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Hetero Male Switch, 62,  Kansas City, Missouri
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I'm looking for someone to share this wonderful journey in the lifestyle. I've been active for a while now and am a patient and good mentor and teacher.

I am looking above all for mutual respect and trust, for friendship, understanding, empathy, intelligence, affection. My partner should have at least an interest in the wonderful voyage of discovery that the lifestyle is.

I only allowed myself to make the commitment to the lifestyle several years ago after I fully knew that I am not simply taking something but am giving something very special to my partner. There is no conflict between bdsm and friendship and caring.

Good spanking is an art and to me many of the toys are works of art in themselves, lending to the whole activity and indeed the entire relationship existing as an art form.

I love to train and mentor and happily have received a lot of praise for doing so. My hard limits are no child porn or activity, scat, animal involvement, or death stuff.

About developing limits, I believe in doing so at just the right pace and a good Dom can see clearly how far and when not to push. My first instructor was a woman, a leading professional on the London scene, who was extremely good at that and I am glad to follow in her footsteps.

I will be delighted to share lots more information and pics. For professional reasons I don't publish identifiable pics on the site.

I'm fit, healthy, and youthful. If you are interested in pursuing education I greatly encourage that.












 Male Switch

 Kansas City 


 6' 0"

 190 lbs






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Journal Entries:
12/26/2015 9:48:46 PM
It's interesting how so many skype addresses in profiles on the site turn out not to be valid. I've gone to one that was a working address for a business and it seems likely this was just for purposes of annoying the people in the business as well as members of the site.

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