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Mistress,...I am good with learning new things,i hope you are the Mistress to further my D/s l
Male Submissive, 40,  Nyc, New York

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Age: 38, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 150 lbs.
Location: Marengo, Illinois
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Age: 39, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 125 lbs.
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Age: 39, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 125 lbs.
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Age: 42, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)
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Age: 28, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 141 lbs.
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Age: 42, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm), Weight: 180 lbs.
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Age: 42, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 174 lbs.
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Age: 99, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 150 lbs.
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Age: 35, Height: 5ft 0in (152 cm)
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Age: 25, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)
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 Submissive Male


 New York

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 6"

 150 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Switch Women

Mistress,...I am good with learning new things,i hope you are the Mistress to further my D/s lifestyle, and who will squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of this body and life.
I believe, some people are leaders ...and some are followers ..and I think that is perfectly fine. ...The world wouldn't work out too well ....if everyone was a leader ..or everyone was a follower.........

I am seeking a relationship with a potential for more, with a Domme who will be both kind and  strict and firm..................

I want to explore myself and my partner, learning more about each other as we go.
Mistress, me ,.it is always... about my Mistress,.. her control,.. breaking me down ...and remaking me in her image..

Mistress, .................Submission to me is a lifestyle,’s a goal and its what gives my life a meaning..

I am hoping to find a happiness and completeness that I have not found in solely vanilla relationships.


Mistress,...I am a submissive, with a deep instinct to be compelled by the will, desire, and pleasure of another.

I am searching for a unique, real time dynamic with an assertive Mistress who will guide me in my quest to become more harmonious with my submissive tendencies and feed the masochist that is my core.
I have an appetite for passion, discipline, eroticism, and sweet surrender.
I insatiably crave to belong the one that I can intrigue with both my mind and body without hesitation or fear.

There's nothing I would deny the appropriate dominant that enraptures me into submission.

I believe myself to be genuine and can prove my validity in any manner necessary. I only ask that you be willing to show me mutual transparency in return.


I enjoy the art of sex.. more than the act of sex. ....I enjoy exploring.. the mental aspects of sex....

I learned BDSM lifestyle takes things to another level. We take a major step when entering into a D/s relationship. We exposing  something about ourselves that most wouldn’t be willing to expose to the mainstream world.
D/s, for me, is a gourmet of sensual adventure between two independent adults who have full lives outside of D/s.
I believe in strong communication with one other of desires,fantasies, Benefits to both parties are a must.

BDSM encompasses all of the dynamics that I'd desire in a relationship.
I've never felt more complete than when I was part of a D/s relationship.
I believe a true D/s relationship also needs to be able to include vanilla things while maintaing the balance of never losing that D/s aspect.
Mistresss, Me,..The majority of men here ..want to get off. ...and the majority of women ..want money.....and Neither way ..can you build any type of real relationship.

Mistress,......many online have only fantasies ...and really don't know what they are talking about. ....They are excited... and not thinking. ...They basically need to go thru BDSM preschool they then can face the reality.... vs their silly fantasies.

I believe that a D/s relationship, just like any other, is based on trust, mutual understanding and caring for one another.Therefore both parties must take the time to get to know oneanother, learn what needs/desires/wants exist, and find out whether or not compatibillity is possible.

I believe Submission starts in the mind not the body! Once that has been captured the rest will follow.I also i believe,submission has no beginning,it simply is.It is the natural order of creation.
I have met many people not willing to be honest with others, letalone themselves as to what they really desire in this lifestyle.

I believe  honesty is the best policy and foundation for any relationship.
my dream is to be owned by you.
because, i need your fair and firm hand ,
and to be displine by you without a doubt.

I know I am spoiled, sweet, and bad,
and I  will be a gentlman in public ,
and in bed always, your slut and whore.

I imagine,i was told to get on all 4's,
and raise my ass high,
on my back , where you ride,
I will feel your hand spanking my ass.
I  whimper and was told ,to shut up ,
as a good slave, i do as you say ,
no words will come out ,of my mouth.

i will worship your feet on the ground,,
i will never cross the line,

Maybe one day proudly,you will say to me,
" you are completely mine".


