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Bisexual Female Submissive, 31,  Burlington, Vermont
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VTFemaleEunuch - submissive

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 Submissive Female



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 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap

 Role Playing



 No Strings Housework

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 Corner Time


 Masks (On Partner)

 Needle Play

 Public Play

TL:DR: In search of sadists, non-monogamous friendly, on the east coast (locally in New England preferred but I am flexible) who are looking to relationships with a masochist. I have been in the lifestyle for over a decade now and is both well-versed in polyamory and kink.  Brownie Points to those who actually read the rest of my profile.  You may be wondering about my handle name on here. I had been hoping for an easy solution to change it but it does not seem like there is an easy way of changing names. I have begun to leave my chastity ways and at some point, I may start a new profile to reflect that... but for now it stays. I have to admit I have a huge Humiliation kink. I try to maintain my profile because I often post things that others may have an interest in, spoken or unspoken, and I get off on being “in use” of providing that ination. If you view my profile please feel free to message me. If you are genuinely interested in beginning a conversation please introduce yourself and state your interest. I am sometimes interested in conversations that won't lead to anything. I am a sapiosexual and although I prefer the natural flow of a Dominant and submissive talking name calling right out of the gate is not a humiliation kink turn on for me. submissive females are welcome to email if they have general questions or want to connect as long as you are not trying to pull me into a "poly-household" by order of your Dominant. submissive males please do not contact me... I'm not interested. Primarily I am hoping to find S/m relationships that can be an on-going partnership in the area. I will admit that there is some room for flexibility depending on our chemistry.  I not only love an intense moment but looks for someone to share all of the interesting and whacky adventures we can think of together. I am in a D/s relationship presently, very happy, however, I am looking for experienced and well-versed Sadists who need a masochistic partner. Any play needs to be approved by the Dominant before I partake. What Am I Interested In? I have an omega personality in my relationships and I seek others who are looking for an omega submissive. I am not competing for attention, I am not an alpha submissive or slave, and I seek a very stable bond with a sadist who knows they have time for a play partner/romantic interesting. I am a huge psychological and emotional masochist for the right play partner.  I am very careful about who I play with especially when doing edge play. The right individual will be someone who wants to get to know me, who views me as a vanilla platonic friend, and who wants to share their deep sadistic streak with me.  In play, I am what some refer to as an "iron ass" once I am warmed up. The dynamics, the chemistry, the ability for someone to out think me needs to be there almost immediately or I lose interest. I have a lot going on in in my life; a lot of things that need my attention. If you are able to grab my attention and keep me focused on the moment then I do want to get to know you. I am in search for someone who can look me straight in the eye and know, without a doubt, that I am both scared shit about what will happen next and willing to step over that edge when the moment is right. For quicker response please name your favorite kink-based book in your initial message to me. Those who do not "up" their chances of not receiving a response from me. 

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Journal Entries:
4/5/2018 4:38:38 AM
I'm a pretty intense personality that doesn't suffer fools. In addition to the possibility (I find it a bit of a slim one at that) to play, I am always interested in talking to reasonably intelligent people and especially those involved in polyamorous relationships.  

You can offer me the world, you can offer me "Yessing" to every one of the twisted kinks I mention, it may even be your worse nightmare or your biggest fantasies. 

That's not what I am looking for and the average viability is days.

  • Are you prepared for the long haul conversation? 
  • Are you prepared that these conversations may result in play but probably will not?
  • Do you get bored from meaningful conversations that have nothing to do with play or kink?
  • Do you understand that within the first few days if you start a conversation with me about sex I'm not interested?
  • Do you understand that I am poly?
  • Are you okay that I have an Owner, who is aware that I am on this site, and a local partner at the moment?
  • Are you able to understand that D/s can exist in poly relationships? That no one is/will be trying to tell you what to do? 

4/1/2018 12:36:06 PM
Voyeurism and Humiliation (At its finest!)

I always find the act of seeing the bright red bold of Who's Viewing Me, Admirers, or being asked to approve a "friend" to be juicely humiliating. I have no control who adds me and It's a reminder that I'm really a piece of meat to be admired and watched.

3/25/2018 3:03:43 PM
Like a Misspelt Tattoo (except a Handle Name!)

