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Bisexual Female Submissive, 23,  Florida
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I am a very easy going kind of a girl.

I like to do a lot of normal things that a girl my age likes to do... Hang out with friends, go to the mall, go to the movies, the beach, go boating, hiking, swimming, play volleyball..... lots of volleyball... thats always a good topic of conversation.

I am trying to keep a low profile on here as to not expose myself to anyone that I really know... If you would like to talk to me, feel free. Im pretty laid back and am not easily offended. I do have face photos for those that are truly interested.

(Not currently seeking 247 Dom,master,owner,etc)

Im looking to chat with others about experiences, looking for ideas about other things that I might enjoy. Also am into roleplaying if someone is interested. Being a bit new, I am not 100 sure what I am looking for off hand, but am definitely open to quite a bit.

I have been ked ever since i was a girl and things have kind of gradually progressed from there to where I am now. I have had some experience in a few things, but am looking for other ideas and thoughts about what else there is out there or what others think I should try.

I write the occasional journal entry as well. so take a look and tell me what you think.

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Journal Entries:
4/15/2018 7:33:32 AM
Short Story - Coach Taylor SUGGESTIONS Good morning readers! I have been getting a number of messages from you all about what you have thought about the Coach Taylor series so far. I definitely want to thank you for that. I always enjoy hearing what your thoughts are on what I write. I also want to take this opportunity to let you know that I'm always open to hearing what you think should happen next. Where they should go. What they should do. Etc. If you have any thoughts, you are more than welcome to let me know. Please keep in mind the flow of the story. I want to keep it progressively progressing along. So I must likely won't just from their first time together to something like a Gangbang. Thats just not realistic. But! As I said, I'm always open to hearing your ideas :)

4/10/2018 1:29:33 PM
Short Story - Coach Taylor Chapter Five

The next day, I just dont feel like myself. I have a lot of things running through my mind and, once classes are done for the day, I tell my teammates that I am going to be catching up on some homework all night at the library. So I wont be able to make it to volleyball practice. This should help me get my head in the game and hopefully Ill be able to improve on some of my achedemics. 

That may not have been the best choice... 

I spend a number of hours up on the top floor of the library in the quietest corner where I usually study so that I am not distracted by anything. Its nearly 10pm before I even look at the time once. Volleyball practice ended at 8 and I catch myself wondering how it went. But I dont dwell on it for very long. 

Little do I know that Coach Taylor had other thoughts about how practice went... 

As im sitting there studying, little do I know that coach has been looking all over the library for me, checking every study room, nook and cubby to find me. Finally, he finds me in my favorite study place. Walking up from behind me, without warning, he grabs my ponytail firmly and leans down right next to me. 

"So, you think its ok for you to decide when you want to attend practice? You think its ok to skip whenever you feel like it?" He says, clearly aggitated, whispering in an angry tone. 

" coach... I just..... had some studying I needed to do." feeling his hand holding me tight, making me look slightly upwards. 

"I dont care what you had to do. I expect you to tell me personally before practice. What if I wanted to make an example out of you again at practice, huh? what then?"

I dont know what to say, unable to think of anything that would make the situation any better. 

"Well guess what? I didnt get to. And its a little suspicious that you would miss the night after our little session in the parking lot. Were you too nervous to show because you didnt want your coach knowing how much you liked him fingering that tight little pussy of yours? huh?" he says, tugging at my hair a bit harder. 

My face blushing, my muscles tensing as he holds me firm. " coach.... honest" 

"Well im tired of giving and giving to everyone on this team without getting any sort or respect or getting anything to gain from this team. Its time that changes, and I think now is as good as any." 

With that, coach looks around, not seeing anyone off hand. He then steps back, pulling me up from my chair by my hair over to a small empty study room. Almost throwing me in as he closes the door behind us. 

"Ive been getting more and more frustrated with all of the girls on this team and you are going to help me releave some of that frustration." He says as he regains his grip on the back of my head, pushing me down to my knees infront of him. 

