go..


It will shed some light and give me peace about the decision I have made.


Stayed tuned for Part 3.... :





Ps.. I will have a new story out in which I have been working on... I hope you will like it and enjoy the experiences I am telling...

Stay tune for "Immeasurable".....

12/10/2013 8:34:40 PM
I got a final tomorrow.. I'm super nervous but I know I'll do get. I want to thank all of my subs/toys friend that have barred with me this past few weeks. I want to particularly thank my Runner for his patience and willingness to tutor me... I love our little tutor lessons. Lol I also want to thank my other boys you've all been very supportive and understanding. Good night all... Wish this Angel good luck 8am will be here fast.

12/8/2013 4:48:13 PM

I might be taking a break from this site...


I need to figure some things out....






12/5/2013 11:09:54 PM

!!!!!The Convergence: Part 2!!!!!


(Scroll down to read Part 1 if you haven't yet.)

 Part 2:

Sitting down on his cherished bed, I dig through my tote and carefully bring out each item and place them in order in which I plan to use on him all the while knowing he is still holding his position with his head bowed. After organizing my tortuous toys, I stand and head over to his dresser drawer and rifle through it. I want him craving my touch, so making him play the waiting game just helps me use his obsession for my touch against him.

After 10 minutes has passed I finally walk up to him and start to circle his body. He is like a mouse and I am the cat just waiting and plotting my time to attack. I didn’t pay any attention to him while I was setting up, but now up close I can see his immaculate physique. The way his hip bones indent to create the v- effect, how his skin just looks like the sun lightly kissed it, how even though his body screams masculine right down to his cock, you wouldn’t think this man hungers to relinquish all control.  

Trailing a finger down his back, I see him jump lightly not expecting my touch and yet instantly savoring it by leaning backwards in fear of losing it. My touch is like a drug to him, I don’t give him enough to satisfy his cravings so he’s constantly on edge for it. Seeing goose bumps rise to the edge of his skin. I know I have him right where I want him.

It’s sickening isn’t it? That one second I am all gentle with him and the next second I slap him open palm across his cheek feeling the impact echo throughout the room. Hearing him groan out loud I reach down and grab his cock feeling it warm beneath my touch.

Carefully applying pressure at the base of his cock I pull down watching his body bend to my will. With slow strokes I start to tease the tip of his throbbing cock while watching his pelvic muscles contract from the pleasurable touches I am tormenting him with.  Increasing the speed of the strokes, I feel his hips start to move in rhythm with my strokes and that’s when I dig my nails deep into his cock causing him to moan from the mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Please……” Hearing him beg I laugh lightly and say, “Please..? Please what?” Slowly cupping his balls in one hand while I slightly stroke his cock I wait for his answer. This right here is where I am testing him. Wondering if I have broken the “mistress” persona to him yet and that he sees me for who I truly am.

“Angel…. Please...” hearing him moan out my name, I gently let go of his lovely cock and slide my way up on the edge of the bed. Watching his facial expression change from aliveness to alertness, I debate on just slamming my boot into chest and watch him collapse before me while I pounce on him and fasten the chastity device to his cock or just reward him for saying my name.

“Why…?  Tell me why.”… I speak to him sternly knowing he’s struggling to speak. “I want you. Take me, break me, and make me yours.”

Smiling to him I shake my head and reach for the zip ties beside me and stand up. Walking away from him I look in the mirror and watch his reflection. “You know I’ve been waiting for this day to come for so long. And now here we are. We’ve known each other for months and we are now about to see how we interact. What I am trying to say is this is your only way out. We can stop this right now and I will accept it, but if we go down this road I can’t promise you no one will get hurt. Are you willingly to accept that risk?”

Watching his reflection, I see his body grow sure and stable. I don’t see any doubt clouding around him and when he speaks “Yes miss”, it all but confirms my observation. He truly does want this, but I question if it’s about me or would he be like this to everyone. I wonder if I bring this out of him, this natural desire to submit and please.

