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You saw my profile photo and you are in awe. You had never seen something more beautiful. Al
Female Dominant, 26,  London, United Kingdom











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 Dominant Female


 United Kingdom

 5' 9"

 132 lbs






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Submissive Male

You saw my profile photo and you are in awe. You had never seen something more beautiful. All your primal, animal instincts are turned on. You quickly put your hand in your pants and you start stroking your little, pathetic cock. You look whether I have other photos. And to your happiness you discover that I have. A perfect beauty you could only dream about having. Your poor cock is already worn out from all this jerking, but you cant stop. Deep inside yourself you know that the being you are watching is superior to you in every way and you are aware that you are nothing else but a inferior male loser who would do anything for the Goddess you see on the photo. Soon, you can no longer hold out and your pathetic cock explodes. Knowing how fucking miserable you are, you probably cummed in your pants and on your hands. I think this sums up the behaviour of 99,9999 of males that would see my photos.

So, for your information, my body is only one of my tools and not even the most powerful one. The most potent weapon I have is inside me. My brain, my intelligence, my knowledge and my education. I graduated from the prestigious Law School with top grades and I already hold two Master degrees. Im currently starting my PhD in Business Administration at one of the top universities in our country. I speak five different languages apart from my own and Im currently employed at one of the most successful law firms in NYC (you can see me with its chair at one of my photos). In every way Im superior to you physical, intellectual and educational. For me you are nothing else but a pity reminder of why Woman are truly superior gender and why man would be nothing but slaves in the future Female-dominated society.

Unlike many scams here, I don ask money from you. I have so much and you have so little that it would be really funny to ask you to give me your pocket money. Keep it for yourself and buy something useful for it.

What I require are genuine slaves who have no other thought (if man can even think, of course) but to serve Woman as their true superiors and treat Female gender as the new rulers of this society. I belong to circles of Woman who truly believe in Female Supremacy and Im always looking for inferior male creatures who are aware of their role as subordinate gender and who are willing to become nothing else but an for Womans pleasure. Those males who willingly accept their new status would be rewarded with the privilege of serving a true Goddess and being able to interact with her on a daily basis. As my career and education are very demanding I need a multitude of slaves who would perform various services and tasks. By doing this manual and simple tasks, my slaves would allow me to concentrate myself on my professional goals and personal enjoyment. Isnt it better to dedicate your lives to the service to superior Woman and ease them their life successes, when you cant really compete with them in education and career due to clear male inferiority in all fields?

For those that have managed to read this far (yes, that must really represent a challenge for your inferior male brains), I currently accept the following types of slaves. When applying, state for what position you apply and what makes you fit to do it. Also, you should send the application with all the necessary components of it (and try to make your application stand out in some way!) or you would not be considered.

-Online slaves

If you are too far away or if I have no use from you now, you might still become my slave. You may apply to join my stable of online slaves and I would allow you the honour of talking with me, give you orders you need to obey and I would officially list you as my online slave.

-Chastity slaves

All my slaves need to be in chastity, but Im also willing to put any other man in chastity as well. If you want to be my chastity slave, you need to apply for that and I would then officially add you to my list of slaves.

-Live-in service slaves

I have a spatious apartment and I dont have time to keep it in order, so I require inferior male servants who would be willing to do all the cleaning and maintenance that is necessary. As I have the highest standards, I demand perfection and you would be asked to do your duties 247. When not in use, as every house tool, you would be kept in one small room where you can sleep or do whatever you want.

-Live-in maids

I love to be served on a continous basis, so I also accept house maids. You need to have proper manners and be available whole day to fulfil every order I give you. From bringing breakfast to my bed till giving me a foot massage before I go to sleep.

-Highly-skilled slaves

If you possess valuable skills like cooking, massaging, driving or something else, I might use you for specific tasks to ease my daily life. You would need to be available to me during whole day and you need to be highly skilled in these areas.

-Pain sluts and humiliation bitches

Nothing brings me more pleasure then punishing male scum and teaching them their right place in our new Female-ruled World. As in any ruling system, the gender that has power must regularly discipline the inferior gender, so they can understand their roles and duties. I usually like to do this in company of my dominant girlfriends, so that means you would have the honour to be tortured by a whole group of young, beautiful, dominant, educated and successful Woman. We have no limits, as we believe man are less worthy then the heels of our beautiful shoes, so we dont accept responsibility for any injury or damage the male slut might sustain. Neither do we care!

-Toilet slaves

I never use the regular toilet. Instead, I prefer to use my slaves, since in that way I save money that I would have to spend on their food and drink. If you can swallow everything that comes out of me, I might accept you and put you to my bathroom as my toilet. Beware, you would only be used as the toilet and nothing else, you would be totally restrained all the time and you would be blindfolded and your ears would be plugged. Basically, you would be nothing but a living toilet used for disposal of my excrements.

-Oral slaves

I need regular pleasure and for this I require adequate tools. The position of oral slaves is open to the male who has the capacity to endure lengthy periods of time being used as nothing else but a living for my pleasure. This is not a dream position, but the most difficult and dangerous task for any slave in my service, so please do not apply if you are not serious and if you cant endure that. I will not answer for the consequences. I would grind my pussy on your face, smother you until Im totally pleased and I would use your mouth, tongue, nose and face without any mercy. Physically Im very strong and I have powerful legs and ass. During your service I would ride your face without any consideration for you and I would only concentrate myself on my pleasure. That means that you might spend hours without fresh (or any) air and forced to bear the weight of over 120 pounds on your face. I also like to jump on the face of my oral slave when I use him, so you shouldnt complain if I break your nose, some bone or you suffer some other physical injury. Also, you shouldnt even apply if you dont have a strong and long tongue that can endure me riding him for hours without stop.

-Fuck tools

If you are extraordinarily endowed and you possess a fuck tool (so-called cock) that is 7 or 8 inches long, you may apply to b

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