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Hetero Male Switch, 38,  Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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Greetings Dear Interested Reader,

I'm a Young 38 y.o., 6'2, 170# Attractive, Fit, Clean, Drugfree & STD-Less Straight Black Scorpio-Native American (Cherokee) ISO a Straight or Bi-Sexual Female Possessing the Same Qualities to (First & Foremost) Connect With & Establish a Pleasurable Long-Term Friendship-FIRST Based Relationship to Enjoy Time With Outside (i.e. Shopping, Dinners, Movies, Dancing, and/or Entertain at Alternating Homes) & Inside the Bedroom.

I'm Always Upfront & Honest, Very Much Down-to-Earth & Easy to Get Along With, Not Easily Offended Nor Intimidated, Verrry Open-Minded, Accepting & Respectful of Others, Have a Good Sense of Humor, and Very Much Enjoy Letting the Kid Within Outside to Play as
Often as Possible. Basically, I'm Open to Indulging Within Anything New & XXXciting So Long as Belittlement/Degradation,
Embarassment/Humiliation, Animals, Children, Watersports, and Pain are NOT Involved.

My Desired Pussition is to Assist in Pushing/Throwing a Partner's Libido Over the Edge Into an Orgasmic Frenzy. I Know the Ins/Outs of Directing Traffic to Mentally, Visually & Verbally Stimulate Both the
Voyeuristic & XXXhibitionistic Tendencies Within Both of Us. It's Best to Visualize Me as a Sensuous Purrrsonal Coach With an Endless
Amount of Patience Who Will Also Take the Time to Show/Teach by XXXample Without All of the Unnecessary Screaming & Yelling of
Commands/Demands Like Some Gung-Ho Drill Sergeant.

I'm Not New to the Lifestyle. I Was a Member of Select Friends Swing Club in Anchorage, Alaska for Several Yrs With My Former Spouse & Thereafter, the Rose & Thorn Guild Dungeon in Nashville, TN as a Hand-Selected Solitairean by Lady Mary/Owner to Undergo BDSM Training in Order to XXXpand My Abilities as a Switch (Dom/Sub). Again, No Worries for I'm NOT Seeking Others to Give NOR Receive Pain. This is STRICTLY for the SENSUAL Pleasure of ALL Involved.

Now For the SERIOUS Stuff...
Rudeness, Meanness, Pushiness, Disrespectfulness, and Dishonesty are
Completely Unacceptable; So, be Advised That These WILL be XXXtracted
& XXXhiled at Godspeed. I'm VERY Strict About Maintaining & Remaining Hygienically Clean, Safe, Drugfree & STD-Less. I Require
the Same For & of ANYONE With Whom I Decide to Establish & Maintain Contact With. Should This be or Becum Too Much For You (and/or Your Significant Other if Applicable) to Bare at ANY Given Time, Then Your
Welcum Will MMMEDIATELY XXXpire!!!

Now That That's Out of the Way...
If You're Desiring to Surround Yourself Within the Cumpany of Someone Who Prefers Everyone Involved Taking Time Getting to Know Each Other BETTER With the Pussibility of Meeting Thereafter When We're
ALL Cumfortable & Without ANY Pressure Whatsoever, Then Mayhaps We're
What Each Other Has Been Searching & Waiting For. Should I Peak Your Interests, Then Please Feel Free to Introduce Yourself & Tell Me More About YOU as a Means of
Mmmbarking Upon a Journey Towards Having Some Mutual FUN!!!












 Male Switch



 6' 2"

 170 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Switch Women


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