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Ok Kids lets get serious is there a sub who can handle all I need ?

I am a Domme who has found her submissive man I adore my bratty slutty he tests my patience every moment of our lives together. He has been collared almost 4 years We Live a 24/7 life together and own a old farm house with some beautiful woods and a garden that is quite substantial (alot of work)
I am looking to add two submissives for various reasons. A female for my own sadistic pleasures whom will also tend to house hold needs.
Also a Male whom considers himself a painslut and can fullfill any work about the house.

Her Darkest of wishes is to find that One soul
Who can handle All she is
One who will know By her body movements
Her eyes , her very breath her needs
One who desires all the darkness that is within her soul
and thrives to ignite it further
To create a balance
Of Love, Passion , Hunger
For Today I am starving
For All I have never seen in One Man
The Need to Honor, respect, and trust
In One soul so completely
That they would hand freely thier very life
To Know that they are safe
and Cherished Beyond all others
Yes, I am not a typical woman By any means
And Yes,
I Covet that which I desire in this life
He is a gift and why
I will Not settle for less then All I desire

Her Name will Matter to One
You May Call Her Wicked
Perhaps Ma'am someday Mistress
Im in the Mideast
But For Now .
In a world of her own making
Proud, Strong, confident.
She Is Domme
Unlike so many others!
Feeding both the soft sensual side
As well as Savage pleasures.
The Yin and Yang of D's as in all things in Life.
There is a place for him at her feet
and of course her life
I seek My Heart
Her tastes are of the dark side
A Flood of Lust, Need, Hunger
Insatiable In most matters of Life
what do you choose to find release with?
My ropes binding you
My Leather kissing your flesh
The heat of my wax covering your skin
the chill of my blade as it caress's your thigh
Do You shudder with anticipation of All the sadistic things I will do with that Body?
Have you the strength to take, All I have to offer?
Can You Fathom the depths of the depravity I will inflict Upon that Body I will claim as mine
Courage Lil One
The Pain becomes pleasure,
Cry Nay Scream For Your Mistress
She Waits...

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5/22/2004 11:29:36 PM

had a wonderful time at the afl
so many lovely souls in the area

4/7/2004 9:48:44 PM

Looking forward to the AFL   I hope to meet some of you there


1/16/2004 9:54:54 AM

The Search seems endless  at times,  Meeting some very nice people   attending  some local munches  seems to be  a really good idea.  A few gatherings have made some lovely friends,  But there is a place in this  life for someone

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