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Gay Male Submissive, 36,  Houston, Texas
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Just a big bear with few resources looking for a dominant kinky play partner, papa bear or master. I don't like one night stands, looking for a serious LTR, open to RP on Inworldz (Pic of my toon in profile). 6'4" pushing 400 lbs. Not a gainer, just always struggled with my weight. Surely there's some dominant chasers out there looking for a bear cub? I can cook whenever I'm not chained up too much. Right now, my perfect encounter would be someone in the Houston area that could host. While I love the fantasy of going all in to the 24/7 lifestyle I know that it isn't really practical, but to be able to engage in a little fun while getting to know someone could certainly lead to new places. My job is pretty flexible so I could certainly free up more time to engage in longer sessions down the road as well. Smoker, 420 friendly, but it master says no smoking while I'm there, that's perfectly fine, I don't exactly expect to be able too with my arms restrained. Fist or puppy mitts would be a huge turn on. Additional photo's may be explicit, they're also a few years old, it's been a while sadly, with any luck I'll find someone here to help me take some new ones. Going to post some erotic stories to my journal here. Mostly furry themed, some really bad scifi, etc. I'm extremely shy when it comes to making first contact, obviously my weight doesn't help with my confidence. Considering travel options if anyone's interested who isn't immediately local, been thinking of taking a week or so off work if I can find someone that genuinely wants to keep me in a collar and chains for a few days+. Most recent pic is the obligatory badly focused mirror selfie pic #10.












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Journal Entries:
9/25/2014 8:38:35 PM

Chapter 1: Sam

The prospect of jumping to a new colony always brought a mix of excitement and dissapointment to Terra Prime.  The new world was always tempting but the cost to get there stopped most from going.  It was a joke noone found funny that in another 50 years the only people left behind would be fat and broke.  Every ounce of weight taken along cost money and precious space in the pods.  It didn’t take long for people to decide to travel nude to save even more cost.  Rumors abounded about tropical planets where noone bothered to create clothing after arival.

Sam wasn’t interested in the leisure planets.  He wanted somewhere he’d feel needed, useful even.  His trade skills were fairly basic, just welding and woodworking.  He was sure both could be of use on one of the prarie worlds.  He sighed, stepping off the bathroom scale.  “Still not enough coin” he muttered.  Jumping on the internet to check his messages an email caught his eye.

    Sub: Want to travel?  Need assistance?

Sponsorships available now!  Just fill out the form, select your prefered colonies and people looking for you will be in contact shortly!  Don’t delay, spaces filling up fast.

The message went on for several paragraphs, extolling the virtues of the sponsorship programs.  Sam tapped his finger on the table as he thought about it.  The contracts were often equal to slavery for several years after arival.  Glancing around his hovel he let out another sigh, “Might as well” he says to noone in particular as he started filling out the form.


“I understand it is traditional to fly nude, but noone said anything about being shaved bare!”

“your sponsor was quite specific sir.  It often accounts for several pounds of your body mass, which translates to several thousand dollars that can be saved.  Also, in weightlessness loose fur can be problematic.” the 4 foot tall stoat said tiredly.  He adjusted his blue coveralls and held up the shears.


Naked and shaved bare, Sam woke slowly from his cryo chamber.  In the small disembarkment room a rabbit, dressed in basic coveralls checked off a box on his data pad.  “Ok Sam, your sponsor will be here to pick you up soon.”

Sam sat up and scratched absently at his hip.  Looking around he asks the first thing he can think of.  “Ok, uhh, where are my clothes so I can get dressed?”

As the technician leaves he says, “Oh, you have to buy them if you want them.”

“Oh.  Well, I should have enough credits.” the very naked bear says.

“Your earth credits have no value here.  Don’t worry though, nudity is legal.” the rabbit says as he closes the door, leaving sam to contemplate what he’s gotten himself into.

About an hour later the door opens again and in steps a horse, standing just over 5 feet tall, the small paint pony introduces himself, “Hello Sam.  I’m glad you made it safely.”  Gibson reaches into the pocket of his dennim jacket and pulls out a collar with a tag dangling from it.  “As your sponsor I own you outright.  It is a requirement that I provide you with a work uniform upon your arival.” he says, holding up the collar, “This is yours to wear for t he duration of your employment.” he sates, enjoying watching Sam fidget.  He tosses the collar tosam for him to put on.

Sam looks at the tag on the collar, it reads “Property of Gibson’s Furniture and Installation”.  The collar itself is made of a nano fiber reinforced bullistic nylon, the hasp has on it a button to secure it permanantly.  The bear blushes as he slips it on, finding it sized perfectly for his neck.  “No chance of backing out is there” he says, standing up and walking over to the horse, very aware of his nudity.  

Gibson reaches up and presses the lock button, releasing epoxy into the hasp.  “no, there’s really not” he adjusts his own clothes and turns, “Now, come on, we’ve already got an order to deliver.”


