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Very Tall Black Dominant seeking new friends and perhaps play friends in the Harford Co, MD ar
Hetero Male Dominant, 59,  Havre de Grace, Maryland
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 Dominant Male

 Havre de Grace 


 6' 7"

 365 lbs


 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Very Tall Black Dominant seeking new friends and perhaps play friends in the Harford Co, MD area.


I have been in and around the lifestyle for nearly 18 years.  Started my journey in the D/s and BDSM lifestyle as a bottom/sub. Remained there for about 3 years, serving and learning from a very wonderful Domme.  She is now, and will ALWAYS remain my one and only Domme.  It was through her that I learned what most subs or bottoms feel and experience.  From that I do understand what "Ouch!" means and the true difference between bottoms, submissive and slaves.


One of my passions as an emerging Top, was the art of the flogger.  Over the years, I have improved on skills there, but always want to get better.  I enjoy spanking, paddling, the crop, and sometimes the wooden hair brush (though that is strictly for punishment).  D/s, in my opinion, is mostly about a mutually agreed upon exchange of power, confined to a specific period of time, between two or more consenting adults.  Lust, Loves, Limits and "just not doing that EVER" things, when it comes to what I can or will do with a partner varies with each partner.  I have very few hard limits, but do respect limits of others.  It is impossible and impractical to try to do everything, every time, with every one.   Life thrives on a bit of variety.


Get to know me, before you judge or determine what I am.  I have a great deal of tolerance for those who wish to learn or share ideas, but just have no space in my world for those who are pre-judgers, stereo-typers, and blamers.  Whether you are the lowest slave or the mightiest QUEEN of the universe, we all have a common platform that must be shared with equity and manners. 


For those of you who must know, I am NOT technically a single man.  I am in a relationship.  A very open relationship.  she is submissive to me, but clearly not a traditional submissive.  Best way to describe her is as an Alpha submissive.  Our relationship is strong because each of us fills nearly all of the other's NEEDS and most all of the wants.  There are still interests in friends outside of the primary.  I am not looking to replace any portion of what I already have. 


I want to make new friends and acquaintences. 


Some of my friends will remain with me for the rest of my life, they will become or are already part of my family (I do not talk about my 'kissin cousins')  lol.  Most of my family are not those that exchange "benefits" but some do.   Get to know Me as I get to know you.



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