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  I’m looking for a Special Submissive or Slave. One who knows their body well. On
Hetero Male Dominant, 45,  Mobile, Alabama
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 Dominant Male



 6' 2"

 261 lbs


 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

Femdom Couples


I’m looking for a Special Submissive or Slave. One who knows their body well. One who feeds off of its’ urges and won’t hesitate to get them filled. One whose cravings aren’t satisfied, until it’s been thoroughly fed.
- Have you ever fantasized about having “uncontrollable” sex with a “Group” of horny men, just waiting to hold you down, as each one has his way with you? 
- Are you an “Attention Slut” [Exhibitionist] who likes to be the center of everyone gaze?
- Do you find that men staring at you make you want to cum, just thinking about the “Nasty” little thoughts running throughout their minds (and Yours).
- Do you like to be "Watched” while having sex?
- Have you ever wanted to be on the “receiving” end of a Glory Hole?
- Have you ever fantasized about having ALL (3) Holes filled at once with Cock - while Jerking off (2) more?
- Are you a SUB or SLAVE looking  to be Punished (rewarded)  for your Behavior?
- Are you looking to be Rode “Hard  & put away WET” ?

- Every time you see someone eat a Taco does your pussy  Tingle ? 
- Do you consider yourself to be a “Nymphomaniac”  - who just can’t get enough?
- Do you love to “Please” others with your sexual prowess? 
- Do you have an Itch that your Fingers just can’t satisfy ?
- Every time you see a Hotdog lying between a Bun, do you start Fantasizing ?
- Are you a “Cum Slut” - looking to get your fill of Vitamins - D-CK 
- Have you ever wanted to be “Throat Fucked” ?
- Have you ever had a RAPE fantasy, where a group of guys “tore” your clothes off & “took” what they wanted ?
- Is your pussy WET, just from reading this?
I’m looking for those wishing to fulfill the fantasy of experiencing a real Gangbang and all that it entails.  I’ve met those who were “Shy” at first, only to beg for more days later. Some feel guilty afterwards, but you and I know that, that’s just your conscious’ way of trying to figure out WHEN you will do it again. 
Sure, you can make believe that, this is not YOU - the “Prim & Proper” one,  who would never be caught, doing such a thing. But, the truth is - whether you run a successful business, work at a Bank, work in an Office, or a Teacher, a Waitress, or a 
stay-at-home mom  - you have  - Fantasies, Urges, Cravings, Kinks,  Needs, & Desires - or as I like to call them - “Fuck’n Desires”.
[ Because Everybody has them - I don’t care who you are ].
The Desire to be Fucking  - Someone, Anyone  - who “truly” gets you. Someone who  knows that the next few hours is as much all about You - as it is Them (if you are a “Pleaser”). This is the time to let out all of that pent-up frustration, anger, hostility, 
sexual desire, or lust - and just do YOU.  For the shy ones, I love to “Blindfold” you, further heightening the experience, by taking away the sense of Sight.  
Each “new” hand that touches you could be a stranger, someone you’ve always fantasized about fucking, or someone whose always fantasized about  fucking you. Tons of scenarios might play in your head, but the object is to be satisfied & the object of desire is - You.  People always say what they’d  IF....???
My challenge to you is to challenge “yourself”  - let me take you out of your “Comfort Zone” and step into mine. Here, you’re not judged for every kinky thought that gets you off. On the contrary, I encourage it, the hotter you get, the more you’ll meet that challenge.  You’ll do so in a SAFE environment and all you’ll have to do is concentrate on what’s in from of you. Can you handle it?
Me? I’m just a guy looking for a “Not-so-Average” girl - with a Kinky disposition and wants to just “Do & be Done”  - (by more than One).
The question is - Is that you?

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