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A few weeks ago when I began my journey, I spent a rigorous four days of training un
Bisexual Female Dominant, 24,  Possum Holler, Alabama
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A Poly Household

A few weeks ago when I began my journey, I spent a rigorous four days of training under a European and an Asian Master. I thought I was a slave but I came to realize as I left their chateau that I am in reality a Mistress of the highest order. I may only be 24 but I can assure you my skills and knowledge is vast because I have like 9 years of experience.

I am here now to look for suitable slaves and Masters/Mistresses to keep filled my BDSM house henceforth called the House of Heresyasign. There are currently 12 here at Maison Heresyasign, 2 female slaves, 2 male slaves, a Dom/Domme couple, 5 uhh.. well, there's one person with 5 distinct personalities, 2 submissive, 1 switch, , 1 Domme, and one.. errrr, I think a squirrel, not sure..  And one fake lesbian who is who knows what.. There is a maximum limit of 16 here, so there are 4 openings.

All will be under my rule because it's my trailer.. I mean mansion so I make the rules and I get to be the Grand Mistress.

No slave shall work outside of the mansion because I am independently wealthy and can provide. Well, I do have a job as a shift manager at McDonalds but that is only so that I do not become bored roaming my mansion or traveling the world.

Your duties will be vast. This isn't Club Med and you will be expected to pull your weight, and I mean that literally. Examples of your duties for you studs will be to make sure the tires on the trailer.. (fuck!) mansion are inflated to the proper level at all times. If the house is a rockin', you ain't doing your job properly.


For you sissies, and trans people of all sorts. Don't EVEN come around here talking about how you're straight, or any such nonsense. You want to be a girl, you get treated like one in all ways. That means if one of the Doms here wants a piece of you, you better be exposing that brown eye for him. Also, if you're post-op, don't go on about it..

 In fact, gays and lesbians... Leave it off. You're coming here to be a slave to the house. Ain't no gay or straight here.

 Adult babies, fine but if you think anyone here is going to take the time to change your diapers, just step off now. You change your own diapers.

 Couples, don't come around here thinking your marriage to each other means a thing. Subs and slaves are expected to serve the house, not you exclusively. If that's not what you want, don't join the house.

If you believe you are worthy of joining the House of Heresyasign send a detailed note with your qualifications and why you wish to be considered for the House of Heresyasign.


It is what it is, and that's all there is to it.

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Journal Entries:
10/19/2015 6:44:45 AM

Latest entry to the blog on 10-23-2015

8/27/2010 11:42:13 AM

I've been asked a few times.. (No really I HAVE).. If I were going to have anything to say about Gor.

No, i've got nothing to say about Gor and here's why.

You see, when you go to the special olympics, you don't make fun of the people participating in them now do you? Of course not, well at least i'm pretty sure MOST of you wouldn't do it. I'm also pretty sure there are at least a few of you out there who'd be on the side of the track heckling the kids in the wheelchair race.

It's the same thing here, making fun of the Goreans is the same as making fun of the kids in the wheelchair race. Besides, what can I say about the WWE of D/s that hasn't already been said? Wait, has anyone ever called them the WWE of D/s? Hmm.

"And the voice said `daddy there's a million pigeons waiting to be hooked on new religions...'" <--- Guess where that is from and win.

Okay, let's go to the profiles and have a few giggles..

This one is from a 42 year old Texan dominant and I can have ALL sorts of fun on this profile. First, he goes on in his profile proper about how he's not here to bullshit and is looking for something real. Pretty whiny profile but the real funny shit is in this cat's journals.

The first one talks about how he knows spelling isn't his greatest strength and says he doesn't wish to be given any shit about it. Yeah, let's not pay attention to those little details such as spelling since there is NO way your attention to those little details give any insight to the person behind the words.

The next journal entry speaks of how he doesn't give a shit about your TSRN number that you got from registering as a slave at that site. He seems to not like the whole idea of the online bit.. OKay cool, but his next journal is a passage that comes from.. (I swear I don't make this stuff up) a Wikipedia entry on the definition of slavery.