Before I even have the chance to understand what is really going on, his pants are already undone and his free hand is whipping out his already semi-hard cock. 

I can see it right in front of me. I begin to feel nervous, shocked that coach would go to this effort to put me in my place. 

Looking down at me with his hand gripping my hair from behind and his other hand pointing his cock at me. "Lets go, Katey. Get this cock into your mouth." he says. 

I hesitate, feeling fairly overwhelmed as I look up at him, stern as ever, feeling his agression and his dominance as I feel fairly helpless. His hand still holding me firm and demanding. 

"Im not going to ask again, Katey" He says, feeling his patience begin to dwindle. 

Finally, I begin to cave, feeling my mouth begin to open slightly, looking down at his almost hard cock as I lean towards it. I can smell his musk from practice as his cock reaches my lips. I can feel his heart beat pulsing through his manhood as i open my mouth a bit wider to take him in for the first time. 

"Damn right, Katey. Be a good girl." 

The head of his cock slipping into my mouth as i open my mouth wider. His hand still holding my head firmly as his cock makes its way farther into my mouth. Then he pulls his hips back slightly to slide out and then back into my mouth. His cock fills my mouth as his skin runs over my tongue. 

"Mmm you like an older mans cock in your mouth Katey? Ill be your do." he says, taking both of his hands and placing them on the sides of my head as i kneel infront of him, basically letting him use my mouth as i submit to him. My mind racing, trying to figure out how I get myself into these situations. 

His cock throbs as he tries to push it into my mouth even farther. His head nearly poking to the back of my throat. His rhythme starting to get a bit faster as he thrusts in and out of my mouth, clearly starting to enjoy himself, not at all worried about anyone catching us this late in the library. 

"Mmm ill bet this is the first cock youve had in a long time, isnt it Katey?" he asks as he tries to push me a bit more, feeling his cock continuing to hit the back of my mouth and into my throat. I try my best to take it, keeping my eyes open, trying to breath through my nose. 

I can finally begin to feel his cock pulse more, his heart rate increasing, hearing him moan from time to time. "Thats a good little slut. Take thats cock. Take your coachs cock like the submissive little slut you are...." he says under his breath. "Are you ready for your prize, Katey? Get ready." 

Hearing him say that makes me feel even more nervous, wanting to pull off of his cock, but he doesnt let me, holding me firm still as he thrusts again and again into my mouth. His muscles pulsing, flexing until its too late. 

"Oh fuck yea, Katey. Fuuuuuuck" 

He holds my head tight on his cock, feeling load after load shoot into my mouth, his seed coating everything on the inside of my mouth. My eyes wide with shock, disgust, humiliation.... 

He finishes shooting into my mouth and takes a deep breath, looking down at me as he can see the unease in my eyes. Slipping out of my mouth as he takes a small step back and then leans down towards me. 

"Open your mouth, Katey. Lets see it." he says. My mind frazzled as I do as he tells me to. 

"Mmm damn right. Now be a good little bitch and swallow." he says looking me dead in the eyes. My eyes helpless, feeling the urge not to, but again not knowing what choice I have.... so I do. Gulping twice... 

Coach Taylor smiles down at me with a dirty, perverted smile. "Thats my volleyball slut."

4/9/2018 1:11:58 AM

Its been brought to my attention that, while writing some of my latest journals, there have been some words that have been omitted or changed by Collarspace as the journals are submitted. For example, the word G.A.S.P. would appear as g. 

I am trying to find ways to avoid having to deal with this issue, but do greatly appreciate all of you readers and your patience as I know first hand that its no fun running across something misspelled or gramatically incorrect as you are reading these writings. 

Thank you for your support and your continued following. 

4/4/2018 7:23:39 AM
Short Story - Coach Taylor Chapter Four

That night I went home and went straight to the shower. I needed to get myself cleaned up from sweating so much at volleyball practice.... among other things. Standing there in the warm water, letting it run over my curvy figure, my mind races to the thoughts of what just transpired tonight. 

'I cant believe he did that' I think to myself
'I cant believe.... I let that happen....'