Chapter 2: The example

The fox had watched as his master prepared the pit he was soon to reside in.  The contractors, a horse and his own slave bear  welding restraint points into the metal walls and bars.  After they finish they close both cover doors, the first a set of bars with a metal tube at one end and a relatively large opening in the middle near the other.  A large removable wheel securing the out door shut vault-style, made of metal with concrete on top, shaped to slope toward a small grating, lining up with the tube below it.  A high security padlock securing the mechanism before they leave.  The fox looks up at the lock holding his wrists to the chain over his head and fidgets a bit, the lights in the dungeon going out minutes later.


The shaved skunk hung on a St Andrews Cross facing out into the dungeon.  His cock hanging limply from his sheath.  His sheath is held back with a ring around the base of his balls and cock, forcing his exposre.  He bites down on his gag in frustration, wishing he had read the contract more closely.  He was expecting to be a stripper at most, not a harem boy for some perverted club.  His attention is caught by the owner walking in, wearing only a pair of supple leather gloves.  “Still trying to protest even after two days?” he tsks, his voice alone would be arousing but his smooth muscled body and sizable maleness somehow drawing anyones eye.  He walks to the middle of the room, ignoring the restrainted skunk and lets his cock slide free, taking a massive piss into the drain the floor.  Everyone in the club seemed to use that drain, at least t he owners and staff did.  Finishing up he says aloud, “perhaps a demonstraction of what’s expected of you in a few months would help” he grins, retreiving a metal wheel and a key.  The skunk can only watch as the wolf unlocks the padlock from the floor, then uses the whell to open what had looked like just a concrete block with eyebolts embeded in it.  Underneath, roughly 5 inches down, is a set of bars, underneath which is a gray-furred fox, his fur stained darker by the piss he’s not been alowed to wash out, never fully.  The bars have a metal tube welded to them, pushing into his mouth, just forced past his teeth.  Forced to look straight up, the skunk realized, through the grating, seeing only those  that walk directly over the grating, showing off their out of reach asses and loins, every gender among them.  The worst of which for the fox had been the clubs DJ, an overweight but solid-built black horse who drank so heavilly he’d visit, quite full, 4 times in a 2 hour set.  

There’s also an opening over his groin which was pressed against him, the bars shaped tp pin his limbs down, which were secured by their own heavy padlocks to the sides of the pit.  His wrists drawn to the sides, just by his shoulders, his ankles over his hips.  The wolf uses his foot to toy with the slaves cock, drawing him easilly to full arousal before he stops, leaving him dripping hard and squirming.  “No slave, you may be left unrestrained this weekend in chastity, or you may cum.  It’s the tank this time.” he says.  

The fox manages to mumble “the tank” around the intruding pipe, though if that was a question or a choice the skunk couldn’t tell.  

The wolf grins, picking up a metal chastity tube and securing it onto the foxes loins, the thick cold metal killing his erection.  “Give our new slave a nice blowjob and meet me at the tank when you’re through.” he ordered, opening the bars and unlocking the foxes cuffs.

    The fox unfolds himself from the recess in the floor slowly and crawls over to the suspended skunk, making no foreplay o fit and descending his mouth around the skunks cock.  The wolf leaves the room, returning after a few minutes with a large bull, pulling along a defeated looking raccoon and quickly securing him in the drain pit.  The skunk cums hard from the foxes expert attention, moments after the padlock slamed shut and while the bull gave the new victim of the pit his first drink with enough spare testosterone to induce a semi-permanant erection on the hidden raccoon.

“You gonna have fun tonight Zephyr” the bull says as the fox crawls toward the door “We’re having a drawing early”

Zephyr enters the porcelin tiled room and crawls paws the waterfalls near the entrance, his weighted sheath swinging counter to his body.  He’s obviously anxious to get into the tank before he loses control of his bladder, that being what earned him his stay in the pit the last time.

Moving through the dozen furs in the room, most of them nude and several in bondage, he reaches the centerpiece of the room.  The tank is a 4 foot cube of thick plexiglass, the top of which containing a large basin with a drain in the middle, overall just a couple feet tall.  He climbs into the tank on his knees and settles down in the bottom of it.  His knees beneath him, he lays forward and reaches behind himself with both arms.  The wolf takes his arms and crosses them, securing them wrist to elbow with locks on his permanently worn cuffs.  The foxes legs follow, being locked to the floor of the tank at both the knee and ankle, splaying them widely.  A gag follows, the phalic gag trailing two tubes, one of them doing to the bottom of the tank, the other attaching to airholes in the side.  He connects the foxes chastity cage to the drain, giving his upturned rear a good job pat, the fox instantly draining his bladder thankfuly.  A plug is stlid into the foxes ass and inflated, a tube  trailing from it to outside of the tank.  Finally the lid is lowered and locked in place.

Three of the five furs watching step forward, their nudity and the dampness of their fur showing their status, all with their arms secured behind them like Zephyrs.  The three that step forward relieve themselves into the basin, their piss dribbling down over the captive foxeds head and into the tank.  The two that don’t instead piss into a clear bucket on the floor in front of the fox.  

“The drawing decides who chooses how full that bucket gets before we put it in” the wolf says.  Meanwhile more furs take their tutnrs towrad filling the tank, the foxes pose pressing his chest against the slowly filling tanks floor.

