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Hello Goddess. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome You to my page. Im exceedingly grateful t
Hetero Male Submissive, 32,  Maryland, Maryland
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Hello Goddess. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome You to my page. Im exceedingly grateful that You took the time to grace me with Your precious attention. I wont promise to be brief (who could be after being directed to write about oneself) but I promise to be honest.

Right from the start I already know a few things we share in common. I know that You, much like myself have grown tired of the endless barrage of would-be-suitors, phony profiles, people with a shallow and limited view of the lifestyle, and those who dont quite understand the roles theyve assumed- as they quite often become disoriented and tend to deviate. Meaning submissive have suddenly become only concerned with their own desires and Doms have developed an affinity for dependency and wishy-washiness. I also know that You, much like myself value honesty and communication above all else. We dont like to concern ourselves with those who seem to lack the ability to articulate. We have no patience for those who lack depth and substance. And we have zero tolerance for those that would lie and manipulate in order to get what they want. I think its safe to say You and I have both dealt with enough of that. Suffice it to say that at this point You and I are desperate for genuine interaction and a simple connection with the potential to blossom into a deliciously fruitful and prosperous dynamic in which we have trust, communication, and delectable deviant fun. I would be remiss if I didnt also mention that You and I value maturity and discretion. We all have personal lives to protect after all. Yep Goddess, I think the mere fact that Youre still reading suggests that You and I share enough in common to at the very least, say hello to one another.

If You would permit me Goddess Id like to tell you a little bit about myself. Im 32 years of age and I am fully employed. I share a living space with a roommate and am local to the Washington DC area. But dont let that discourage You, I enjoy a nice road trip and I drive. I pride myself on tastefully clean and hygienic interactions and stay on top of my health with regular check ups and testing. Im a Blerd (Im sure Google could explain that better than I could) who enjoys my comics, anime, cosplay, and video games. Im also a passionate Outdoorsman and avid fisherman. You can most often find me by the waters edge or on my boat. I love to read and I love to draw. I also love to mingle and people watch as well. I took a brief hiatus from the lifestyle to go out and get my heart broken. I heard it was all the rage and so I figured Id go try it before it went out of style. Luckily I turned tail and ran out of there just as she was shredding the last ounce of my dignity after I divulged my desire to be humiliated in the most degrading of ways. Turns out, staunch vanilla conservatives are really freaked out by BDSM toys. *Shrugs* who knew?? So now Im back combing the interwebs and scrolling through miles of endless bad grammar, robots, and Ashley (who by the way, Im pretty sure is NOT 5 miles away from me, horny, and waiting). A few years before my abrupt brexit from BDSM I was trained by a very knowledgeable and notable Mistress. From our time together I learned to be patient and sensitive and keenly aware of the desires of my Goddess. I learned to anticipate Her needs. I learned to recognize Her mere presence as a gift. My specialties are the talented control of my extensive endowment and the ability to hand that control to She whom who would wield it. I am well-versed in the oral arts and take great pleasure in longevity and tenacity with painstaking attentiveness. Im not new to the lifestyle but theres so much I wish to learn and explore. Its a journey I would relish walking with You Goddess. Or shall I say crawling behind You.

May I now describe exactly what I seek? I am not opposed to a long-term connection but as with any dynamic in life, it would greatly depend upon how we vibe. I believe if we approach our meeting with no expectations but rather controlled excitement at the opportunity to delve into the mind of another, then we will be pleasantly surprised with how quickly we gain ground and trust. From there its anyones storybook. But not the Disney kind with all that singing and dancing. More like the E. L. James kind. *Scoffs* who am I kidding! We true lifestylers know that Fifty Shades was a cheap exploitive Hollywood rendition of the explosive chemistry and debauchery that truly occurs in the dungeon and just barely amounted to decent mommy porn but I digress. I derive pleasure from giving pleasure. From knowing my Goddess is pleased with my perance. However, I dare not insult Your intelligence by suggesting that I do not have fantasies and desires of my own. Some of the more vivid details I will save for our first verbal encounter. After all we must have something juicy and stimulating to converse over, would You agree Goddess? The general gist is that I wish to, together sit down and craft a 2 day adventure that will leave us both writhing in ecstasy and basking in bliss. From there we can determine if we wish to pursue anything further. During this time I wish to spoil and pamper You as the Queen You are and there is a list of rather naughty, nasty, and downright filthy requests that I would like fulfilled during that time in return. It would be my honor and privilege to host You as my dinner guest ( feel free to publicly assert Your role as my Goddess and me Your submissive as we dine in public) and then we would move on to another wonderfully enjoyable venue before retiring to our lair of luscious lasciviousness. Wow that sounded pretty nefarious- I think I heard an evil TV villain laughing in the background as I reread that.

Well Goddess it would appear Youve made it to the end of my introduction. I would like to express my eternal gratitude once again for taking the time to stomach my corny humor and maybe even muster up a chuckle or two to make me feel better about said humor. If Youve made it to the end, know that I dont take it lightly and I anxiously await the opportunity to know more about You and have the pleasure of making Your acquaintance and seeing where things take us. Please feel free (as it is Your Sovereign right) to reach out and inquire about anyting You may be curious about. I love to converse and divulge details about myself. Until later my cherished Goddess...

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