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So basically to put it. I am a Romantic. I am a little weird. I am all about the twisted World ladies and gent its what I like to live for.
Now I have a lot to say so bare with me. i am wanting a submissive a good calm but adventurous and loves to try new things
i am a dom but started learning 2 years ago

I am Free Minded thinker and love to Zen out i like to meditate and collect my mindset .
Maybe that one true connection is out there. I am seeking a Calm zen minded girl that just love to explore and try new things as well as teach me new things I desire someone that desire passion romance someone that wants to have a craving for someone serious.

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11/27/2017 10:56:20 AM
Remember Love Remember Hate Remember the Passion The desire of them all controls you. But will you See what I see Or stay Blind to what is around you. this is to everyone that reads this . for the suffocation of the time and being lost in that blindness will only give you less of what you desire. so Walk with me and i will guide you through the darkness. I will Show you the light for i am the twisted cheshir the guide of the abyss and the blind!!!

9/10/2017 10:32:41 PM
Things of passion. things of desire. key factors. thing you want but cant have. Riddles in the mind. awaken by the darkness but not lost in it. Come one Come All. My door is open but soon shut one may pass but who shall it be. we shall see.
(Riddle #476)

9/7/2017 12:57:49 PM
here is my fetlife

7/11/2017 12:20:22 AM
Now we know. Now we See.. For time has come and time has gone.. The white little rabbit escaped my grasp..
But we see no other.. In time we fall... Time has gone .. Time has come...
But fate leads us all in this twisted little world...
So who will join me on this Twisted Path?
Who will jump down that Twisted Rabbit hole with me and see What I see..
For those that see the World. we see no other fate for you... waking UP FROM YOUR DREAM IS ALL YOU CAN DO........
For if you don't Soon vary soon this world will eat you Alive.... Now i bid you all a Ab-doo and with Love.. Welcome to my little Piece of fucking madness and twisted little Heaven..

7/11/2017 12:19:19 AM
Waking up to see a better world... it is only a dream.. many in this world will be corrupted.. waking up everyday to see the same fate play out.. the same pains and torture we as human go through....
why do we do it??? simple This world and humanity is so full of life... that no matter what we do or go through we must live on.... The corruption tried to bid us in chains and control are freewill......
It is rare for us to see and accept those that are pure.. for it could be falsely proven... I however see so much more within humanity of human life.... The corruption sways from my own twisted heart... maybe I am a beacon of light to some.. but to others a monster they will never understand... so beware those who are corrupted i will sway more then just myself from that corruption..

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