A couple hours pass by, the tank and bucket receiving enthusiastic use by the various guests.  Thanks largely to an okapi and a horse, the tank was nearing the top.  The fox drinking as much as he could to keep it from filling so rapidly, he was no match for those two equines.  His upper body floating in the piss of over a dozen furs and almost as many species, some just comming by to see the room and leaving.

The fox could tell that the winner was announced.  He flatted his ears back as the horse steps up, filling the bucket easilly and indicating to start early.  The bucket is held up and a hose attached from it to the tube leading to Zephyrs butt plug.  With the usual lack of ceremony the valve is opened, flooding the foxes bowels with 3 gallons of donated piss.  Unable to even moan, the fox can only squirm  and watch the bucket drain itself.  

An hour later the wolf announces phase two, draining the tank and unchaining the fox.  They leave the room for a few minutes, other slaves using their bodies on orders to clean up the puddles left by the soaking wet slave.  

Returning, the fox has been toweled off, the plug gone from his ass and a breathless relief on his face.  His cock, free of its chastity device, bobs lewdly before him as he’s lead over to a platform.  His arms are still bound as they were, he’s laid back onto the platform, pinning his arms in the process.  His rear on the edge and his head rolling back unsupported.  The first restraint is a strap across his chest, holding him in place, the next across his waist.  

His ankles are drawn up and away, displaying his groin and ass fully.  His tail is strapped underthe platform before his knees are further spread with a spreader bar.  “Slaves get his ass tonight” the wolf anounces, “Lube is nearby” he continues, spreading a lthick layer of shortening over the foxes crotch, from thigh to thigh, over  his ass and giving his needy cock a few extra, teasing strokes.  “Masters, of course, get anything they want.”

The horse from earlier steps up, his golden fur contrasting his mottled dick which he lays across the foxes thigh, rubbing it around against Zephyrs own dick and balls to coat it in lube, his flared tip probing teasingly.  He presses himself against the foxes ass and then pushes himself in to the hilt, deep inside the fox in one long motion.  His master wolf takes up position at the foxes mouth, driving his cock into the foxes muzzle as the horse takes his well lubed ass.  Over the next few hours both ends of the fox get used, his stretched ass mostly by bound, desperate slaves, his muzzle by the masters.  His own cock is milked to climax randomly, making him cum repeatedly through the evening, his balls aching.  After the last of the slaves have been taken away by their masters, the wolf grasps Zephyrs spent cock and coaxes it back into his sheath before securing the foxes heavy chastity cage in place.  He unlocks Zephyrs legs and frees him from the platform, slipping the exhausted, cum-soaked fox to the floor.  He feeds his cock to the fox, giving him one last taste of wolf piss before he leads him back to the heavy dungeon room to rest, his fur still slick with grease and his ass dripping cum.


Zephyr is lead back into the heavy dungeon the next morning.  The skunk watches passively as he’s ordered  into a cage that makes up the lower half of a bondage bed, arms still bound securely and his chastity cage locked in place.  On top of the bed is a wolf, one of the slaves, his wrists and ankles spread and chained to the corners.  His half hard cock standing erect as a hermaphrodite red fox straddles his muzzle, forcing the resting slave to eat hir out while she teases over his balls with a riding crop.  

Once Zephyr is in the cage, his master reaches through the bars and straps a gag into the foxes muzzle before patting his cheek, “Rest well” he says, “You’ll have a friend in with you soon”.

Tugging weakly against his restraints and probing his tongue over the phalic gag he can only mmmph softly, listening to the noise from above him and barely able to make out the shaved skunk suspended on the cross in the corner.

The herm fox finishes with the wolf and walks over to the drain, releasing hir heavy stream of piss into it directly, followed by zephyrs master.  After the dom wolf is done relieving himself he opens the hidden pit, revealing the raccoon that was locked in immediately after Zephyr was freed from it.  The raccoons cock quickly vanishes behind a chastity cage before he’s freed from his prison, only to be bound in the same maner as Zephyr, arms behind him tightly and phalic gag strapped into his mouth.  Leading him over to the bed/cage, the bound wolfs needy cock is ignored as the raccoon is forced into the cage alongside Zephyr, feet first to get their groins in each others faces.  A tube is connected between gag and chastity cage between the two caged slaves.

Exhaustion for now overrode everything else the 3 slaves may have been feeling, in the dimness and relative quiet letting them drift off to sleep.  The skunk shifts involuntarily, looking down he realizes he’s grown dripping hard just watching passively.  He bites his lower lip, feeling his resistance starting to slip.

Chapter 3: Just artisans

Sam scratched at his short fur, 3 weeks growth finally turning him black again, though he still felt the sun and breeze readily.  “You’ll like this I  think” Gibson said, walking ahead of the naked bear.  Sam was getting used to his nudity, and considered himself lucky compared to some sponsored furs.  He looked appreciatively at an almost hairless skunk trapped in a metal cage in the quad, sitting down with his legs splayed wide, stretching out in front of him, his arms held straight out.  The cage bars folowed his pose, the whip of his shaven tail sticking out of the back and his cock and sac exposed through the other.  The skunk merely folded back his ears, a muffled grown escaping his gag as Gibson pressed the button on a nearby pedestal, continuing on without even glancing back.  The milking tube on the skunks cock went to work, forcing another orgasm from the victim.  Sam found himelf nervously envious of the skunks plight somehow but tried to look at the welds on the cage instead, he had built it after all.  