Mistress, my dream life to be subjected to your complete control and you  govern my every waking moment. You monitor me, Own me and i am willing to submit to your control completely .

Mistress, life will  make sense to me as i realize that i wake up each day with the purpose to serve you and make you happy. ,my life will revolve around you. ,you will be in control of me and my needs .

Mistress,...i promise, i will do everything you command of me because you Own me. Simple as that. You are a superior being to me. ,i will be nothing but your slave and servant and toy. ,i will remain loyal and obedient to you at all times.  i hope you will keep me on track with your daily control and custom routine and schedule that you arrange for me .

Mistress,...I hope you will make me feel so dominated and humiliated and enjoy myself submitting to You.  , i promse i will labor each day to make myself useful in your life and make myself worth owned by you.
Mistress,..this is all about You, and my service to you and nothing more. 
Mistress,..the only happiness i will know, is that which i find in my efforts of keeping You always happy.

Mistress, my dream is to serve you as my GODdess 24/7/365 ,,,,, my desire to serve you will be increasing day by day ,,,, I do thank you and kiss your feet for considering me that I will begin this Fulfilling journey ,,,,

I have had met several women who claimed they are Mistresses ,,,, many of them are fake ,,, many of them pretend to be Mistresses just for money ,,,,

when I first saw your profile ,,, I felt you are the real Mistress and real GODdess that I have been dreaming to serve since my childhood ,,,, you are real ,,,, you are the GODdess that will control my life ,,,, this is what the slave needs ,,,,

Mistress, when the GODdess is self confident and knows what she wants from her slave ,,, then can control his life ,,,, yes I need a woman that controls every detail in my life and let me accept that happily without any feeling of sadness or regret for being her slave ,,,,

Mistress, i believe not every woman can be a Mistress ,,,, it is not enough she feels she is superior to men ,,, no ,,, she has to be able to submit her slave and applies  on him her rules and let him happy with the new life the servitude life ,,,,

my GODdess , i promise, you will enjoy your potential Slave who is selfless Mature  ,,,,, I hope, your Powerful Character will lead me to your Heaven GODdess ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Mistress,...i am a great giver when i have the trust and the bond,..because I so much believes in the Multiplied returns..

Mistress,...I am loyal, honest, open-minded, giving, devoted, and many more things once you have me. ... ...

I recently discovered who I truly was.. and what type of person I belong with, crave for, and need. ...I long for direction and guidance from a woman/Mistress. ..Someone who makes me the best I can be (while also fulfilling her needs since that is what is most important).... While I have always been attracted to more dominant women.

I need a Mistress that is not afraid to tell me what She wants,... how, and when. ...I am there for her for the sole purpose to please her and make her life as easy and most enjoyable as possible.... Most vanilla women do not understand this.

I am looking for a woman that is intelligent which I feel that she is superior to me... without making me uncomfortable.

I am the type of male that will do my best to please my Domme ...because pleasing her is what pleases me the most.

I believe strongly in the power exchange between a woman and a man. I think a long lasting relationship can only be successful when each one knows their place ..and role in every aspect of the relationship.

I really enjoy a woman that takes control ..and is demanding... I don't want a Domme that is easy to please.
Mistress's dominance is something that I need to work for and earn....
I need a woman who is strong,. intelligent,. and honest......because without honesty, there is no chance for a successful relationship.
I live for pleasing the woman I am with ..and nothing makes me happier to know that I have made her happy.

I would be nothing less than perfect for my Domme... because that is what I strive for ..being with the woman I am with. ..Realistically nothing is ever perfect, but she will know that I am at least trying .
I do believe it is earned through trust just as I will earn my Domme dominance over me. . I only need a Mistress in my life and I will wait patiently for her.

my dream is a D/s relationship where me as a slave knows my place, will do as my owner says, as She wishs, as She desires, and cater to her every whim. ..i am willing to open my mind, body, and soul to her willingly. i would put my needs below hers, her needs and wants would become mine. i would live for her.

i am honest ...Good hearted ...I am looking for a fair and firm Mistress who is real.very determined and Strong minded. that i will serve and spoil and give her the best submission ever.

my life is exciting ...and has a lot of adventure it as well as excitement...