After learning that my beloved Craigslist has decided to no longer be in the personal business, which is both good and bad for many reasons, I came back on hoping to clean up my profile a bit to attract more sadists in Vermont, New England Area, and Beyond. 

Showing my millennial age here... I feel like Kurt Hummel with his tattoo of "Its Get Better" rather than "It Gets Better". I guess, in this case, however, I spelled it perfectly though.... this gets complicated.

What's in a name? Well... I can say what is in my name is wrong at this point. Not wrong, more like growth. I am seeking sexual experiences at this point, still non-monogamous, and still humiliation slut. 

Thinking you may know me from other places? You can view my information at:
Fetlife under KLS
Seven Days Personals under CallMeParker

10/17/2016 9:14:31 AM
On Bumps, Snags, and Red Flags: 
I have more than one person who has asked how I can still be single after being on this site for so many months, with my profile, and my appeal to others...

So I start having a conversation with an individual or a couple. They seem really great. They seem like people that I comfortable with. So why am I still single? Even though things look great on a screen or paper I can tell, I can sense, when something is not going to work out well because I've been through the gauntlet a few times.

We may have a show stopper early on. I may find you attractive, you may find me attractive, but I am not aware you are attached. It may be hidden on your profile a bit (there but not really there) and at that point I need a dead stop. I am starting to get into an area of Celibacy and Chastity that I cannot avoid. I have taken a "vow" on those two things and I need to recognize and respect that vow.

We may be chatting for a while. We have lengthy conversations, we have daily correspondence, we are having good chemistry. Something happens in your life. Your reactions tell me a lot about what it may be like to be with you during those times. Things happen, things come up that are unavoidable, what we do during those times speaks lengths about a person. If it is something that we can progress through together, have healthy communication on together, be present together then that really is going to attract me. If it's something that makes a person disappear for weeks on end I am going to lose interest. What happens if we are in a relationship and something happens? Does that mean the relationship will be stopped?

10/17/2016 9:08:39 AM
On Celibacy & Chastity:
I have more than one person who has asked how I can still be single after being on this site for so many months, with my profile, and my appeal to others...

I have expectations. I don't use this site just for sex, in fact, sex is the farthest from my mind right now, I look for something other than sex when I start talking to someone.

If you take a look under my "live for" Christianity is on the list. I am extremely liberal as a Christian, if not I would not be on this site, but one of the things I do practice is celibacy and chastity right now. If the two terms together is a show stopper for you immediately, without wanting to know the definition, then we may not actually be meant for each other no matter how awesome of a submissive I may be.

Chastity (for me) is the definition of forming authentic relationships with my fellow human beings. If you contact me while you are attached that does not put you "out of the running". However, if you contact me, while attached, while your partner doesn't know you are contacting others, it does "put you out of the running." In that instance, we are not going to be able to maintain a healthy honest relationship. We probably won't be able to plan things for the future, if you leave your partner then a committed relationship is being destroyed, and I don't want to be involved in that either.

  • Does this mean sex is not in the picture at all? Absolutely Not. 
  • Does this mean I am open to talking about a sexual relationship? Absolutely Yes.
  • Does this mean I am open to talking to everyone about a sexual relationship? Absolutely Not.
  • Does this mean that sex is a possibility? 100% with confidence I can say Yes; Yes, it is.

I do not require my partner to be Christian. I do not require my partners to be part of an organized religion. I do want to have partners who have some sense of spirituality. However, I do look for partners for support in my way of understanding my own sexuality.

How do I know I am going to be compatible with someone if we aren't sexual or talk about sex? I have been active sexually in my early twenties. I know what I like, I am extremely kinky when I find someone that I want to be with, and I have a good sense if compatibility will be there. I would hope that any long-term partner values compatibility outside of the bedroom more than inside of the bedroom.

10/15/2016 2:00:18 PM

Housekeeping Information
Tips on getting a response from me, or if you are more daring an actual conversation:

Good thing to note ---> If you are a couple or a Dominant, you send me a fairly well-written email, your profile interests me, etc.  I most likely will be interested in at least becoming friends with you and chatting.  The distance may be a bit too much to handle but I am always interested in finding like-minded couples who have the same type of personalities and kinks I have just as friends! 

