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Hetero Female Slave, 50,  Stockton , California
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my name is Vickie. I grew up on an 80 acre farm in Alabama. I learned at an early age that man is the ruler of the house and to respect that. From working on the farm I joined the Army where I was taught that man rules and to respect that.� I was in for 9 years.� I married twice, my first husband I found out already had a wife. I came back to the farm in Alabama and got a divorce. From there I went into College.� I went for 3 years to Jacksonville State University studying child psychology and Criminal Justice.� I wanted to be a counselor or probation officer for teens. They are our future by the way and we need to teach and lead them down the right road.� I got pregnant by a man that was also studying criminal justice, he became a policeman and on a routine traffic stop he was shot in the face.� We never got married. After I got married the second time, I discovered that as much as I want to change someone from being a couch hugging bum to someone productive was not going to happen.� I am divorcing him after 10 years of marriage. A lot of people will ask me how I got out here. Well I had 13 seizures in a 4 week period and the VA Hospital flew me to San Francisco VA Hospital epileptic center. It was characterized that I was under too much stress.� Surprisingly I have had no seizures since I moved to Valley Springs, CA this past December. I was� brought up in the country and feel comfortable here. � I have dabbled in BDSM and have a growing interest in making my man happy by doing for him as he is my King. The�bondage turns me on and I did a little bit of that with a fresh Dom, but it did not work out between us.� I want to be taught to treat and pamper my King. I am not looking to be degraded or called names. I would not want water sports or SCAT, children or animals. And actually I believe after today I don't want the BDSM as much as I want a 50s household and a bit of D and S. � My friends tell me my personality lights up the room when I walk in the door. I try to have a good attitude and find the good in all of us.� They also say I rarely meet a stranger. I like that about myself. � I am now in school learning the Culinary Arts. My only son is 25 and in the Army himself as Special Forces, Intelligence, and EOD (Explosive Ordinance - he disarms bombs). I am extremely proud of him. I also have a grandson by him. Family is important to me even though I am away from them all. I have a lot of Love to pass out to people. I started this non-profit organization called Loving Hats. I make hats and HARFs for the disabled vets and the homeless and their families. When I become Chef Vickie I want to start a soup kitchen. � as i said before, It is possible that this lifestyle is not totally for me. But I get so very turned on when I see any of it.� Please contact me to tell me how you like my profile. I also want to meet friends on here even if you are not going to be my Dom. � Thank you so very much for reading my profile. � Vickie











Last Online:


 Female Slave



 5' 0"

 195 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

 Lives For:

 Travel (Beginner)

 Breast Play

 Orgasm Denial (Beginner)


 TV Sports

 Knitting (Expert)

 Singing (Expert)

 Eighties Music


 Pop Music

 Rock Music



 Amusement Parks (Beginner)

 Antique Shows (Beginner)

 Flea Markets


 Museums (Beginner)

 Musical Theater (Beginner)


 Domestic Servants

 Housework Service

 Massage (Getting)


 Board Games

 Card Games

 Comedy Shows

 True Crime

 Cooking (Expert)





 1950s Lifestyle

 Lifestyle BDSM

 Country Music


 Nineties Music


 Seventies Music



 Art Galleries (Beginner)

 Coffee Shops  (Beginner)

 Fine Dining

 Gambling (Beginner)

 Garage Sales (Beginner)


 Anal Play (Beginner)

 Begging (Beginner)


 Body Worship


 Hair Pulling

 Medical Play

 Serving as a Maid


 Arcade Games


 Historical Shows

 Online Chatrooms

 Puzzle Games

 Romance Novels

 Science Fiction

 TV News

 Web Surfing



 Photography (Beginner)



 Intellectual Discourse



 Gorean Lifestyle

 Classical Music


 Auto Racing






 Bird Watching (Beginner)

 Fishing (Beginner)

 Going to the Opera (Beginner)

 Raves (Beginner)

 Renaissance Faires (Beginner)

 SCA (Beginner)

 Canes and Crops


 Mental Bondage

 Sensory Deprivation





 Diet and Exercise (Beginner)

 Goth Lifestyle


 Curious About:

 Beachcombing (Beginner)




 Electrical Play

 Local BDSM Community


 Needle Play


 Outdoor Bondage

 Vacuum Stimulation



 Bar Hopping




 Obedience Training

 Speech Restrictions

 Horror Movies

 Female Supremacy


 Fire Play

 Knife Play







 Hard Limits:

 Sky Diving


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Journal Entries:
5/27/2013 4:19:03 AM
Since Lester came back with me from Alabama in march, we have hit it off pretty well with him as my Dom. I strive to meet his every need. He is working on a contract for us. I am so excited to belong to my man. You may ask why I am still on here. It's simple, I want more info from people I have met as friends on here. I would like to meet other friends on here to learn from, no matter which orientation you are. Thank ou for reading this. Hope to hear from you soon.

1/12/2013 7:17:18 PM
The Dom WHOISWORTHY whom I do not know wrote some pretty nasty things to me today. I can understand if he was my Dom but he came right out of the blue and said whoisworthy on 1/12/13 at 5:05 PM: tell me you fat ugly pig how many Big macs can you woof down in one seating Vickiepooh on 1/12/13 at 4:47 PM: What the Hell have I done to you for you to come off this way toward me. Maybe your special too. Vickiepooh on 1/12/13 at 4:45 PM: Vthe woman that chooses you will definitely have special qualities. If you know what I mean whoisworthy on 1/12/13 at 4:43 PM: you are so tight mmmmmmmm can it be you are so fat and the rolls on your legs will not let you get vibe in whoisworthy on 1/3/13 at 4:00 PM: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I seek to own one special woman again , to call my very own!!Read my profile and respond back if you seek guidance and structure in your life from a good Master He blocked me. This is verbatim cut and pasted in all entirety from my conversation page. I can only guess that WHOISWORTHY got mad because I did not answers his 1/3/13 text.

1/3/2013 8:15:50 PM
5/26/2012 2:34:33 AM Honesty and communication are crucial in relationships for them to flourish. These are big on my agenda. I want to have an open relationship with my Dom. I want to understand what he wants from me and I want to be able to do it even better than he expected. I never want to tell him no.. Yet I would wish for him to understand too that I am new to this and want to go slow at first. Of course that is entirely up to him as to how fast or slow we move. I do have toys like Ben-wah balls vibrator, nipple clamps, blindfold, handcuffs... And movies. What can I say I used to live across the street from a Fascinations. My fantasy is to have two men having their way with me. Ohhh I just got chills. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Vickie

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