I have a lot to give the right Mistress . I need to take care of all her needs - emotional, intellectual, physically, mentally, and financially. ,she will be taken care of, protected, cared for, adored, cherished, and spoil. ,my dream is a strong BDSM relationship but ...It has to be in a context of a LTR which could possibly lead to living together at some point.
1--i adore feet worship (feet licking, feet kissing, toe sucking, high heels licking and sucking, shoe shining with my tongue, feet sniffing, feet/legs/thighs massaging –

2--i love being pushed by (both barefoot and with high heels – boots/shoes/sandals).

3--i love being stepped at with sharp high heels, maybe with extra sharp high heels sometimes, depending on how much i can handle it and endure the pain of it ...

4--The very idea of having a Dominant Female humiliate me is very erotic and turns me on .(calls me names.).

5--i love it when She takes full control of me to humiliate me in every way (verbal humiliation as well as practical humiliation, especially verbal) ...

6--i love being whipped, spanked, spitted at, tied, etc ... , mind control, being blindfolded, getting golden showers, face sitting & , inserting the WHOLE FOOT in my mouth.

Mistress, i learned that.. not only was D/s apart of me, ...but that it was the best part of me. .....It allowed me to become open more about my true feelings. It helped me step out of the boring vanilla life.

Mistress,i wish that ..You are the one who will mold me a way that is most pleasing to You. .... It is your choice as to how ..i will be used to please you.

Mistress, i am strong, confident in who I am, intelligent, charming, kind, compassionate, willing, happy, and a very kinky, erotic, sensual, open minded.

Mistress,.....i am good with learning new things,i am looking for a Mistress to further my D/s lifestyle, and who will squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of this body and life.

This subnission i offer is given with a pure heart,
The purest form devotion to start,
All i offer is my mind, body, soul and heart,

Without words, You call and i respond ,
Working hard each day so that we will never part

This boy would never make You down,
The day You accept me, my life will have begun.

Mistress,.. i have the soul of a subservient man, who respects and adores female supremacy.

i am truly the soul of submission. It is who i am, and i embrace it, and i always, always want to deepen it.

Mistress,...i believe that this is a journey, and my submission to my owner will always deepen. i can always give more, i can always learn more, i can always love my Dominant more. Everyday, i will want to give that much more.

Mistress,....i need the right Woman to submit to, to put me in my place. i want to be the person to inspire her, to help make her life easier, and to help give her pleasure,and spoil her in whatever way i can.

..اتمنى.تكووني متسلطه ...جباره
لازم اعيشك زي اميره..
بعدد االزواج..عذبيني وذليني.... وارجعي تاني لملميني وذليني تاني..
خليني اجن.من االالم....وارجعي  ارمينني  على الارض..
خلي روحي تحلق...وتتمنى رضاك ..
 سيطريي  عليا  بكل قوه....وانا  عاري..
اربطيني على كرسي.....واضربينيي  بالخيزرانه. وخلينيي  اجن وأتركيني  بعذابي..
وعد...مكاني دائما  سيكون تحت اقدامك ....
فجري ألامي ..وأضحكي على أهاتي .. واتركيني لاوجاعي....
سوف  ااشرب  بولك ... وساروي عطشي  من  بولك اللذيذ..
خلي كل نقطه في جسمي  ينفجر من العذاب ...
اقلعي سعادتك من عروقيي....اخرجيي  متعتك من اضلاعي  
لانو لعابك عسل...سوف ابلع ريقك عندما تبصقي في فمي..
حطيي كعبك على امام تمي ...وساامص الكعب والحسو.
 سااكون لك دائما خادم ذليل وضيع....
لكن يكفيني شرفا....انه حاكون زوجك ...وتحت تحت قدمك ساعيش...
معك ...مبتسما وسعيدا ساصحى..معتزا مفتخرا ساحيا..