  • Important: No married men who are looking for an affair
  • Important: I realize that I have a rare view of what I want in a relationship.  I also realize that there are a good amount of people who disagree with me.  I am able to explain why I seek what I seek but no long-winded debates, please.
  • I practice ethical polyamory.  Meaning no matter what type of dynamic that will be formed I do expect open communication esp. when there are other partners involved.  D/s is a dynamic, not a relationship, a relationship is a stand alone process.
  • I am not interested in Polyfidelity.  I am most comfortable in a closed poly relationship of 3-4 people, in an open poly structure with individual relationships, and for the rare person who makes me head over heels, I may consider monogamy.
  • Relocation, although perhaps for the very right person in a very specific case, is not my ultimate goal.  I am looking for partners who also want long distance relationships, who love to travel and would like a nice "winter apartment" near some fantastic skiing in the winter time.
  • I often enjoy deep, penetrating, questions and those who are able to challenge me are the ones that often I find the most enticing.  I search for individuals who want to "rape my mind" and bring me to a place of uncertainty. There are certain phrases that let me know when I am at the point of questioning my own sanity speaking to someone and those are the times where I am figuratively able to be brought to my knees.
  • I often respond during the evenings- I may open mail during the day- but I am often more "free" to respond during the evening hours.
  • "Testing me" to see a reaction or get a "read" will only lead you getting an email to read with a mouthful- I'd suggest not trying your luck.
  • While I appreciate all of the cuckolds who are looking for "like-minded" friendships. I don't have a lot of time to "cultivate" friendships on here.  If you are submissive and you are contacting me I would ask you to think about WHY you are contacting me before you do so.  
  • No individuals who live in another continent.  Let's be realistic here.  I am not planning on moving halfway around the world and in this election season why would ANYONE want to move to the US?
  • No One Liners!
  • Remember:  You are reading a very brief deion that I have written here of a very complex, complicated, and deep person.  I probably have a personality, a life, stability, a job even (who knew?)  The best way to correspond with me is to actually start a conversation and introduce yourself

10/15/2016 1:41:00 PM

I am a submissive in general, personality wise, and that makes me happy.  I am not a slave to everyone who messages me. Till a dynamic is agreed upon I am a female, who has a submissive personality, ideally chatting with an individual with a Dominant personality.  The term "slave" is a vocational term to me, someone who feels called to that, someone who needs that to fill fulfilled, someone who wants to lay themselves at the feet of a chosen other.


10/15/2016 1:16:42 PM
I go by the belief that men are superior to women. For those who "swear by" the Men's Right Movement, I am interested in hearing from you  I have been looking for more information on male superiority, other than ROK which after reading their website I take a lot of offense to and sounds like uneducated idiots who want to get their jollies off.  For those who are scratching their heads strongly suggest checking out the link and also listening to Karen Straughan who is one of the better advocates I've heard of. 

3/8/2016 2:06:41 PM
Supposedly today is International Women's Day (3/8/16).  This got brought to my attention by someone who said that this would be the perfect day for me.  It developed a somewhat deep fantasy of Dominants reaching out to me today asking me what I think of particular strong women and why it's improper to have a day celebrating women.  It is good humiliation fodder if only that.

3/5/2016 8:02:41 AM
My thoughts go to Persian Flaws... Persian tribe members worked together to weave carpets that would tell their story of trials and tribulations. Just one princely Persian carpet would take years to complete with help of many tribe members to achieve a perfect Persian carpet. The Persians believed only God or a higher power was perfect in all aspects and to show this carpet makers would intentionally place flaws or mistakes in the carpet. (

3/1/2016 4:56:25 PM
Frequent Question #1 and Answer: Will you do Female Genital Mutation?

I have been messaged more than once by individuals asking me if I will consider Female Genital Mutation.  The short and sweet answer is No.  No I will not consent to FGM nor would I go into a relationship where I honestly thought FGM was a real possibility.

I try not to "rain" on anyone's fetish parade here.  I know that there are a lot of weird fetishes out there, that's why we are in fact the kink community, but I do have my reasons for not approving of FGM.

