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Hetero Male Dominant,  Fwuffyrocks, Alaska
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welcome to the coolest profile EVVVVVVVVVVAHHHHH, the profile that exist ONLY to be a good person to a GOOD person! Can you guess that person? Yessssss, I think you CAN, yep, that's right, our very own and never to be dupicated, syndicated or assimilated...

(drum roll ending with high-hat shot):



Obviously if you've been here and are a real person with a real soul, you'll know Fwuffy is one of the loveliest people that make this site the super-delicious-place-to-be that it is.

If not, well, you have no soul, and luckily, I don't need to waste even 2 heart-beats typing even two keystrokes for you because you won't appreciate it anyway and hey, you have PSP games to illegally download or troll-threads to start and LOrd knows I would never wanna waste your time, so ignore me pal, as I ignore you. :)

For the rest of us... this profile is here to help someone who HELPS this site, every day, and MEANS something, so the art you see in the photos of this profile is art that I have done A: for Fwuffy if she wants it or B: for anyone else to have if fwuffy is willing to let someone else have the art in exchange for doing a GOOD THING and getting Fwuff a dvd or a netflix or a novel or a box of See's Candies or something else to get her through this time of biopsies and treatment for what she is going through.

And if I need to say more than that to you, as you read this?

You are a person who should not be reading this.

SLAINTE! enjoys dome free art, and later, some free PITCH-CHALLENGED singing by yours-truly for Fwuffy!











 Dominant Male



 7' 0"

 800 lbs





Actively Seeking:


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