سوف أنسي ..مافات وما سيكون...
صباحي لن يبدأ ..الا وكلي شوق لك..
أشبعي بتحكمك.. قناعاتي.....وسددي بهيمنتك .. كل رغباتي......
وعد...قلبي دائما.. سوف ينبض بأسمكك....ويصرخ.. من كثرة عذابك

اتمنى.. سيطرتك  .وجبروتك.?
اتمنى.. ادمن على.. هيمنتك ...?
اتمنى ...استحم وااشرب بولك ... ?
اتمنى.. جلدك لي بكرباجك...?
اتمنى.. احس بوجودي, تحت قدمك..?
اتمنى.. ان تكون لي ..لا لغيري.
 حاسس سيطرتك لي  سيكون أسطورة...
حاسس...سيطرتك ساحيا به..فهو الروح .فلا حياة لي بدونه ..
سيطرتك سيكون  كمرآة يعكس ما بداخلي...
خضوعي لك سيكون جذوره متأصلة بكياني..
اوعدك  خضوعي لك سيكون لا ينطلق عن الهوى ..
سيطرتكك اتمنىى يزلزل كياني ويفجر ثورة  خضوع بركاني...
: وعد كل مابصقتي عليا  سازداد التصاقا بك ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
ستدوسي على رأسي بقدمك ,,,,,, و سااكون كالوتد ,,,,,, ازداد تشبثا بك  ,,,,,
حاسس كلما جلدتيني.. ستصبح خطوط سوطك على جسدي ..علامات....... تربطني بك أكثر
.كزوج لك..اوعدك.سأتجاوز...كأنا ..الذكورية لدي.. و فخري الزائف بالرجولة, و سارضى...بحقيقتي كعبد وضيع لك..
حاسس حتذليني و تركيعني .. وستكسري كرامتي ..و ستحويليني إلى مجرد عاهرة رخيصة ..و أداة لتسليتك
 حاسسس...اذا تمردت  على اوامرك .... فلن اجد ..الا صوت  كرباجكك  على كل جسدي .. واجمل صورة سترسمها يداك من الضرب ..عندما...يصبح جلدي احمر اللون.....و يصبح وجهي.. سجادة تحت قدماك

, مولاتي ...بترجاكي املكي روحي ..وجسدي وعقلي وقلبي واحلامي..   بترجاكي مولاتي اقبليني و اعطيني شرف اكون خدامك مولاتي.....اجعلي لحياتي البائسة معنى .. مولاتي.........حلمي اعيش لذة الخضوع.. بين يديكي.. وانهيار رجولتي السخيفة ..امام عظمتك ...و ان  اتذوق طعم الذل ..تحت قدميك .. مولاتي....ساكون مسحوق الكرامة.. ممسوح الشرف.. خاضع ضعيف ذليل مهزوم .... انا خلقت لكون خادمك .. وانتي خلقتي لتكؤني مولاتي... مولاتي....أتمنى تفجري فيني فنون الذل ..والخضوع والاستسلام .... مولاتي...كوني اعظم امرأة ملكت رجل ... وحولته الى عبد مملوك..  مولاتي ...اجعلي من جسدي نبع الآلام ...ازرعي في  كل ذرة منه ذكرى لعذابك..   مولاتي....افكاري مستقبلي وحاضري خديهم ...افعلي فيهم ما تشائين... العبي بهم حطميهم... ابنيهم..


Most here are fakes/scammers have ruined this site...will not meet you! They will trick you.
Some are men, or African scammers. The rest are lazy women who won't get a job. They only want your money. NEVER plan to meet you. They're faking it!!!

what separates you from other slaves ..? What separates me my honesty and my submission with passion. being a real .. that believes in women superiority , my loyalty to her , .. I think every slave.... should be stripped of his clothes, identity ,name, dignity, worries,and also his past for his Goddess... to re-create him exactly in the way Mistress wants. ..