I could still feel his finger deep inside of me. Its been ages since anyone has touched me like that, and even longer since I was treated like that. 

I close my eyes, tipping my head up towards the shower head. 

'No one can know what just happened. No one can know what my coach has been doing to me' I think to myself, thinking that my parents would be ashamed of me, my friends would judge me, for letting him tell me what to do, for bending over for him, letting him spank me like i was his daughter to punish, touch me like I was his toy to play with.... 

'I feel quite embarrassed....'

4/4/2018 2:29:09 AM
Short Story - Coach Taylor Chapter Three (Cont)

behind. His finger sliding in deep, filling my body, making my breathing begin to deepen, begin to quicken. His rhythme beginning to quicken just slightly, his left hand resting on my left cheek as he begins to finger me in the back of his SUV. 

"Mmm you like that Katey? You like an older man fingering that tight, innocent pussy?" he says, taking his left hand and bringing it down on my left cheek, spanking me as he fingers me right in the school parking lot. "Mmm you take that finger you little slut" 

Slut? Is that what Im being referred to as now? I guess I was half naked being fingered by my coach in the school parking lot, but that was forced... wasnt it? I mean, I didnt really have a choice... 

His fingering getting faster, basically forcing my body to react, unable to control my whimpering as he fingers me harder. My mind racing, my muscles aching, feeling his hands taking control of the situation. I can feel myself about to climax.. 

"Oh thats a good girl, Katey. Orgasm for me. Climax for your coach." 

There was little I could do. My forehead fell to the floor of the SUV, my knees pulsing, I could feel it rising from my pelvis as I begin to climax. I hold my breath for a few seconds as my eyes close tight, my mouth dropping open slightly as coach fingers me almost relentlessly. 

I then gassp, catching up with myself as i orgasm, feeling coach's eyes on my body all the while he does. "Oh fuuuuuuuck yea Katey. Thats a good girl. Such a good little slut". 

Taking a few deep breaths, trying to collect myself. My mind racing. 'what just happened....'

4/4/2018 2:18:29 AM
Short Story - Coach Taylor Chapter Three

Ive been fairly uneasy about attending volleyball practice lately, as one could probably tell by the events that have transpired over the last week or so. And im sure that no one could blame me. Ive done everything that I can to not stick out, to not draw any attention to myself from Coach Taylor. I can almost feel him looking at me during practice and thats enough to worry me in itself. 

Its just after practice on Tuesday night. The girls have all dispersed and I am heading out the door as well, hoping to avoid Coach Taylor as much as possible. I know that he usually parks inthe staff parking lot North of the gym, so I decide to use the south doors and take the long way around the parking lot just to avoid any type of run in. 

I head out the first set of doors, pushing the heavy glass open to the next set of doors, which are just as heavy. I push through those doors and take my first steps out into the dark night. Its a nice night, not too cold, not too warm, everything is calm. 

I walk down the sidewalk and take an immediate left to head around the parking lot when I noticed Coach Taylors SUV parked in the second row of the parking lot. The back hatch is open and I think I can see him loading the volleyball equipment into his trunk. Great, the one night I choose a different door... I try to walk past the parking lot somewhat briskly, hoping that hes too busy to even notice me. 

"Hey Katey." 

Dang it... I was so close. 

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" he asks, throwing his clipboard into the back of his vehicle. 

"Oh just back home. I have a lot of homework still to do tonight." I say, trying to be polite. 

"Why dont you come over and help me with this bag of volleyballs. Im sure you can spare a couple minutes."

I look around, almost rolling my eyes as I really need to get back, but I cave, making my way over to his SUV. The seats are all folded down, he has equipment piled just behind the front seats. 

"I feel like youve been dodging me a bit this week, Katey. Whats the deal with that?" he says, setting his back down on one side of the tailgate. 

"I didnt mean to be. Ive just been fairly busy is all" 

"uh huh. Sure you have. Ive been meaning to spank you again to be honest. Its crossed my mind a few times over this past weekend." 

I dont say anything, unsure if anything would be approprate for me to say anyways as i blush a bit. 