A cough from Gibson got his attention back and he hurried to catch up, ignoring his now presented cock.  Catching up with the horse, his breath caught.  “Welcome to Port Breaking Horizon.” In front of them, reaching to t he horizon was an ocean of rust red water.  Leading out of it onto the land was an enormouse runway, 200 meters wide and at least 5 kilmoeters long, made of iron.  “Ah, there she is” gibson says, pointing out at t he water, “The Phobos, biggest ship in the fleet.”

In the distance, Sam could just make out what looked like a two story building on the water.  He glanced up at gibson, hoping for more information, then back at the four story, wait make that 6 story structure.  No sooner could he read the ships name on its bow than the hover-ship was past them, the displaced air and sizzling from the runway the only noise as the magnetic drive decelerated hard, the massive structure dissapearing down the runway, using the 5 kilometers of ehavy iron magnetics to bleed off its massive inertia.  Shouting and grinning like a 20 year old, “Iron saturated ocean.  Our ships kept sinking due to the deposits that built up on their hulls until someone said ‘fuck it, maglev’.  That monster can hit 300 kph at full clip.  Beats the hell out of sailing!”  

“Now, come on, we’re catching a ride on this one for the week.” he says, walking toward another runway with a very similar ship with ‘Diemos’ emblazoned on its bow.  

Sam followed obediently, “Uhh don’t we need to get ready before going on a trip?”  

Gibson just broke out laughing, “What are  you going to do? Pack?”

9/25/2014 5:23:13 PM
Someone gave me one of these a while back and I figured 'why not'.

BDSM Checklist

if For each item, you need to provide two answers:
 (a 2 for me is something i'd absolutely love to hate being forced into on very very rare occasions)
1. Experience

Have you had real time experience with the activity?  
Oh yes.  Far less than I'd like of course, that's why i'm filling this out.

Indicate YES or NO next to each item. Write N/A if it does not apply to your gender.

2. Willingness
Are you willing/open to try an activity?

For each item, indicate the degree to which you are willing to try that particular activity by rating it on a scale of NO or 0-5 (see rating scale below).

If you write "no", it means you will not do that item under any circumstance (a hard limit). There is nothing wrong with indicating 'no' on an item. However, if you write 'no' next to every item, you should probably find another interest to pursue.... like knitting or basket weaving. *grin*

If you do not understand what an activity is, mark that item with a "?".

Mark with an asterisk (*) those items which you are willing to do only with your current sex partner(s), but not with casual play partners

Rating Scale

0  Utterly no desire to do that activity and don’t like doing it (in fact, may loath it) and ordinarily would object to doing it, but you would permit the Dominant to do it if they really wanted it (sometimes called a soft limit)

1  Don’t want to do or like to do this activity, but wouldn’t object it if was asked of you

2  Willing to do this activity, but it has no special appeal for you (I do..strangely enjoy

3  Usually like doing this activity, at least on an irregular/occasional basis

4  You like doing this activity and would like to experience it on a regular basis

5  Is a wild turn-on for you and you would like it as often as possible

Note any additional information or nuances which might be important for your Dom to know in the comments section.

There is intentionally some overlap between categories. Unless otherwise stated, the sub is the recipient/target of the activity