I will never betray or lie to her one day ,,,, I am a good trainee slave to be the best slave in the world that she will made shaped mentally and physically according to your specifications .

Mistress, some ask what sets me apart from all the other sub/slaves on this site. I do not have the perfect answer, but would like to mention my submissive nature. I enjoy submission with a passion.

Mistress,...i enjoy the art of sex.. more than the act of sex. ....I enjoy exploring.. the mental aspects of sex....

Mistress,..submission to me is a lifestyle,’s a goal and its what gives my life a meaning.

Mistress , to me......Submission is surrender built on a foundation of trust and communication. It's the erotica of the mind and body being  excited and controlled.

Mistress, more important to me with my ....the mental connection.... i feel Without such a strong mental connection ..that can grow deeper and deeper over time...then the relationship.. would be meaningless to me.

Mistress,....I believe, some people are leaders ...and some are followers ..and I think that is perfectly fine. ...The world wouldn't work out too well ....if everyone was a leader ..or everyone was a follower

Mistress, to me ..a Domme is someone to guide me, to shape me... into their ideal slave...  I feel like being sub is just something that fits with who I am ....and who I have always been. It has taken some times to become comfortable with this side of myself and to admit to what I need in a Mistress. Since fully embracing my submissive side I have become a much more content person.

Mistress, i think every slave.... should be stripped of his clothes, identity ,name, dignity, worries,and also his past for his Goddess... to re-create him exactly in the way Mistress wants.

Mistress, i know that I am a slave who takes prides in knowing my place my Mistress's property,.. and will be a slave for my Mistress in this life.../for me, D/s is a life truth, ..not a game,.. or something I think about once in a blue moon. ....It's about the power exchange,.. not a power struggle. ...It is my is my life.

Mistress, this slave creature understands it's beneath a perfect Goddess and it would be a great honor to submit and serve divine Mistress. my Mistress would be the center of my universe, always.,she could freely mold me to a thing of her liking.

Mistress,...i label myself submissive because I was not given very many choices here! ..I am   sweet, caring, nurturing, and always happy!

I do not like labels and lists, I hate stereotypes as well! I want a happy, strong relationship with a woman that will go to any height or depth to bring a smile to her face and pleasure !!

I believe we don't have to follow rules and stereotypes, in fact, i won't!! I am  a real person, just a little special to the lucky womanl!

How to sum it up..When I say I am a man I do mean a man!!! A respectable, strong, well  loving man..I am submissive, honest,loyal and caring.  . The person who I will will have me will be lucky to have me. ,because  she will be a a valuable to me.

Mistress,.if iam lucky and become yours,

I hope,you love to control and humiliate,

i will worship as you dominate,

Mistress and Goddess you will see,

you deserve it all so much more,

Now i fall down onto my knees,

Goddess,i am not time wasters,you musst ignore.

Journal Entries:
3/19/2018 2:07:05 PM
I love... ... With you as my Mistress... We can walk on the street as equals with the secret knowledge that as soon as we get home i will be cleaning your sweaty feet with my mouth... ... I love to be under your complete control while we are in our house. .... And Once we pass through the door, I can be a well rounded companion... ... I love to buy you the sexiest cloths and shoes I can find,..... sometimes you can makes me lie naked on the floor, and use the pretty shoes i bought for you to kick me by. .... And also If I do not please you, i will spend time on the corner. ... i love to rub lotion into your skin to keep it soft and supple. ,... and dress and undress you as you see fit. .. and If i do not perform these tasks as you see fit, you would slap, kick, or sometimes whip me to teach me of my mistake. ... I love to help groom you .. Washing your hair and skin in the shower. making sure there is no hair where you do not want it. .. Also having your some food spit it into my mouth after partly chewing it.   .....   Of course i must be very grateful of your saliva on my food and helping me digest it.............. and...   digest the food you give me with your saliva before swallow it. ... I love rubbing and massaging your feet, Worshiping them with my lips.   ....   I also love your underarm aroma of course without deodorant... ... i would love allow me to please you every night by giving you massages as you would relax and getting ready to sleep... ... Some nights... on the floor on the rug with a small blanket , i will sleep. ... Sometimes during the night and you would wake up and require my attentions again, or to use the bathroom.   ... You would either toss a shoe at me or if you were up you would just kicked me as you walked by telling me to get up. ... I love.....   when you are done brushing your teeth, .. You will spit onto my toothbrush ,to brush my teeth with... ... Also..spitting into my mouth or on my toothbrush before using it. ... You will spit to my food of course discreetly before i eat it.   ....   You will have yourself ..feed me.. table scraps underneath the table., Either dropping them on the floor or eat out of your hand.