For me when I decide whether or not it's a kink I can "accommodate" I look at what I call SELCHS:

Sane (Can I imagine anyway of explaining it which will sound sane twenty years down the line): Absolutely not.  I have no doubt that there is a good possibility any partner who suggests, or actually goes through, with FGM may not stick around till I die.  I will be left with your actions- you will go on and fuck someone else.

Effectiveness (How much of a possibility that I am going to be persuaded to do other things for my partner): Not much of a possibility there.  Like I think this would be negative possibility.  

Legal: As mentioned in my profile I will not be moving/visiting another continent just for the "possibility" of a relationship.  In Mexico, as far as I can find, there is no legislation on FGM.  However for my peeps in the US or Canada:
  • In United StatesFGM has been a crime under federal law since 1996 and is punishable by up to five years in prison. In 2013, the Transport for Female Genital Mutilation Act amended this law to outlaw “vacation cutting,” the practice of taking a girl overseas for the procedure.  (In other lingo: sorry folks in Mexico- it would still be illegal for me)
  • In Canada: As a result of the growing recognition of FGM as a violation of human rights, in October 1994, the then Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services[30] issued a memorandum to all Chiefs of Police and the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, explaining that FGM is a criminal offence, and informing them of the investigative and charging procedures for offences related to FGM. The Ministry of the Attorney General also sent a memorandum to all Crown Attorneys on the prosecution of charges related to FGM.In May 1997, the federal government amended the Criminal Code and included the performance of FGM as aggravated assault under section 268(3).[31] Under the Criminal Codeany person who commits an aggravated assault is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years.[32] A parent who performs FGM on their child may be charged with aggravated assault. Where the parent does not commit the act but agrees to have it performed by another party, the parent can be convicted as a party to the offence under section 21(1) of the Criminal Code.[33] (
Consequences (What can happen) and Health (how will this affect MY health):  Normally I would separate these two but the consequences are a lot to do with health on this once.  Obviously, the non-health consequence, is that there is jail time involved any which way we do this- I'm not interested in going to jail.  
  • Mental Health: The researchers conclude that female genital mutilation is “likely to cause various emotional disturbances, forging the way to psychiatric disorders, especially PTSD”. They state that the high rate of PTSD of more than 30% in the FGM group compares to the rate of PTSD of early childhood abuse (which ranges between 30% and 50%). (
  • Severe Pain (Like not good pain people- this is not hot sexy pain)
  • Excessive Bleeding (Haemorrhage)
  • Genital Tissue Swelling
  • Fever
  • Infections e.g. tetanus
  • Urinary Problems
  • Wound health problems
  • Injury to surrounding genital tissue
  • Shock
  • Death (FGM is not a kink "awesome worthy" enough for me to die for it)
  • Scar Tissue and Keloid
  • Increased risk of childbirth complications

Safe (self-explanatory): 
(Uh no.  No it's not.  I really favor the fact that I don't have issues with my ladybits.

I hope this has demystify the question for anyone who may want to ask me that.  Yet again as a repeat of my simple answer: No.  No I will not let you cut off ladybits from my body.

2/27/2016 6:21:14 PM
To Sum Me Up

If you are ever wondering who you may be reading about, where my ideas come from, who I am, I invite you to peruse hopefully this ever growing list of what I find hot, sadistic and twisted in a way that I would probably try it at least once if not more than once.  Feel free to ask me questions if ANYTHING catches your interest!

Oxford definition of a Eunuch: An ineffectual person

Definition of Ineffectual: lacking the ability or qualities to cope with a role or situation

 "Person" comes from the latin "persona", which means "a theatre mask", i.e. a fictitious, make-believe identity for the purpose of a play

I would strongly suggest reading about the Stanford Prison Experiment or watching Das Experiment (you can turn on closed captioning with translation since it's in German) to understand a LOT what I view as some of the best mindfucking I know.
 From The Craft                                                                                                            Driver: Girls watch out for the weirdos.                                                                  Nancy: We are the weirdos, mister.     

To get a better idea of how sick I am this lifetime movie would describe my thinking in so many ways: Kept Woman- BEST LIFETIME MOVIE MINDFUCK EVER!

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