Respond YES/NO

Rate according to scale described above
Abrasion       ?
Age Play       3 (i'm the young one though)
Anal Sex       3
Anal Plugs (small) 4      
Anal Plugs (large)   4    
Anal Plug (public under clothes)       (What clothes?!) 4
Animal Roles       4
Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders)  5
Asphyxiation       0
Auctioned for charity 0      
Ball Stretching       4
Bathroom use control 4       
Beastiality       3
Beating (soft)  0     
Beating (hard)   0    
Blindfolding       2
Being Serviced (sexual)       4
Being bitten       5
Breast/chest bondage       3
Breath control       1
Boot Worship       0
Bondage (light)       5
Bondage (heavy)       5
Bondage (multi-day)       5
Bondage (public under clothing)     (what clothing?) 5  
Breast whipping       2
Brown showers (scat)       0
Cages (locked inside)       4
Caning       0
Castration fantasy    0   
Catheterization   2    
Cattle prod (electrical toy)     1  
Cells/Closets (locked inside of)      2
Chains       5
Chamber pot use       (whatev)
Chastity belts       4
Chauffeuring       4
Choking       0
Chores (domestic service)    2   
Clothespins       2
Cock rings/straps       4
Cock worship       4
Collars (worn in private)     5  
Collars (worn in public)       5
Competitions (with other subs)   3    
Corsets (wearing casually)       0
Corsets (trained waist reduction)    0   
Cuffs (leather)       5
Cuffs (metal)       5
Cutting       0
Diapers (wearing)       0
Diapers (wetting)       0
Diapers (soiling)       0
Dilation       1
Dildos       5
Double Penetration       4
Electricity       ?unknown?
Enemas (for cleansing)       5
Enemas ( retention/punishment)     55  
Enforced chastity       
Erotic Dance (for audience)       2
Examinations (physical)       2
Exercise (forced/required)       1
Exhibitionism (friends)       (Doesn't matter, they're my friends, they know)
Exhibitionism (strangers)       2 (scares me but that's why i want someone to blame)
Eye contact restrictions       0
Face Slapping       0
Fantasy Abandonment       2
Fantasy rape       2
Fantasy gang rape        2
Fear (being scared)       1
Fisting (anal)       1
Fisting (vaginal)    0   
Flame play       0
Following orders       4
Foot worship       1
Forced bedwetting       4
forced dressing       3
Forced eating    3   
Forced homosexuality       can't force this
Forced heterosexuality       2
Forced masturbation       4
Forced nudity (private)       5
Forced nudity (around others)       5
Forced Servitude       5
Forced smoking       4
Full head hoods       2
Gags (cloth)       2
Gags (inflatable)       1
Gags (phallic)       4
Gags (rubber)       4
Gags (tape)       1
Gas masks       0
Gates of Hell (male)       3
Genital sex       4
Given away to another Dom (temp)       0
Given away to another Dom (perm)       0
Golden Showers (giving) 2
Golden Showers (receiving)      5
Gun play       0
Hair brush spankings       1
Hair pulling       1
Hand Jobs (giving)       4
Hand Jobs (receiving)    5   
Harems (serving w/other subs)       3
Harnessing (leather)       4
Harnessing (rope)       4
Having food chosen for you       4
Having clothing chosen for you       5
Head (give fellatio/cunnilingus)       5
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus)       2
High Heel Wearing       0
High Heel Worship       0
Homage with tongue (non-sexual)       2
Hoods       1
Hot oils (on genitals)       2
Hot waxing       2
Housework (doing)       2
Human puppy dog       2
Humiliation (private)       4
Humiliation (public)       4
Hypnotism       ?
Ice cubes       3
Immobilization       5
Infantilism       0
Initiation rites       3
Injections       2
Intricate (Japanese) rope bondage       3
Interrogations       0
Kidnapping       3
Kneeling       2
Knife play       0
Leather Clothing       do restraints count?  
Leather restraints       5
Lectures for misbehavior       2
Licking (non-sexual)       (I have never licked anyone nonsexually....ear nibbling is how i kiss)
Lingerie (wearing)       0
Manacles and Irons       3
Manicures (giving)       0
Massage (giving)       2
Massage (receiving)    3   
Medical scenes       1
Modeling for erotic photos (eep who brought a camera? *yanks on cuffs*
Mouth bits       3
Mummification   3    
Name change (for scene)       0
Nipple clamps       1
Nipple rings (piercing)       1
Nipple weights       1
Oral/anal play (giving)      0
Oral/anal play (receiving) 0
Over the knee spanking       1
Orgasm denial       5
Orgasm control       5
Outdoor scenes       5
Pain (severe)       2
Pain (mild)       3
Personal training (in scene)       1
Personal modification (rl)       2(this is very much LTR only)
Phone sex (serving Dom)       0
Phone sex (serving Dom’s friends)       0
Phone sex (commercial provider)       0
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce)       0
Piercing (permanent)       2
Plastic surgery       0
Prison scenes       0
Prostitution (public pretense)       0
Prostitution (actual)       0
Pony slave       2
Public exposure       5
Punishment scene       3
Pussy/cock whipping     1  
Pussy worship       0
Riding crops       2
Riding the "horse" (crotch tort)       3
Rituals     3
Religious scenes       1
Restrictive rules on behavior       3
Rubber/latex clothing       1
Rope body harness       3
Saran wrap       3
Scarification       1
Scratching - getting       5
Scratching - giving       5
Sensory deprivation      3
Serving       5
Serving as art       5
Serving as ashtray       2
Serving as furniture       2
Serving as a maid       0
Serving as a toilet (urine)       5
Serving as a toilet (feces)       0
Serving as waitress/waiter       4
Serving orally (sexual)       5
Serving other Doms (supervised)       5
Serving other Doms (unsupervised)      2
Sexual deprivation (short term)       4
Sexual deprivation (long term)       4
Shaving (body hair)       (loins) 5
Shaving (head hair)       0
Skinny dipping       4
Sleep deprivation    3   
Sleep sacks       ?
Slutty clothing (private)       Clothes!?!
Slutty clothing (public)       Clothes?
Spandex clothing       ...clothes?
Spanking       1
Speech restrictions (when/what)       2
Speculums (anal)       ?
Speculums (vaginal)    n/a   
Spitting       0
Spreader bars       5
Standing in corner       2
Stocks       4
Straight jackets       1
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on)       4
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by)       5
Strap-on-dildos (wearing)       3
Strapping (full body beating)    3   
Suspension (upright)       2
Suspension (inverted)      2
Supplying new partners for Dom       0
Swallowing feces       0 (
Swallowing semen       5
Swallowing urine       5
Swapping (with one other couple)       2
Swinging (multiple couples)       2
Tampon training (in ass)       ? 4
Tattooing       5
Teasing       5
TENS unit (electrical toy)       3
Thumb cuffs (metal)       1
Tickling       0
Triple Penetration       n/a
Urethral Sounds (metal rods)       finding out this week...2
Uniforms       0
Including others       4
Vaginal dildo       n/a
Verbal humiliation       3
Vibrator on genitals       5
Violet wand (electrical toy) 5       
Voyeurism (watching others)       5
Voyeurism (your Dom w/others)       2
Video (watching others)       3
Video (recordings of you)      4
Water torture       (maybe?)
Waxing (hair removal)       2
Wearing symbolic jewelry   5    
Weight gain (forced)       3
Weight loss (forced)       4
Whipping       0
Wooden paddles       0
Wrestling       0

9/25/2014 11:11:46 AM
Soooo, thought i'd sling this out there, very loosely based on a real event..