“Smart boy,” I whisper lightly out loud and turn to face him with my back to the mirror. Holding the zip ties in my hand I look at his bed and search for the first torturous device I plan on unleashing on him. Smiling when I spot the chastity device that has a urethral plug built in, I walk over to the bed and pick it up and then focus on my prey. He’s kneeling before me anticipating my attack and what he fails to realize is I plan on taking my time with him. You see fools rush in; we have both been waiting for this to happen why not take our time. Right now I need to see what really turns him on so I can use it against him.

Circling him I pause facing his back seeing his wrists placed behind him. Stepping backwards I place the heel of my boot in the center of his back applying pressure to his spine he willfully complies and bends forward causing his position to change. He is now lying before me on his knees and that’s when I straddle him and vigorously grab his wrists allowing me to tightly bind them with the zip tie making him somewhat defenseless.

“Let’s play a game…We will call it Guess the device. Every time you get it wrong you get punished...” I say whispering in his ear. Nodding his head he agrees to play, even though he knows he didn’t have a choice. “What’s cold at the touch, keeps you on edge, and brings me so much pleasure.” Feeling him hesitate to answer I start to drag the cage across his back knowing the weight of the device might give it away.

I am doing it on purpose; if he guesses correctly then it’s one of two reasons I have him tuned to me or he wants to be caged. If he guesses it wrong then he’s just asking for a punishment.

Smirking slightly he says, “It’s a cage miss...”


* Copyrighted material. If used without my knowledge or consent legal ramifications will be executed.


12/3/2013 8:23:58 PM
Any submissive catholic priests out there in hiding.. It's time to come out of the confession stand and repay your penance. I know you've done bad things... Let me make it right.. 'Nora'.... Ps. This is for you 'stalker'.....

12/2/2013 4:31:06 PM
Any one wanna play 'doctor patient'.....? Just kidding.. I'm sick and would love a bed time story.... please....someone tell me the story of how the sun so loved the moon so much that he died every night to let her breathe....

12/1/2013 6:30:49 PM
This is the first night ever when all my boys are mia..... This sucks.... :/ I miss them....

11/29/2013 10:19:07 AM

Any bisexual or bi-curious  subs/slaves/Doms  in Ohio  that is willingly to experiment with me. Send me a message I have a proposition for you...


Serious inquires only.


Must be DD free and willingly to pass all rules and guideline with me.

11/29/2013 9:54:10 AM

I miss him.....




11/18/2013 8:34:03 PM

My pet,


I searched and searched for you


When I first started this lifestyle, the first thing I wanted was a “pet”.


I know why…


First of all… When I think of a pet,


I think of a dog.. .


You’re protective when you need to be, you’re loyal to a fault, and you would never bite


the hand that feeds you.


I give your life meaning, without me you wouldn’t know your place.


You’re obedient, I could beat you and you’d still crawl back to me for affection.


You are my Limitless,


You bring out my sadism… You are the creator of this monster.


Just letting you know… I blame you if I actually harm someone..


You just make me want to test everything.


Push every limit… What have we not done…


I don’t care what anyone says..  I own you..


I feel wrong if I say I don’t.


You may not be collared … yet.


But I plan to collar my pet.


I’ll even let you get a matching leash…


I’ll never let you go, as long as I have a say in it…


I thought I lost you once, but you came back.


You remembered where your home was.


You are mine


And I love you.



11/11/2013 4:07:22 PM

Any subs slaves or cuckolds interested in paying for my night out tomorrow.

I have a big day ahead but I really need this time for myself. 


Email me and we can discuss what I have in store.



10/31/2013 8:35:45 PM
Can't sleep... Someone should read me a bed time story.. ;) I'm ready.. Got my pillow and blanket . Just waiting on you...

10/28/2013 1:11:32 PM

The Convergence: Part 1

Gripping tightly on the steering wheel I take in a deep breath to help ease my racing heart and nerves. Counting down from 5 I finally release the air that was burning my lungs when hit 1. Calmly I open my eyes allowing my surroundings to become clear, I glance over at the clock on the beige dashboard. Realizing it has only been 3 minutes since the last time I checked I silently nod to myself accepting that its time. Loosening my grip on the steering wheel I let go and flip the visor down again to recheck my makeup and hair.