Coach Taylor pauses for a moment, leaning against the back of his SUV, placing one hand on his hip, and looks at me, almost eyeing me as I stand there. 

"You know what, why dont we have a bit of fun right now? Why dont you do me a favor and take off your spandex for me" Coach says almost too confidently 

I look at him almost surprised he had the guts to ask that. "what? now?... here?" I ask.

"Yes now. Why would I care about later? Youve been a good girl taking those spanking from me and now I think its time I saw exactly what I was spanking." 

I hesitate, having never taking my clothes off for a man of his age. 

"Come on, Katey. Do it, or else ill have to make you do it... those are your options" 

Feeling as if I have no real option, I set my volleyball bag down on the ground next to the SUV. I take a quick look around to see if anyone else is around. Campus is fairly quiet. And coach's SUV is parked facing the buildings so theres a bit of privacy while standing behind it with the tailgate up. 

I take a deep breath, looping my thumbs into my spandex and begin to pull them down. I can feel a very suttle breeze against my body as i lean over, exposing my panties as I step out of my spandex. 

"Panties too" coach says.

"what?...." I say almost instrinctively. 

"You heard me, Katey. I want to see that luscious ass of yours and I dont want anything in the way"

I take another look around, blushing a bit more now as I do the same thing, looping my thumbs into the sides of my panties, turning from coach some as I do, puling them down. I then step out of them and set them on my bag, facing almost away from coach. 

Coach Taylor takes a moment to look me over, his eyes gazing down on my freshly exposed skin as I stand there nervous. 

"My my my... just look at that amazing ass of yours, Katey" Coach says, taking a step towards me. His right hand finding its way, grazing over the curve of my right cheek, feeling him cup my butt as he admires it. "This ass needs as much attention as possible, Katey" 

I can feel his hand gripping at my cheeks, rubbing over them as I stand there in the school parking lot half naked for my coach, letting him grope my butt like it was his own person play thing. 

"Do me a favor, Katey. Hop up into the tailgate of my SUV. Knees on the bumper, elbows resting in the back." 

I look back at coach, almost asking him with my eyes if I really have to. But he isnt taking no for an answer. "Get going Katey." 

I take a deep breath, moving over and standing infront of his open tailgate. I pull one leg up and place it on the bumper, then I pull my other leg up, placing it on the bumper as well. Then after a moment, I lean into the tailgate, feeling my elbows resting on the coarse fabric inside. 

All the mean while, coach is standing behind me, taking a look and just observing my bare skin, admiring the look of his favorite volleyball player half naked in his car. 

"My word, Katey. That ass is a thing of beauty." He says as he steps forward, placing a hand on each cheek, gripping and squeezing. Taking his time to admir each and every inch of it. Rubbing his hands over the smoothness of the skin. "You were a very good girl for showing me, Katey"

I cant find the words to say, feeling exposed and vulnerable infront of my coach with my bare butt sticking out of the back of his SUV. But that wasnt the only thing on his mind. 

After a moment or two of his hands admiring my backside, i could feel his right hand rubbing up and down the inside of my thigh, feeling it grazing over my soft skin, slowly down then back up, taking its time until finally cupping itself right between my legs. 

I g a bit, feeling his hand cupping me softly between my legs. His fingers lined up, his middle finger resting ever so gently between my lips. 

"Mmmm ill bet Katey has been too innocent to let and older man touch her like this before." Coach says as his hand rubs ever so softly against my body, feeling him almost teasing me as he talks. "You feel so soft, Katey. And shaven too I see." 

I cant say anything, feeling his fingers begin to tease me even more. My eyes nearly shut as I sit there basically face down ass up in the back of his SUV, letting him tease my body right out in the open. 

"Be a good girl Katey and ask me to finger you." Coach says as he continues to rub and observe my body. 