A slave's heavy experience.

After an uneventful but long plane and taxi ride, an overweight man looking to be roughly 30 years old knocks on the door of the small house, his heart pounding from a mixture of exhaustion and nervousness.  He's greeting by an older bear type gentleman at the door and let inside.  "Strip" he's ordered, which he does, almost having to peal the clothes off of himself.  He's allowed to use the bathroom while his toys are sorted through.  A few minutes later after a quick hot shower he walks into the bedroom, finding the couple looking over a few unique dildo's that had been brought. 

"Come here, turn around." the bear orders, the still damp nude male does as ordered, feeling cool leather wrap around his upper arms securely, tiny padlocks securing them in place, there's a jingling as a connecting strap is threaded through a set of rings, and he feels his arms being pulled back slightly, he grunts but stays quiet, his lower arms are brought up, crossing palm to elbow, the muff of the binder wrapped around them securely.  He doesn't resist, or tries not to, his arms needing a little extra help to get into position.  The straps in securely, a series of clicks echo in his ears like hammers against steel as 4 additional padlocks secure it in place.  He squirms, struggling against the binding, a new experience for him.  His cock is dripping with precum just from the ritual alone.     Doing his best to keep his balance he turns around to face the bed, two sets of hands descend on his cleanly shaven balls, the smaller of the two masters circling his fingers around the base and pulling down on them, the warmth of his palm helping the sac to relax.  Clothesline is then wrapped around them firmly, not too tightly, three wraps, there's plenty cord left.  the fingers stretching his sac begin working to get the string as close against his body as possible, the next wrap going under the second loop and down, between the mans individual testes, drawing back up the other side firmly, bisecting the sensitive bag, hooping under the prior loops around the base, the remaining cord is wound, layed down carefully to stretch the sac slightly each time until they were securely trapped, the finally loop going around the base of his dripping cock.  He can only whimper and watch as he sinks into the first part of the nights events.

He's gagged securely and ordered onto the bed on his belly, rubber cuffs are put on his ankles, locked tightly together with a heavy duty padlock, his balls starting to ache as he lays on them, he can feel the wetness of his precum soaking into the bedsheet beneath him.  A blindfold follows shortly.  There's a coolness against his butt, the small leather paddle of a riding crop rubbing over his bared ass, he squirms, pulling at his restraints helplessly.  To his horror the next thing he hears are footsteps and a closing door, followed by the sound of an engine starting.


A couple hours go by, somehow in his exhaustion he's managed to fall asleep when the door opens again, jarring him awake, he mmphs softly and squirms, his arms aching along with his balls.  There's idle chatter then suddenly the sound of air being cut, the crop landing on his bare ass, making him jerk against his bonds, the gag muffling his startled cry.  Over and over, peppering his ass and with stinging marks, a few cruel ones to his thighs, he's crying, drooling around the gag, the blindfold soaking wet. A standard butt plug is lubricated and inserted into his underused ass, eliciting a pained moan from him.  His blindfold and gag are removed.  He looks up at the pair of doms, both of whom are nude.  They combine effort and roll him onto his back, his still bound balls and cock coming into their view.  His balls recieve a comforting stroke, the binding increasing their sensitivity, causing him to moan in pleasure.  Another teasing caress from the smaller of the couple, the daddy bear straddling the slaves head, presenting his semi-hard cock to his lips, he begin sucking on the tip, the bear reached down and strole his cock away, presenting instead his heavy balls for the slaves expert tongue.  After some minutes of this the cock is re-introduced to the slaves lips, pushed in, his mouth fucked while he concentrated on using his tongue to caress the driving cock, soon getting his reward, his own cock twitching in excitement as the bears thick cum filled his mouth, he swallowed, the stroking never stopping on his balls, making him pant in needy arousal, the two bears change places, though the satisfied one just leans back to watch, propping his foot up on the slaves leg, against his balls.  The routine is repeated, the second bear taking their pleasure from the slaves trained mouth.  he rolls off and snuggles up with his partner, leaving the slave to lie there panting heavilly, his body quivering and his cock glistening with precum. 

The slave says quietly, pleadingly, "P..please... let me cum".  His request is answered by the large one, moving to stroke just two fingers delicately over the slaves throbbing dick, teasingly, closer and closer to climax.  The slaves body tenses up, his arms making the leather creak, his bound balls swollen, when the teasing fingers leave his cock mere seconds after they started, "No."  his balls and cock are slowly untied, the sac limp and hanging low from the stretching, resting against the slaves thighs, his master going back to the suitcase and returning with a chastity belt, which he carefully locks in place, forcing the slaves cock into the tube, another hammerlike click as it's locked on.  His ankles are finally released.  "I could use a smoke..  could you?" 

