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I'm not great at filling these things out but here goes. I'm a switch with experience in both
Bisexual Male Switch, 30,  Washington, Indiana
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I'm not great at filling these things out but here goes. I'm a switch with experience in both roles. I enjoy both, but if a partner only wants one I won't try to get them to switch. My main interest is bondage (and playing with my captive or being played with) and I have interest in the domination/submission side of things too. I prefer the sensual side of things, but I do have a sadistic streak that I can let loose on those who want it and keep in check for those that don't. I don't have a ton of hard limits. I'm open to just being play partners, or if we really click I am open to trying a deeper relationship.

For women, I am looking for Dom, sub, or switch partners. If you are a sub or switch, I would prefer you be reasonably close to my age but I am open to discussing it. If you are a Dom, I am open to serving older women if any of you have an interest. Overall, I am open to a relationship if we click.


For men, my preferrence is to sub and age isn't a huge issue. I have considered playing with men where I Dom. I am willing to give it a shot, but you need to be not much older than me (I prefer you be younger) and skinny/in shape or somewhat feminine in appearance. If you are a switch, I would prefer you be along the lines of what I am looking for in a male sub, but I am open to some discussion on that. For both of those, pale Goth/Punk types are a plus.


This is probably just me dreaming, but if I can find a guy that will also be a friend and not just a play partner, that would be nice. Someone that I can hang out with, but that also likes to have kinky fun. We could do things like sit on the couch and watch a movie, with me tied up and him teasing me as foreplay before the main event in the bedroom (or maybe right there on the couch). A guy who on a whim may decide to mummify me and leave me that way while he does house chores. Playful and friendly, yet sexual and dominant. Like I said, I am probably dreaming.


When it comes to couples, I would probably want to sub with just about any combination. I would for sure prefer to sub with a male/male couple unless both guys were like the guys I described above as far as my preference for male subs. The main combination I would seriously consider domming would be a female/female couple.


I didn't use pictures with my face because I prefer my private interests to remain private. I do have pics that include my face though and after I know you aren't a bot I have no problem sharing them. 

I will respect all limits/safewords and expect mine to be respected as well. I also believe in open, honest communication so everyone gets what they want out of this. 

I have lots of non kink interests that I am more than willing to share to any interested parties or just check the interests list. To those of you who actually answer your emails, thanks.

if you've got any questions, feel free to ask.

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