My eyes pop open, hearing him say that, feeling more nervous now than before, but not seeing a way to get out of it. "Please....... finger me.... coach" 

Without hesitation, Coach Taylor slides his middle finger into me with one firm push. His finger opens me up a bit, feeling him press to his third nuckle, making me take the entire thing. "Oh thaaaaats a good girl, Katey. Such a tight little pussy"

My breathing begins to get a bit deeper, a bit quicker, feeling his finger slide out a bit and then back in, feeling him tease me more as he begins to finger me from b

4/1/2018 8:11:16 AM
Short Story - Coach Taylor Chapter Two 

Over the next week, things between the team and the coach got very tense. Everyone was on their best behavior and trying their hardest at practice as no one wanted a repeat of what happened the other night. 

Coach Taylor seemed to pay a bit more attention to me. At least, thats how it felt after basically being bent over and spanked in front of the team like i was still a kid. It was a fairly 'tramatic' experience for me, one that I havent talked about to really anyone yet, not even the girls on the team. I felt humiliated. But I still kept my head up at practice, doing everything I could to show my true talents. 

But I guess Coach Taylor had other plans.... 

It was the end of practice and all of the girls headed over to their bags by the bleachers, putting our stuff away. As we did, coach started slowly walking over to us and said "Katey. Hang back. I want to talk to you."

The girls all looked at each other a bit nervously, skeptically. The color drained from my face hearing my name like that. 

I stood there and watched the rest of the girls head out of the gym as I stood there by my bag nervous, unsure of what to expect. 

Coact made his way over to me slowly, walking with his hands behind his back. 

"How are you doing Katey? Do you feel like things are going well at practice?" He asked 

"umm.. yes I think so coach. At least it feels like they are." I say trying to keep my composure. 

"Ah thats good. Thats good. You seem to be much more focused after our little session the other night." 

I dont say anything, still too embarrassed by the thought of it. 

"Do you think about that night often, Katey?" 

I can barely find the words to speak, somewhat shaking my head 'no', which was clearly a lie as I think about it everytime I think of practice or volleyball in general. 

"Hmmm thats a shame. I would have thought that kind of thing would have made a lasting impression on you.... " Coach says as he tries to pick apart how I feel. 

Looking at me, I am standing there almost motionless, a worried look on my face, which i can clearly tell that he notices. 

Coach Taylor takes a moment to look at me and hesitates, then smiles. "Why dont you come over here for me." He says, motioning to the middle of the court. 

I look at him unsure of why he would want me to do that, but I do it for him anyways, not wanting any sort of trouble right off the bat. We both walk over to the middle of the court, in the middle of the gym. 

"Alright. Why dont you do me a favor and show me one of our stretches, just to see how things are coming along. Feet apart, then reach down to the floor, or grab your ankles if you need" 

I look at him almost like to say 'are you serious?', but I dont say anything. Thats the kind of person I feel myself starting to become. One that will do what someone else says before even thinknig about the why. So I do it, I spread my legs a bit and then bend over, reaching down towards the ground (Reference photo in my profile). 

"Mmm thats a good girl Katey" Coach says as he watches me, looking as I stretch "Stay just like that..." as he slowly walks around me, getting his eyefull as he makes his way around. He then stops just behind me to my left, I can only see his feet just standing there.... 

"So.... you havent thought much about being spanked... in front of your team.... like a bad girl?" he says as he brings his hand up slowly to my left cheek, spreading his hand over it, just rubbing against it as I stand bent over for him. 

"Come on, Katey. Ill bet you think about it all the time" his hand squeezing my cheek a bit as he talks down to me. "Ill bet you can still feel your beautiful ass jiggling as my hand came down onto that delicate frame of yours." 

My mind starts to race, my face starting to blush as his hand moves over to my other cheek. I can feel that he is crossing the line between coach and athlete and he doesnt care one bit. 

"What do you think, Katey? Think you need another session to keep you in line?" He says. And without even giving me the chance to respond, his hand raises up and comes down hard on my left cheek. 

"Uhh...!" I g i feel the first sting of his large hand. 

"Mmm... thats what I thought." His hand reaching up again and coming down on my right cheek. I can feel the shockwave running through my body as his hands land down hard on me. 