3/9/2018 2:58:15 AM
To me....Vanilla is fun but I find myself unable to really connect with someone unless we share D/s. I didn't think I had to state this but be wholly and unequivocally unattached! ... ... I don't believe geography should be a barrier but I am not interested in pursuing anything online/ long distance. .... ... I recognize that I am not fulfilled unless 've pleased my Mistress. I derive pleasure from satisfying her...

3/4/2018 7:01:25 AM
I am very honest. I won't waste anyone's time with half truth. ... I just don't want to be played. If you're not serious then don't bother... .. If you are serious we can start knowing each other. .... I've waited a long time to find the right person and have no problem waiting even more. ... I am fully aware of what I want in life and don't feel the need to waste any more of my time on people and situations that are not working toward a state of being grateful, thankful and fulfilled. ... I would like to continue learning and growing about this lifestyle with someone who is open minded to doing the same. .. Someone who enjoys my company and invests time getting to know my soul and enjoys the same in return. Someone who challenges me, motivates me, supports me, cherishes me.,and dominate me. Someone who induces change in me for the better. Someone who is intellectually stimulating to me, and is fulfilled in someway by filling my life with new knowledge, lessons, perspectives and adventures. Someone who benefits from the BDSM ects of our relationship and is open to explore. Someone who has my best interest in heart . Someone who has nice energy, high vibration, self love, works on themselves, understands healing and energy stuff .. ... I now thirst for the deep mature extra-ordinaries of life and long for someone to walk this path alongside me that above all sees me as her partner before her submissive.

3/1/2018 2:58:07 AM
I always feel that in order to reach that level, both people must have established a bond and a certain level of trust first... .... I always believe... good things come to those who are PATIENT,KIND, LOYAL AND HONEST. .... .... I am looking for a Mistress who is honest and real.... ... I AM SEEKING REAL TIME SITUATION   ONLY .. NOT AN ONLINE THING .. ... My dream always is to have an Owner who view a BDSM lifestyle as a way of life, not something one does for a pastime .. ...... what I desire is a...D/s based relationship.. with a strong foundation of honesty, ..integrity and respect ..on which to build,.. where public and private interaction ..are a part of everyday life.. ... I am divorced, no kids,..i have my own business, I buy damaged cars........from insurance companies...fix them...and ship them overseas... financially i am fine...I tend to travel often for my business.. ...... i am a great giver... when i have the trust... and the bond,.. because I so much believe... in the Multiplied returns.... .... I enjoy every single day, love life and cherish every moment of it. Even simple things in life bring me joy. .... I am quite calm, laid back, fairly quiet and self-contained, self-sufficient, loving, caring, and quite comfortable with myself. ..... I have been told that i am a good person, my outlook on life and people right now is absolutely a positive one . ..... In life, i take my role very seriously involving my best effort ,passion , dedication and self improvement striving to better myself . . ..... I am open, sensual, kind, gentle, ... ,I am a tender person,...I want to give all of my tenderness and care to my special woman. ..... I enjoy nature, seeing the stars at night, listening to the sounds of nature, being near the water, swimming, as I love the ocean and sea. ..... I like traveling, dancing, i enjoy music so much, i love green color. ..... I am very understanding, open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character. ..... After we build friendship. ... ..i am prepared ..,..i will happily travel to meet you as my future for me a potentially compatible Dominant.. .. My ultimate goal  is a lifetime commitment. .. ... I believe, Those who are serious, knowledgeable and honest ..will take the time to know you and develop you as a person.... ... I promise you... ... You will always find honesty from my side .. .. I am a straight forward person. I am direct. ... What I feel I say it. ... I have no reason to hide how I feel. .. I do not like to play with people feelings and emotions. ... Either you accept  me or not ... When I talk or express  myself.. ... I go to the point....not around it. ... I am a happy man at heart, , ... I am a person who loves to enjoy life..and have always a good time.. ... I believe. .. Life is too short.. ... I am stress free person... .... i don't want in my life............ people with drama. ... I want you to know that i have come across many fakers online... ... I do not know that this site is FULL of fakes.??? .... There are plenty of Email phishing scams and "people" who just want to take your money. .... But that not the end of life so i need to keep my head up. ... I am primarily searching for a dominate woman, I am looking to connect and engage with positive inspiring woman with whom I have shared interests with, vanilla and kinky.... .... I am a person who is a success in his business and life.   .....   Always I like to work but I always believe you don't have to work twice as hard to get ahead.   .... I am a firm believer in open, straight forward and completely honest communication. ... I am not looking for quantity, rather quality and long term D/s relationships... ... I am looking for my dream Mistress for Working & living together...who we can fulfill more of our desires, and have more time to to enjoy each other.   .... I'm flexible, established in life with savings & a monthly income..and willing to bring more to the table.

