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Hello Again!!! This little White nigglet monkey-whore has now found her niche in the wide, wid
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Age: 64, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 220 lbs.
Location: Glendale, Arizona
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Hello Again!!!
This little White nigglet monkey-whore has now found her niche in the wide, wide world of BDSM. A gift from its Superior Black Lord and Master responsible for awakening the dormant, servile monkey-whore and wannabe nigglet-slut persona. This cunt has discovered the duality of its existence. Duality marked by its vanilla life as a committed White bread wife and mother but also a fetching White nigglet monkey-whore sworn to the service of the Superior Black race. its Lord and Master has taught it that there is no shame in embracing the ying and yang of its existence in love and devotion but understanding that eventually its dark-side persona will someday consume it thoroughly and completely relegating it to an existence of total service and extreme slavery to the Black Superior Race!!!

Post : Very Important - Read and heed!!!

Stop sending this monkey-whore friend requests unless you are personally known and considered a friend to this monkey. However, if you are unknown to this monkey and persist on sending it friend requests this monkey-whore will understand you didn't read its request and will be forced to ignore you completely. Chat requests also be considered under the same guidelines.
Additionally, this monkey-cunt been accused of wasting people's time.... This cunt doesn't care about your time. This cunt is now here to learn how to be a better cunt-slave and obey and serve its Black Superior Lord and Master.

Journal Entries:
6/9/2016 2:33:26 AM


Author: luna

I could never love another,
As I do my Master today.
I could never hold one so close to my heart,
Than my Love, my God and my King.
He is my world, my everlasting;
My strength, my hope, my future.
Without him my life crumbles to dust.
This affirmation of my soul sings praises
To all that would listen, to all that could see,
That my love is all encompassing
The man who stands beside me.
He brings me low, kneeling at his feet
To kiss the ground he walks.
Then lifts me high, up into the sky
To rest where gods have stopped.
Now embraced with this grand joy
I whisper, nay, I shout on high
This man shall be my one, my only truth
To believe you have only to see
I kneel before him, my Lord,
My Sire, my Leige and Master
To be placed in that cherished realm
Of love and service.

6/7/2016 9:58:57 AM

This cunt is very much aware what it means to offer itself as a slave.

In general, it means to ignore it’s own feelings, it’s Owner must always be obeyed and followed.

Enslavement implies pain humiliation and even loss of identity.

It’s life is duty, honor, loyalty obedience and service.

5/31/2016 4:49:02 AM

Voice Training Regimen – Stage 2

This monkey’s Lord and Master continues to remind nigglet how important the seeds of Voice Etiquette are.  He understands them as the foundation of this cunt’s slavery to embrace the path of nothingness, to come to grips with the transformation this monkey must undergo.  In the exercise of voice etiquette this monkey realizes the need to surrender its humanity and accept its role in the Life as property, chattel, a thing and nothing more.  Of course being the Loving and Compassionate Lord and Master that he has not forsaken Love. 

Although true Love cannot be bestowed upon inanimate things such as money, furniture or cars.  However, He reserves his Love for the ownership of His animals whether they be dogs, cats, pigs, cows or monkeys.  This cunt’s Lord and Master started this cunt out as a dog but quickly changed its designation to a White nigguh monkey.  This cunt’s Lord prefers animals because not only can he bestow love upon His beasts of burden but he can also demand their unconditional love.  As a precursor to becoming his cunt-slave its Lord and Master levied a price on the privilege of serving him.  Not in money or things and possessions but this White nigguh monkey pledged itself to love it’s Lord and Master unconditionally as any domesticated house pet would.  By that this monkey is also charged with reaffirming and telling its Lord and Master daily the Love it has for it’s Lord and Master.  

That being said it’s Lord and Master believes that he creates the ideal M/s relationship.  He is able to Love this monkey while keeping the proper relationship distance and not encouraging friendship, or other vanilla intimate attachments.  This cunt’s Lord and Master now believes He can get on with the essence of this cunt’s training which demands that it’s Lord and Master break it down, crush and destroy who and what it was before to embrace it’s new self as Massa’s loyal, obedient and loving White nigguh monkey-bitch.  A bitch that has no concern for shame, modesty or feelings of embarrassment.  Just the desire to make its Lord and Master happy through it’s unconditional Love and Service.

This cunt’s Lord and Master understands that for this monkey it will be a process of conditioning it.  Massa believes that it is best to utilize methods similar in the experiments set out by Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was a Russian physiologist.

Classical conditioning (also known as Pavlovian or respondent conditioning) is a learning process in which an innate response to a potent stimulus comes to be elicited in response to a previously neutral stimulus; this is achieved by repeated pairings of the neutral stimulus with the potent stimulus. The basic facts about classical conditioning were discovered by Ivan Pavlov through his famous experiments with dogs. Together with operant conditioning, classical conditioning became the foundation of behaviorism, a school of psychology which was dominant in the mid-20th century and is still an important influence on the practice of psychological therapy and the study of animal behavior (ethology). Classical conditioning is now the best understood of the basic learning processes, and its neural ates are beginning to be understood.

This cunt’s Lord and Master will now focus on this monkey’s training by introducing certain tools to establish such a learning environment.  This monkey will be fitted with a shock collar and shock underwear.  In addition, this cunt’s Lord and Master will also brandish acattle prod to subject this monkey to positive reinforcement.  This cunt, hereafter, will be limited to her responses that identify it as less than human i.e., it can no longer refer to itself as I, me, her she or any other noun or pronoun that can identify it as a human being.  Instead it will be limited to identifying itself in language with this cunt, it and this monkey.  It can refer to itself by the name “nigglet”.  It cannot say this nigglet but must say, for instance, “my Lord, if it pleases my Lord may nigglet please take a piss???”  Any violations of these guidelines will be met with swift and violent shocks to elicit the correct responses.  Once shocked the monkey will apologize to it’s Lord and Master and ask for forgiveness for it’s incorrect language.

5/31/2016 2:05:05 AM

Rejoice!!!  This monkey is Lord Nefhalem Eroticus Saafir’s White nigguh slave. This cunt is His property. He can do as he wishes with this White jungle bitch. This cunt is an owned piece of White monkey-meat - it has no rights or privileges and exists solely to please Massa.

This White coon craves Massa’s spit, cum, and piss. it craves Him to slap and beat it. In turn this White Baboon bitch craves to lick Massa’s dirty asshole.

This White monkey bitch begs for Massa to use his White nigguh. it begs for Him to use it. This White monkey-cunt will do anything for Massa. It is His cum dump, it is His toilet, His whore and it is His White nigguh-cunt.  This monkey is lucky White whore!!!

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