The slave whimpers as the belt is secured in place, his low hanging sac allowing for a smaller ring to be used.  He stands and follows the pair to the garage, walking carefully to the garage, no way to catch himself if he falls, extra swish in his step from the buried plug.  He's given a lit cig which he smokes needfully, having to be creative to ash it.  He feels the warm air wafting into the garage through the back door, open to the private yard, and looks at where he'll soon be, the four fence posts have been driven into place and chains attached already, on the grill next to them rests saran wrap, duct tape and a tube of bengay.  His restrained cock twitches nervously in its cage.  His train of thought is broken by the words "Outside boy, on your knees."  he puts his cig into the ash tray and does as ordered, kneeling in the grass just out the back door.  The smaller bear's cock is pressed to his lips, his head grasped and pulled in, "IF any gets on you, your stay out here starts now rather than later."  With that a hot stream starts flowing into his mouth which he thirstily swallows, paying no attention to the taste, sweating from the heat of the sun beating down on him.  As he swallows the last of it the daddy bear comes over, repeating the process.  A testament to his dedication as a pet he doesn't loose a drop.  "Ohh very good slave, you deserve a little reward while we wait for sunset." 

They walk back inside and the bear points to a small cushion on the floor, in front of the couch, "Have a seat slave."  he does as ordered, finding himself behind the coffee table, half sitting beneath it.  The smaller bear taking a seat to his right.  The daddy appearing with a large glass that smells strongly of whiskey.  "Drink up slave".  The slave leans forward and takes the straw in his mouth, drinking the potent brew, the bear knowing his high tolerance for alcohol.  He downs the drink gradually, enjoying the random petting he receives, growing aware of his need to pee and sinking into a mildly buzzed arousal.  An hour or better goes by but he doesn't notice that the sun has set.  The two bears intent on the television.  The slave squirms, rrfing softly, pinned into his position, "I.. need to pee master".  he says softly.  That phrase seems to wake up both doms.  "Oh, sundown already. Very well slave.  Go back outside and wait."

The two bears get up and head toward the bedroom while the bound slave twists and turns to stand up and make his way back outside, standing making him realize just how badly he needs to go.  Squirming as he waits, the warm humid air wafting over him everywhere but his restrained dick.  He doesn't have long to wait as both bears appear.  the cub going over his arm binder with a set of keys, figuring out which key works which lock, one by one removing them and unbinding the slaves lower arms.  He slips rubber wrist cuffs in place, reussing the padlocks to secure them before freeing the slaves upper arms as well and mercifully, removing the embedded buttplug.   The larger of the two comes over with a gag and promptly straps it in place.  "Lie down, spread out, or this" the bear tugs on his chastity cage, "Never comes off."

The slave does as ordered, spreading himself out to point his arms and legs at the posts, the cub locking his wrists to the chains while the bear took his ankles, pushing his legs further apart first before locking them, making the slave feel just a little tension from the strain, his chastised balls not touching either thigh.  Additional chains run from wrist to ankle and ankle to ankle, each being unlocked briefly to add the additional level of restraint.  The slave can barely see in the dim moonlight without his glasses, he feels the cage being removed from his cock, groaning into the gag as his trapped cock can finally rise in freedom, still fighting back his need to piss.  "This will sting a bit, you better not loose control." the bear says, moments later an alcohol pad is being rubbed over his piss-hard cock, cleaning it of the dried and fresh precum, his entire groin is cleaned in such a manner, making him squirm with the sudden intense heat that quickly dissipates.  It's at this moment he realized the bears had forgone the rings on his cuffs and the much smaller and tighter D's, he can barely even squirm.  Somehow he manages to control his bladder, lying flat on his back helping.  He feels something being rolled onto the tip of his shaft, firm and sticky, a Texas catheter he realizes.  he closes his eyes and just waits, moments later a tube is slipped into his mouth alongside the gag, followed by a layer of saran wrap around his head followed duct tape,, just enough to hold the tube in place for now.  The bear stands up, admiring his handwork with the slave, there's several flashes as pictures are taken, "You may go now slave."

The camera is put down and both bears move in, the larger one standing and pointing his dick down at the slave's chest, the other waiting his turn.  The slave closes his eyes and finally relaxes his body, tensing up and relieving himself, gulping his own piss down as a warm stream hits his chest, moving up over his bare neck to his face, soaking him, taking his time, the bear moves his stream along the slaves arms, over his hands, the last few drops  being shaken off onto the slaves nose.  Stepping away the cub stands astride the helpless slave's body and covers him in his aromatic piss, the slave twitching when the stream pours over the exposed half of his cock and his needy balls.  The cub kneels down above the slaves head and adds more saran wrap, covering his entire head, pealing open a hole for his nose and then covering the saran wrap thoroughly in duct tape, over and under and behind, blinding the slave, deadening his hearing and pulling his mouth against the gag, rendering preventing any chance of spitting it out.  Several camera flashes later the two return into the house, leaving the slave to anticipate what's to come next, quivering in the night air and rubbing his tongue over the tube in his mouth, his shuddering breath teasing the tip of his cock.  His bladder quickly reloading. 

