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Will you free yourself? Will you feel yourself struggling against the ropes binding your wrists and ankles? Will you strain against the ropes wound around your arms and your thighs? Will you dream of freeing yourself?

Will you find peace of mind when your body is constrained by my rope? Will you feel yourself bound with physical and emotional ropes? Will you feel the heat of a spanking, the thud of a flogger, the slash of a cane, or the fiery sting of a whip, turning your body and mind into liquid fire? Will you be purified in the fire of our relationship? Will you hear my voice calming you? Will you free yourself of your inner bonds?

We will explore your fantasies, those sensual fantasies and those fantasies of darkness and shadows lit by a red candle. I will enrich your desire to serve. You will hear my voice guiding you into our shared journey.

I am compassionate and communicative, sensing your unspoken needs and desires. If you can learn to crawl, I can teach you to fly.

I find rope bondage beautiful and fascinating. There is deep communication as my fingers caress your skin as I weave the rope around your body. There is the challenge to beautifully immobilize your body with rope and the satisfaction of finding myself caught in the rope web I have made for you, finding we are bound together through rope. Looking into your eyes, as my hands weave the rope around you, seeing how you respond to the feel of my ropes against your body, feeling my body swaying as I weave rope around you, this mundane world falls away from me.

Rope, applied with the desired speed, tension, force, and the right mindset, can convey tenderness, domination, control, pain, vulnerability, humiliation, and passion. The rope is my bridge, my path, and my door to my other space-time. This other space-time I would share with you. Will you share this with me will you share my dark side, my space-time of shadow and darkness with me?

A whip is a sky bridge. A whip is the lightning between cloud and earth. The mark of the whip on your body is the manifestation of my spirit caressing you. The crack of the whip is the sound of my spirit calling out to you. Will you answer my call?

A Ds relationship is a power exchange relationship involving one person having power over another persons physical, psychological, and emotional state.

An Ms relationship is a structured power exchange relationship involving one person having authority over another persons physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual state.

You do not come into this relationship to give up responsibility and to relieve yourself of decision making. You have responsibility in service to me. You have responsibility in service to our relationship. Every day you are to make decisions in service to me and in service to our relationship. Are you strong enough to take on responsibility and to make decisions as a submissiveslave in our relationship?

Our relationship is neither all about me nor is our relationship all about you. Our relationship is about me and our relationship is about you. Our relationship is our center it is the reason and the purpose we have chosen to come together. We are in this relationship for each other. The core of our contract, our covenant, is mutual nurturance and being there for each other. We come together to have a healthy, generative, and joyful power exchange relationship. We come together because we find we are complementary opposites together we are stronger than apart. I do not believe a relationship is easy is the relationship worth the work, is the relationship worth the effort, is the relationship empowering, is the totality of the relationship joyful?

Our relationship works because there is commitment, compassion, and communication we make a commitment to sustain each other and to sustain our relationship we strive to have compassion for each other we learn to hear, to speak, and to trust each other to have open and fair communication. Our relationship fulfills our basic needs of support, warmth, and connection. Our relationship is a covenant of mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual protection, and mutual nurturance. Our contract is based on our covenant to each other. Our household principles are based on trust and commitment.

I want to speak my truth with you. I want to feed my hunger with you. I want to hear you speak your truth with me. I want to feed your hunger with me.

I want you feeling gratitude I want you in my life. I want feeling gratitude you are in my life.

You are my executive assistant, my able adviser, and my good counselor. As my executive assistant you understand my unspoken needs and my character, taking on delegated responsibilities to help me and our household become more productive. As my able adviser you are obliged to speak up to help me to live up to my ideals as a person, as your Dominant and as your Master. As my good counselor you are obliged to offer me your intelligence, your experience, your wisdom, and your advice in helping me to govern and guide our relationship and to help me in guiding and in supporting you to attain your goals.

You are my good companion through this world. As my good companion you enhance my life. You keep yourself close to me, bringing joy and pleasure into my life. You are my good companion whether we go to the movies, attend an opera, attend a local BDSM event, or at home. As my good companion we share the pleasant and unpleasant experiences of life together.

You are my good girl. As my good girl, you please me with your laughter and your intelligence. I will endeavor to offer you a place where you feel safe, protected, and cared for, a place you can trust to be safe to be open and known by me. As my good girl, you will find me supportive of your hopes, your dreams, and your goals, supporting you in all aspects of your life and in our life. As my good girl, I will always have your back, turning towards you, working with you to build our world.

I expect open honest communication on a daily basis. Even if I could read your mind, I prefer you having the courage to open and share your feelings and thoughts with me. I expect you to actively listen and seek to know my thoughts and feelings. I will also actively listen to you to understand you. I expect consistency from you as you expect consistency from me.

I want a long-term relationship with the right person. I am who I am 247. I expect our relationship to be 247 whether we are in a vanilla public context, in relaxed protocol, or in an Ms context where we are in high protocol. Our relationship is always the core, the center, around which we revolve and find sustenance.

High protocol is al. Strict attention is paid to s of address and behavior. The slave has avid attention and focus on the Master. The Ms dynamic is severely manifested. This would be at a lifestyle event, when appropriate when al socializing with other people in the lifestyle, or when called upon in private.

Relaxed protocol encompasses low and medium protocols. In low protocol, s of address and behavior are similar to common social s but with an awareness of the Ms dynamic address and behavior to comport with family, friends, people not aware of or involved with the lifestyle, without putting aside or forgetting the essence of the Ms dynamic when interacting with each other. Medium protocol has the Ms dynamic manifested, but not at the intensity of high protocol. Medium protocol would be in play when easy socializing with other people in the lifestyle, or when called on in private.

I punish, not to express anger of your past behavior, but to express my desire for your future obedience. Punishment is the physical manifestation of my desire for us each to learn to care for the other.

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