2/28/2018 6:47:31 AM
My dream is Relocation into a new life - as a real time slave... ... Isn't there one real Woman in the world, who wants to train and keep a normal, average male to become a fulltime and longterm real slave? ... I am looking for my dream Mistress for Working & living together...who we can fulfill more of our desires, and have more time to to enjoy each other.   .... I'm flexible* Alph/ Slave- male, established in life with savings & a monthly income..and willing to bring more to the table.i will be happy to contribute always.   ... I am looking for a Domme for D/s life.   I will be her right hand, her alpha & the one with whom I will share D/s life.   ... My job will be to provide her physical & mental&financial security......   ... In the vanilla world, i will serve her ,stand-in as her "man"in a LTR.   ... I am a real slave ....i will be her playtoy, her entertainment, her whipping boy.   .... I am willing to support her. &she will be taken care of 100%.   --------------------------   I am 100% serious, I know what I want & I hope i will get it.   .... My lifestyle: I am a happy person who loves life & wants to live it to the fullest!   .... I am financially stable....i used to work 60+ hrs a week & I'm looking to relax for a change!   .... Now i am financially good.. i want to enjoy life more...   I want to sleep late on stormy days & snuggle, I want to lounge in a pool all day & , I want to cook over an open fire, laugh, dance & sing in the rain!   .... I am submissive, obedient slave who wants to serve his Mistress in every sense of the word.   Some days if my Mistress enjoy ..I am into the outdoors & everything that goes with it!... ... My only limits are scat, blood, kids, animals, permanent damage) .... I am ready to be.. COMMITTED.   THIS IS WILL BE OUR REAL LIFE - WE WORK TOGETHER, PLAY TOGETHER, SLEEP TOGETHER, EAT TOGETHER.....WE PROTECT & LOVE EACH OTHER!. .... I promise...this is will be a real life, full time. ... My Mistress, i hope will mold me & shape me into the best possible slave....while i will take care of her & obey her... stand by her... be her best friend, her slave. .... I will care for you above all else.. i will be your life. .... I am very caring & sweet & fun!. .... I support my Mistress financially .and i would ensure that we always have, whatever it is we needed ... ..... I will do things that are helpful that will improve my chances of being my Mistress loyal slave.   ..... About Money, I do the math..I do have money saved and a monthly income? That is the reality of my situation.   .... I am a flexible person. I'm totally ready for sharing this lifestyle with the right person.   ..... I hope you consider having me as your submissive as soon as i worth to you.   .... Having connection you know is very important in any D/S relationship, this means that I will love to get to know you and you know me .   .... And while we do that, we build trust and an unusual friendship with each other.

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