No concept of time, blind, the slave lays there, feeling the need to pee growing again, the night breeze wafting over his exposed nude form, he squirms, his absolute helplessness sinking in.  His cock throbs, twitching as he looses himself to his bondage, sighing through his nose he pees again, drinking it, shuddering at the taste, knowing it won't be the last time.  he pulls at his restraints, finding little give, finally giving up and just relaxing, his back itching due to the sharp, freshly cut grass he’s restrained on.

Time goes by, he doesn't know how long, he didn't even hear the back door open, but the sound of duct tape being torn off the spool and someone's hands grasping his dick and balls together, drawing them up, a layer of tape going down along his thigh, more tearing, more strips of tape, his cock and balls isolated completely from his body, they're released, his balls being stroked as they rest against the smooth tape.  He moans into his gag, the pair of hands teasing him, his cock standing in response, throbbing hard.  A second hand goes to his cock, the catheter being removed from his cock, eliciting a gasp from the slave as his full cock is once again exposed to the air.  The hand begins stroking delicately, teasingly, slowly bringing him to the edge of climax.  The teasing continues for some minutes, switching between light teasing strokes and tapping the base of his glans, to the slave it feels like an eternity.  The hand on his cock vanishes causing the slave to whine softly, panting through his nose, he hears a sigh, followed by a warmth spreading over his chest and belly, the fingers on his balls vanish as well, moments later warm piss begins flowing into his mouth through the tube as the cub relieves himself into the used catheter.

"Does slave want me to keep stroking him?" The bear asks.  The quivering slave nods his head, then whimpers, knowing what the bear really means.  "Ok then, a few more strokes then it's time for bed.  Seems you're already tucked in.".  Just one pair of hands returns to the slaves groin, the slave jerking hard against the restraints the moment the hand touches him, teasingly, gently caressing, bringing him to the edge and keeping him there, slowly he relaxes again, enjoying the teasing, aching to cum.  He moans in pleasure softly as the bear teases him, calming him down, the hand slowing to a stop, the slave drunk on endorphins, his cock drooling.  The hand leaves his cock momentarily, returning with a fair amount of bengay which is carefully spread onto his isolated balls first, massaging it in for a few moments before more is applied to his dripping cock.  The response in the slave takes only a few moments as he begins struggling against the bindings, breathing harder, deeper, the pain building slowly, a second coating going on speeds up the process, the slaves muffled cries the only sound as the bear says "Goodnight" and steps back, enjoying the show.  The slave's head thrashes back and forth, his cock an angry red, throbbing hard, growing slightly larger as the bengay's medicinal action takes effect, his already large balls swelling as well.  He tries to scream as he looses control of his bladder, his overly strong piss spraying from his erect cock, raining back down on him.  The bears continue to watch for some time, the slave's actions growing weaker, his body shining with sweat and piss as they finally return into the house, taking the ever present video camera in with them.

Time passes slowly for the slave, helplessly bound, exposed to the night air, the burning gradually dying down, being replaced by a tingling itch that spreads over his balls, his dick going numb, kept erect by the overstimulated nerves.  The night draws on and the slave eventually passes out into a light sleep, his senses numbed, exhausted from his ongoing ordeal.  He wakes up to the sound of the back door opening, birds are starting to chirp so he know's it's morning, just not how early.  He let's out a quiet sigh, almost upset that his torment is over, the night before fusing into his memory.  He feels warm piss covering him again, his cock stiring again from the erotic act.  The slave feels the now familiar teasing hand of the bear stroking him, petting his cock and balls, eliciting soft moans from the hooded slave.  He begins crying at another familiar sensation, a fresh coating of bengay going on before the bear goes back to bed, leaving him to squirm anew, his cock dripping pre again.

Several hours pass, this time he doesn't get back to sleep, the brief fitful nap his only rest.  The back door opens again, the tape is ripped off of his groin.  Both bears take turns marking him this time, the slave thankful for it, the stream and contact finally silencing the nerves in his balls, rinsing the crusted precum off of his cock.  The stroking returns, this time with intent and a heavy dose of lube, he's brought quickly to the edge of his elusive climax.  Moans escaping from the improvised hood, his body jerking.  The bear's fingers moving to their delicate teasing routine again, the cub's fingers teasing over the slave's swollen balls.  Finally the bear wraps his hand around the slaves cock and strokes firmly, rapidly, milking the slave's dick.  The slave screams with the force of his climax, his seed jetting out, landing on his belly.  THe bear continues stroking, milking every drop of cum from the slave's aching balls, and then some, continuing as long as the slave continues to jerk and squirm, overstimulating him, to the bears surprise a secondary load of cum errupts from the slaves cock, much smaller than the first.  Milking just a few minutes longer the bear finally stops and removes the slaves hood and gag before going back in the house, the cub following, leaving the slave to recover and soak in his afterglow, and to dry off before he's released, for now...

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