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Hetero Male Dominant, 56,  Port Orchard, Washington
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Ok, up front.. I am Gorean, and if that is not your cup of tea, then move on, if it is, feel happy to message Me with any questions you have. I am currently looking for a new girl. but.. if you are a gamer or a flake.. don't bother. Am tired of fixing the girls who walk away after a while. Have been Gorean for 40 years and will not apologize for My choices. I will answer any intelligent inquiries I prefer girls with weight, brains and who care about themselves. I am not looking to support anyone or to heal, mend or fix them. if you are looking for someone to do this, that's not Me. Am Pagan. period, am not Christian, Catholic, Jewish, or so on. If you have an issue with pagans, move on. I listen to metal, country, rock, and classic rock. I do not listen to rap, techno, or industrial, and have no desire to. I like middle eastern dance, and new age music, but I will not listen to tinkle music. I like some christian rock, and gospel, and I love soul and blues. Feel free to ask Me questions. -Put this in your profile if you know someone who has survived, struggles with or died of cancer...












 Dominant Male

 Port Orchard 


 5' 9"

 215 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


Online Romance

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Renaissance Faires (Expert)




 You wearing my collar

 Being Massaged

 Massage (Giving)

 Role Playing Games

 Science Fiction

 Alternative Medicine





 Bird Watching

 Coffee Shops

 Fishing (Expert)

 Flea Markets




 Canes and Crops

 Role Playing


 Romance Novels





 Country Music

 Eighties Music

 Folk Music

 New Age Music


 Seventies Music

 Modern Paganism





 Bar Hopping

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Journal Entries:
11/27/2017 7:19:00 PM
I live with My sister MarPai and Her wife, jasmine. Currently I live on the couch because I want to be in the house and part of the flow. I recently had a girl tell Me because I did not have My own defined space and own area, I was not worth interacting with. All I can think is how petty and how sad. she only sees one aspect. Yes, I can move out to the garage and have My own space, yes, I can separate Myself from the household and be off alone. I chose to to be part of the house, and not isolate. I am tired of people who only see part of the picture tell Me that I am not good enough. Well, I am good enough for My situation. if people choose to judge Me, well, that's on you. I have been judged for 56 years and am still here, still doing things My way and still living. I will not comply for anyone, and certainly will not change My living space arrangements just for a chance to get to know a maybe.

11/17/2017 8:37:52 PM
Am tired and sad. it seems as I get older, all I see is games and such. I have developed a handful of true friends over the years, and have many great memories, but am tired of folks coming into My life for a bit and saying I am not strong enough good enough etc and going to others. Well, I wish those who do that well, am not going to adapt, change or modify Me for others. if I am not good enough for you, move on. you are not good enough for Me. If others want a chance, all I can say is give Me a chance and see what happens.

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