Seeing the reflection of a beautiful sophisticated woman in the mirror, I speak to her saying, “You can do this, you’ve been waiting patiently for this day to come, and you’re not gonna turn around now.”  Smiling back at the reflection, I close the visor and see the street sign that I’ve been parked in front of for over the past ten minutes. “Convergence Avenue. How ironic…” Feeling vibrations echo between my legs, I look down and acknowledge my phone. Picking it up, I read the incoming text, “Lunch will be done in about 10 minutes. You close?” I smirk lightly, realizing it’s him. I calmly reply back, “Yes, should be there any minute.”  Turning off my emergency blinkers, I put the car in drive and make a left on Convergence Avenue.

Going around the corner, I start to read mailboxes in search for his. 7713 Convergence Avenue, seeing it up ahead on the left, I start applying my breaks and turn into his driveway. Putting my car in park, I grab my phone from the console and my tote from the passenger seat and look up through the front windshield. And that’s when it happens, my nerves, my doubts, my inhibitions. They all come to a crashing halt and melt away just leaving me alone with him as he walks to my car. Smiling at him, I realize his destination just seconds before we meet. Opening my car door for me, I instantly say to myself, “God I have him trained well.”  Stepping out of my car I stand and end up towering over him by a few inches thanks to my killer heels. Eying his body up and down, not caring that I linger a little longer than normal at his crotch. “Alas we meet,” I say while smirking at him when I finally reach his dark russet brown eyes. And boy can I say they look much better in person than on a 22 inch screen. “It’s nice to finally see you ….Ms...” Seeing him hesitant, I silently nod to him giving him the motivation to spit it out. “..Vixen.” Squinting at him, I can tell he’s a bit nervous and all that does is just fueling my desire to fuck around with him. “So are you gonna just stand there looking all handsome or are you gonna give me a hug?” Smiling at me he leans forward and wraps his solid arms around my waist, and that’s when I get drenched in his aroma. He smells like spring, the way rain is nice crisp and clean. Feeling him struggle to release me, I give him the inclination it’s time to let me go by gently patting him on his back and that’s when he caves and slowly drops his arms. “So lunch is done, let’s get you inside so we can eat. I bet your starving from the drive up.” Biting my lip, I reply, “Of course, I’m dying to see your kitchen skills.” Turning around I start to head to the front door, but before I do I “accidently” graze his crotch with my hand. With my back turned to him I laugh lightly to myself when I heard the skip in his breath and felt his arousal harden from my caress.

Walking beside me, I see him glance at me trying to see if I did it on purpose. Getting to front door he opens it for me and that’s when my senses go in overdrive. The aroma from what he has cooking for lunch is lingering throughout the air making me salivate. There’s the background noise of a TV playing and the clicks of my heels echoing throughout the hallway. But none of those things is what has me enthralled. It’s the man before me, that’s already on his knees, which makes me forget about lunch or at least the lunch that’s waiting for us. I have a particular craving that food wouldn’t quite hit and he seems to know that. I plan on devouring him till I am completely satisfied and content, but not on his time.

Not giving into to him, I get to his level and caress his cheek feeling a slight stubble graze my hand. “Stand up….” I say sternly which makes his russet eyes widen. Listening I give him my hand and help him up. “So lunch..?” I say as I see him cast his eyes to the floor to hide his embarrassment. “Yes, of course. Sorry…” He says looking up and smiling awkwardly. “Don’t be…. I’m not. You were quite tempting on the floor, but next time if you’re gonna be down there at least kiss my boot in the process.”  “Yes my bad Ms. Vixen,” he says acknowledging his mistake.

