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Im becoming the master of my shadow. I live a busy life in a shared house, so I am lo
Male Dominant, 27,  Tacoma, Washington











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 Dominant Male



 6' 2"

 150 lbs





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Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance

Im becoming the master of my shadow.

I live a busy life in a shared house, so I am looking to meet like-minded people when I travel around the Puget Sound for work. Id love to play if I hit it off with somebody, but Im mostly looking for good conversation. If my kink list doesnt scare you off, say hi! As long as you are polite Id love to make your acquaintance.

Also, I dont really care if somebody uses my profile for research. Expanding human knowledge is sexy.

A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.

Lana Turner

Journal Entries:
11/21/2017 8:12:00 PM
New Message: "can meet? find_me_here (link)" Seems legit 😒

6/1/2017 8:53:26 PM
Has officially developed a saree fetish.

5/27/2017 5:27:37 PM
We are complicated people. Remember, just as there are multiple facets of our personality, there are multiple facets to our kinkiness. You need to know what your partner likes and how they respond to stress before going very far. Kink is not a simple alternative to normal relationship, it is a relationship in which you and your partner can have a problem just when one partner is naked and hanging upside down with a gag between their teeth! You need great communication and some trust built up to figure that one out. Think about it.

5/2/2017 10:20:45 AM
Got my first message from an obvious scammer! I take that as something of a rite of passage. Blocked immediately.

5/1/2017 8:46:46 AM
My new profile is a lot better. I don't sound like I'm apologizing!

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