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Hetero Male Master, 38,  United Kingdom
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I am your Unethical Therapist ...

Meaning that ...

If you were to consult a regular therapist you would sit opposite them and explain how in your working day you felt humiliated - belittled - inadequate - foolish - stupid - worthless, because you feel like a fraud due to the fact that you need to constantly wear a facade of beauty - capability - superiority, because the workload at your place of work or study is demanding and unrelenting, and people would be horribly judgmental were they to know your deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness ...

... and they would listen and understand and work with you to help you feel better about yourself, right?

Well this therapist will listen and understand and work with you to admit to and act out your utter inadequacy, leading gradually to acts of humiliation - extreme embarrassment - chastisement - punishment ... you get the idea. You will be made to confess - admit - act out - dress up (or down) and offer yourself for chastisement.

My imagination is fertile and very kinky and role play is what I do best.

And, just to be clear, my ultimate aim here is to continue and consummate in real life and real time what has begun between us online. So, Im very much in search of a real connection in every sense.

I hasten to add that the term Therapist is merely a euphemism in this instance, and I have no qualifications as such, nor do I claim to have. Nor will I be asking for any of payment!










Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 United Kingdom

 5' 8"

 140 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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