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Chat doesnt work, please just message me.

I will send a picture of my face or bod on request, I just dont want to have it posted.

My pictures are a little old, Im more muscled now.

So I have explored some, and find Im a needy cum and piss guzzling, ass kissing crotch sniffing slut for a Big Strong Man or Big Woman.

You dont have to actually BE stronger, I lift and train quite a bit, so that is actually not likely but not like Im going to fight back, just to feel you (wo)man handle be, squash etc.

Love to be spanked, want to take that further then I have. Like to maybe very bruised ass.

Ive tried and thought about topping but my cock is small (about 4-5 slender)
Sort of insecure, at the same time SPH is hot.

Not relocating, or doing anything too wild, if you are far away I enjoy the fantasy but am not likely flying out to meet you.

Love to be under a big butt, male or female. Squashing, facesitting, queeningkinging etc.

Not sending you free money, no so called findoms. I actually find that pathetic and could never be dominated by someone that begs for money

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12/31/2014 4:26:29 PM
I wish I could spend New Year eve with someone hot, and nice and strong  getting fucked, spanked pissed on...

12/30/2014 3:09:59 PM

Somewhat possible "gross" story follows involving blood.

Had been talking for ages, finally met at a hotel,  he wanted my ass bad, and I wanted to feel his powerful body fuck me hard.   HE was inexperienced, 23 years old.

He was about 270 chubby but naturally strong.   We played here and there doing this and that.  Then he pushed me down, and shoved his cock in my ass, bare with no lube.  I really wasn't expecting that, but I was in such a passive/submissive mindset by some of the other things we had done.  I let it happen and ummm it felt good at the same time hurt as he force in.   He wasn't hung, about 5-6 but ROCK hard. 
After a bit, he grabbed some hotel lotion, lubed up and started a pounding rythym..
Every now and then he would pull out and slammed into my crack, not sure what it's called but between hole and tailbone... Damn it hurt like a mother he was soo hard!  and he did it quite a number of times!
He looks down at his cock and found it had blood all over it!
He had pounded a wound into my ass with just his cock!   I immediately got very excited! there was just something about that!  Well he panicked and grossed out so that was done..  I really wanted him to keep pounding.

Days later my asscrack was sore, but I got excited every little twinge, finally it itched a bit and healed.  I think the fact that I was so turned on scared him away, he's not talked to me...  :(

Is it weird I would love to have a repeat performance??

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