Following him to the kitchen, I see that he has been working extra hard. The food is all laid out on the dining room table adjacent from the kitchen. Pulling out my chair he asks me what I would like to drink. “I have beer, water, tea, wine...”  “I’ll take water, thank you.” Watching him head to the kitchen and grab a glass, I see him hesitant on adding ice to the glass. Smirking I turn back around hoping he will figure it out, I finally allow myself to see what he slaved over making. I see in the middle of the table is some typed of grilled chicken, rice and a salad to the left. I also see an oval container with a lid that has condensation on it. Unaware of his presence until he sets two glasses down in front of me, one with just ice and one with just water. “I didn’t know if you wanted ice or not.” Shaking my head at him I reply back, “You could have asked but ice is great thank you.”

Nodding silently at me he pulls out the chair to my right and sits down. “I hope you like everything; I knew you didn’t favor fried chicken so I’m pretty sure I got that right. If you don’t like it, by all means tell me and I can make you something else or I can get take out. Anything you desire, I am at your service to obtain.” Licking my lips I nod to him, “It all looks delicious, what I want to know is what’s in the container.” “Cheesecake…” he says not trying to hide his vivacious smile. “Ahhh….. I see… You made my weakness. I’d watch it if I was you. It sounds like you’re asking for more than your bargaining for.” “I’m not asking for anything Ms. Vixen, I am completely satisfied with whatever you are giving.”

“Good, glad we are on the same page. Show me your bedroom.”  Freezing his actions, he looks to me, “Right now?”  “That wasn’t a question...”  Swallowing nervously, he stands up while looking at his plate that was untouched. “Follow me Ms. Vixen,” he says while pulling out my chair.  Trailing behind him I grab my tote and watch him walk up the stairs that must lead to his bedroom.

Arriving at a white door, he opens and lets me walk through first. And that’s when it all seems right. Downstairs where our untouched lunch lies, I couldn’t find what I was searching for. I should have known it would have been here all along. I’ve seen this room at least a hundred times, but there was always a barrier in the way. The bed that stands before me helps trigger vivid memories of him listening to my commands and orders, watching him be on the brink of orgasm and me denying it and watching him fall asleep. It’s all here...

Downstairs didn’t bring me this… it brought me opportunity but it didn’t bring me the memories that I need to help me focus and take what I rightfully came here to take. Turning around I see him leaning against the door frame watching me. I can see it in his eyes, that he is remembering it all too. And that’s when I drop the tote on his bed and say, “Shut the door…” Moving he walks in the room and carefully shuts the bedroom door. Looking back up at me, I can tell he’s waiting for my next command. “Get naked and get on your knees in front of the bed...” Watching his eyes widen slightly, he slowly walks to the front of the bed and starts unbuttoning his shirt.  Analyzing him, I can tell he didn’t expect that. Maybe he was hoping for foreplay or at least not something that exposed him all at once. Going through my tote, I pull out a black blindfold and throw it to him not saying a word. Catching it, he sets it down on the floor and then gradually shimmies off his faded jeans. Looking down at his crotch, I can tell he’s already hard and I haven’t even touched him yet. Glancing up at me before he takes his boxers off I smirk at him knowing that I’ve seen his cock hard for me numerous of times, but this is the first time I will be able to touch it, tease it, cage it and all the other things I crave to do to it.  Once his boxers hit the floor, he picks up the blindfold and securely places it over his eyes and then gets back in his proper place on his knees with his arms placed behind his back with his cock exposed to me.

This is where all his training has paid off. All the countless hours of texting, Skpeing, chatting, telling him what I desire and that if he can become what I want then I’ll take him and mold him to be rightfully mine. I created this creature, this one that kneels before me. Not hiding his submission, but offering me everything I want and in return for nothing but my happiness. He’s giving me the ultimate sacrifice a man can give and he knows I deserve it, crave it, and can’t be myself without it. After tonight, I’m gonna own him… take everything from him, his love, his mind, his soul. I’m taking it and replacing it with my mine. After tonight there will no longer be just him, it will be him and I.

Stay tuned for Part 2. 


10/17/2013 6:32:16 AM

In search for a Male Dom that is interested in traveling when I need to travel.

Serious inquiries only.

Must be straight and not looking to top me.

Will give more detail and information when messaged.




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