After a couple more swats, I notice the gym starting to echo more and more of the sound of his hand slapping against my spandex covered butt, as well as the sound of me ging, whimpering at almost every swat. 

Coach Taylor continues to look down at my somewhat helpless, vulnerable body as he spanks me. His eyes growing wide, his smile growing across his face, as he starts to really enjoy himself.

"Mmm..... youve got such a nice ass for this too, dont you, Katey? Tell me youve got a nice ass to spank" as his hand comes down hard on me again. 

My mind still racing, my face blushing uncontrollably, my knees almost shaking, feeling completely overwhelmed. 

"Uhh!.... I have a nice Uhh!... butt to spank.... coach.... Uh!"

His hand raises up higher and slaps harder than before. "I said 'ass' not 'butt!"

He spanks me hard again and tells me to say it correctly. 

"Uhh! im sorry coach..... I have a nice...ass.... to spank.." 

"Mmmm damn right you do. And dont you forget it." 


3/30/2018 1:54:41 PM
Short Story - Coach Taylor Chapter One

Our original volleyball coach was placed on medical leave after he got into a car accident. He was replaced by Coach Taylor. 

Coach Taylor is a bit more assertive than our old coach. Hes a lot more stern, more of an authoritative figure. Something a lot of us girls are not very used to. He also tends to creep out some of the girls. During the first week of practice for him, he took it upon himself and swatted each girls butt after a high five at the end of practice. It weirded us all out, but thats nothing to what happened during practice Monday. 

It was a normal practice day like every other day and we were all running drills to the best of our abilities. Coach Taylor seemed to be in a very harsh and agressive mood that night and wasnt taking any slacking off. 

I, myself, was having a rough day. Partially because I hate Mondays, but also because I was stressing over a rather large exam I had coming up the day after. 

I had been all over the court, playing fairly sloppily, and Coach Taylor noticed. 

"Katey! Whats the deal?" He shouted from the side of the gym. "That ball was all yours. Whats in your head?" 

Getting myself up off of the floor after my dive, I glanced over to him "Sorry coach". Then glanced over at my teammates, knowing they knew i was having an off day. 

"Sorry? Youre sorry?" he says, taking a couple steps my way. "Thats it. Everyone line up!" He yelled loudly. 

All of the girls looked at each other and quickly moved to form a line across the gym. Coach walked over towards us, not looking away from me to one minute. 

"Katey. Front and Center. Now!" 

I nearly jumped out of my skin. Being one of the younger girls on the team, I was still feeling rather impressionable and rather on edge when singled out. 

"Face the team...." He said standing just over my left shoulder. I did as he told me to, looking at all the girls, confused and curious as to whats going on. "And place your hands on your knees like you are getting ready for another serve" 

Coach Taylor takes a step or two towards the rest of the girls. His hands on his hips. 

"You girls seem to have forgotten what its like to give 110%. It seems like your heads are off in the clouds thinking about every other issue in your life while volleyball gets pushed to the side." He says, taking a step back towards me. "Well this is a reminder for all of you to get in line and get the sand out of your shoes" 

Coach Taylor takes his place back over my left shoulder looking down over me. His eyes roaming over my body, focusing his eyes on my butt. His hand making a fist tightly then stretching his fingers out, almost as if warming it up. 

Then suddlly, he swings his hand. I feel it land hard against my left cheek. I g loudly. Some of the girls do the same, while others have a shocked look on their faces. 

"This is what you girls can expect if you decide to continue to slack off during practice." His hand raises and comes down on my right cheek this time. 

I g again, my face starting to blush from the embarrassment. 

Coach's slaps land one after the other in a solid pattern, alternating between my cheeks. "Thats a good girl, Katey. Promise me that you are going to try harder" He says, slapping my cheek again. 

My mind begins racing, seeing all the faces of my teammates looking at me, taking this punishment from our new coach. Theres little I can do, but what he says. 

"Uh!.... Im sorry coach... I promise to... uhh!.... try harder. Honest."

(let me know what you think. future chapters to come if I get enough feed back)

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