I don't want to be the one to explain to this clown just how reliable Wikipedia is since the facts there are not checked for validity. But does anyone else see the irony of slamming TSR because it's an internet site then turns right about and uses a site such as Wikipedia as reference? 

Folks, there is a good reason you shouldn't fuck your cousin without a reliable form of birth control.

There's an 18 year old lesbian submissive from ND who states in her profile she does not have a camera, so don't ask. Um, on her profile pictures there is a girl holding what you ask? A FUCKING CELLPHONE CAMERA!! If there is ever an awards program started on this site, here's a nominee in the category of stupidest fake lesbians.

One day last week I got a mail from someone who told me my profile was bullshit. It was pretty funny getting such a message from an 18 year old submissive whose profile states she serves some cat she calls Master Robert alongside her mother and a foreign exchange student from Japan I think it was. So I reply and say, "Oh yeah Robert, like you're real."

The answer? "Who's Robert?"

Just Sayin'!

8/26/2010 8:44:42 AM

There are many journal entries that begin with the phrase, "I am often asked..."

Something such as, "I am often asked about the different levels of domination." And of course to do their part in educating the peeps they go on to explain their views on that subject.

No that's cool, really. But you'se a lying mother fucker. Ain't nobody ever asked you any shit like that. You just want to post your views. So post the damn things, you lying bastard. You don't need to pretend all sorts of people actually have asked your opinion on the subject.

Maintenance discipine. Someone is going to have to explain that one to me. If the dynamics of a relationship is discipline to correct bad behavior or something like that, it really only stands to reason that the submissive in that relationship is seeking to AVOID it, right? Really, if the submissive isn't trying to avoid it, it ain't discipline.

Right, so enter the idea of maintenance discipline. It's like saying, "I know you've not like done anything wrong but i'm going to discipline you anyway...You know to remind you and stuff."

Uh huh, to remind her of what exactly, that if she's a bad girl she will get punished? Pssst, she already knows which is likely why she's been able to avoid it. Those days of not being able to sit comfortably is probably right in the front of her mind.

What's really happening is the domimant hasn't been getting his fill of having a go at the submissive's ass so he trots out the concept of maintenance discipine so there's a ready excuse. Nevermind the signal that sends.

Why not just tell the submissive that there will be times you'll have a go at her for no other reason than you think it'll be a lot of fun to see how red you can make her ass? Or better yet, just because you CAN, it's honest.

I've seen the ultimate in profile bullshit, (Aside from my own of course.) There is a dominant in the Philippines who is 25. Looking at the provided pictures he indeed looks 25. So far so good... But he says he's been in the lifestlye off and on for 13 years. I figure this fella was either one of those lunch money bullies and he's called it "domination" or he was really beating the crap out of his little brother and/or sister.

Another older dominant is looking for a slave to serve him in all ways. His profile picture shows the guy holding up a bowling pin. Uh, now I don't have any idea of what plans he has for this bowling pin but I suspect he's not about to invite anyone over for a few frames at the local bowling center.

And finally, a profile of a 42 year old dominant that says he intends to update his profile regularily. I would assume that means making changes to his status. perhaps a journal entry or two and things of that nature. Except in his profile he says he's 41 and on top it says 42. Seems someone has been a naughty boy and hasn't been doing what he promised. Pssst, now what do you think this says about you?

8/24/2010 12:32:45 PM

I saw this in a Dom's profile and it struck me.

"Why is it so many submissives on this site want the lifestyle to fit around them, instead of letting the Dom mold them around the lifestyle?"

Now here's another of those comments that make me just shake my head and laugh. This guy goes on to say right afterward that there is too much topping from the bottom on this site for him.

Here's someone who has assigned the main focus on the all powerful "lifestyle" without giving creedence to the fact the LIFESTYLE is what we make it, not the other way around. I get the idea that this cat doesn't like the idea a submissive may have a specific place they want to be within the lifestyle, however. (Those damned submissives with actual needs and desires, how dare they?)

But he calls it topping from the bottom and we've already covered that one, haven't we? I don't think it's a stretch to believe this guy is likely more concerned with how he is viewed by his peers in the "lifestyle" than anything else. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he got his master title from some group and not a slave.

Bad news for those that agree with this guy's sentiment. You can bluster all you want but in the end if the submissive is not having his or her needs met, (whatever they may be) they ain't gonna be hanging around for long, and why should they?

"But it's not about what the submissive wants," is the standard answer to that. You're right, but only AFTER the submissive has agreed to put his or herself under a dominant it then becomes what the dominant wants. But even then if they ain't getting what they signed up for, hasta la vista bitch.

I'll take overused phrases for 200, Alex.

The Answer is... "True D/s"

TRUE D/s... TRUE submissive...TRUE dominant.. Now come on, what the fuck is TRUE within a scene with so many different levels? And have any two people ever actually agreed on the definitions of what TRUE means in this sense?

So let's settle this shit once and for all.. A TRUE dominant would never volunteer to the cop who pulled him over that there are no dead bodies in the trunk unless of course there are in fact no dead bodies in the trunk. A TRUE dominant knows to volunteer this information is the fastest way to have the cop ask you to prove it.

How about this... TRUE D/s... a TRUE dominant.. a TRUE submissive is what we each see as our own ideal?

I saw a profile of a guy who goes on in his journal to state how he doesn't expect to find anyone real on here. Now this particular individual's picture shows him holding a pistol in front of his face. So, who wants to explain to him this may be fucking up any chance he may have had?

8/22/2010 9:21:03 PM

I'm the proud owner of a Cabbagesub as of the 23rd. I was looking in the closet to admire the twelve collars I bought in anticipation of the influx of slaves i'd have and I noticed there were only eleven left in the box I was keeping them in.

Chuck told me late that night when he was coming home from work at the Silver Slipper Casino, (He's a cocktail waitress there.) he saw someone sneaking away from the trail...errrr.. mansion and he was giggling about something. WELL, I look on here to find that Cabbagesub has "accepted" my collar.

No, he broke in here and stole that collar. But I suppose all is fair in love and collars so i'm the owner of the Cabbagesub. Just don't be surprised to find chuck leering at you ravenously with a bottle of coleslaw dressing in one hand and a chopping knife in the other.. Just sayin'

Now, does anyone really believe if you send me an email hurling insults at me that i'm going to give a fuck about it? come on people, if you must send me emails to take issue with something i've posted at least have the guts to actually state your issue. You never know, I might even discuss your issues with you. I know i'm amazing and all that but unless you tell me the issue i'm going to have no idea of what you are crying about.

One cat (again from my home state. What IS it with people in Mississippi?) messaged me recently and was quite distressed that my profile even exists. I invited him to simply click that report profile button to which he assured me he'd already done and added that he knew the owner. Ah, I suppose that means i'll be gone soon... Relegated to the ash heap of history for the good of the site.

Of course I had a peek at this guy's profile and found the entire thing was one huge whine. Whining about fakes and scammers and just on and on about it he was. A whiny dom, isn't that the damndest thing you ever heard?

Some profiles you have to read more than once just to make sure you actually read what you thought you did. Here are some funny ones.

There's one dude who claims to be a.. wait for it... "A reincarnated holy roman domanus"..<--- not dominus, mind you. This is kind of stuff that makes you shake your head and go, "Hey baby, like don't bogart that joint, pass it over."

Then there's.."If you don't read my whole profile, I will be able to tell. If I don't answer your email, you obviously didn't read it" <---- Because dammit, I wrote some deep shit here and you WILL read it, so THERE!!

There's one real young looking dominant who in his journal entries goes on about the messages he gets that point out he looks like he's 12. Hey little trooper, perception is powerful.. You aren't going to find many women willing to submit to someone who looks like he should be playing little league baseball. I'll say this, he's cute as all get out but he's the kind of cute that makes you want to dress him up in slutty clothes and put him with his pretty little pouty lips on the street.. "Bring it home for mama now.."

Enough for now.

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