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PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND HAVE TALKED TO ME FOR A WHILE BEFORE SENDING FRIENDSHIP INVITES, DO NOT SEND BLANK ONES I WILL, I REPEAT,WILL DELETE THEM WITH NO WARNING.IF YOU READ THIS PROFILE YOU'D KNOW THAT. If you do send me a blank friendship invite, it means you either didn't read my profile, and why should I accept friends who don't read about the one they want to friend, or you ignored my request, and also, why should I accept friendship invites from people who ignore basic polite requests. I do not think that just because we've exchanged 4 or 5 emails, that we should automatically friend one another, friending takes a bit more time than that.

First of all, I’d like to say. After we've reached a point that friend requests are appropriate, Please don't send me friendship requests if you don't want to chat regularly on here, or on Yahoo, or whatever means we choose to contact each other. Friendship requests, to me, are methods to be friendly and to chat. I don't collect names, so names on a list I never hear from are of no interest to me. If I have not heard from you in a long while, I will delete you from my friends list. Sorry to be so blunt, but I simply don't keep names on a list, you must be an active friend to be on my list and stay. I will not chase you, I will not keep saying" heard from you in a while, how are you?”. I WILL walk away and delete you from my contacts.

If we talk, please do not obsess over a single subject, like diapers, BDSM, or sex. it's annoying and it'll find you on my blocked list very fast. I don't mind talking about ageplay a lot, that's a very varied subject. I am almost always childlike, so we may talk often and a lot about little kidlike items, like our stuffed toys, or our days with daddy, or whatever type guardian you have, but that's different from every time I say hi to you, you come out and say so you diapered right now? Or when ya gonna be diapered next? Or did you sleep in diapers.
Do not say "I see" or "ok" or monosyllabic responses that give the impression you really are not interested in me talking to you, to everything I say, it gets annoying and rude fast. I am making an effort to talk to you, you can put the same amount of effort back into replying to me. If you don't know what to say, that's ok, it happens now and then, but if you do it constantly, I WILL stop talking to you, because you're not interesting to talk to.

I'll talk and be friendly and whatnot, but this is the only warning you'll get on this subject so please heed it. I am not interested in being your erotic fodder, talking dirty, performing on webcam for you, or other stuff to make you horny or get you off. I am not interested in answering your questions about my sex life, or providing sex life details to wank to.
For any males who hope a friendship request will lead to cybersex, hot steamy discussions, or hookups for sex, I'm Sorry, but they won't. Any contact that isn't healthy or respectful of either me, or my relationship with Daddy will be ended.

We live with my parents behind their house in a separate little cottage type set up, I have all the freedom and privacy of any other adult, I/ we come and I/we go as I/ we need to and do as I/ we wish, and they do not pry into the business of our life, so hopefully this little tidbit doesn't put anyone off, and if it does, oh well. That is your issue, not ours.

Let it be known right up front, so if you have any problem with age players, girls who call their partner Daddy, who regress, or for whom this is a very real thing and not make believe or pretend, then I am not interested in hearing your issues.


I would like to find a lady who'd like to spank me on a regular basis, maybe once or twice a week. These are fun spankings, not punishment ones, but they will not be erotic. Keep in mind you'd have to meet my Daddy, and talk to him and be approved before you get anywhere near my behind, and if Daddy doesn’t like you, or approve of you, it's not happening.

I am in a very committed sexually and emotionally monogamous relationship with my Daddy, we're very solid and loving, been together for 7 years, Our 7-year anniversary was September 17th. I’m extremely loyal to him and have a strong sense of integrity in life and within our relationship.

I'm 30, a switch, a bottom, and an inner child and kitty cat. I started out identifying as a submissive, but that doesn't fit me, I started realizing I wanted to dominate people, and then after quite a while, I identified as an adult baby but now I identify as an inner child more. I regularly experience an odd disorder. ( Ooh shiny disorder) so often gets distracted and Daddy has to go hunt me down I try to remember but seem to forget why and what I was supposed to do quite regularly.

I'm a really good source of cute stuff links, and resource finds. I window shop a lot, and I'm not afraid to contact sellers on etsy and ask if they'd make a baby item they're selling custom made to fit an adult. I’m always happy to pass on the information of cute adult baby things I find, and even things that are mainstream but shout baby wear to me.

I'm into baby/ young kid stuff, sure, but I'm kind of different from most age players, I like my stuff to be functional every day looking. It doesn't have to scream fetish or have that 'oh my god look at me' to anyone but me, and those in the know, will know of me and my outfit choices.Some people want big foofy ruffles and rumba panties and so short it'd be obscene if it were not for your diapers, but not me.

I am childlike in all aspects of stuff, not just for fetish, or for certain events then it's put away, It's who I am, not what I do, so I want stuff I can wear in day-to-day situations, like to my Daddy's workplace or to the park, or even out with my parents real parents not ageplay not something that's only suitable to wear to age play parties.

When I regress, although in an adult's body, I AM a child, coming from a child's view point and from the emotions of a kid. I expect people to respect that and not step on my feelings if I tell them I’m feeling regressed and vulnerable, or not to try to engage me in adult conversation or dirty talk when I am little. I assume and I hope you wouldn't attempt to talk to biological kids about sex and adult natures, so don't do it to me, just because I have a grown ups body. The body is adult but the regression is that of an actual child.
Whatever issue you may have, you don't bring those issues to my "doorstep" because I simply don't care who has an issue and who doesn't like it.

I am still in many ways emotionally a small child also in my mannerisms and the way I see the world. I have a very nurturing partner, who doesn't mind a childlike in some aspects partner, Daddy is 11 years older than me, enjoys putting the needs of his partner before his and taking care off and providing for the lady he's with. He thinks my childish nature and young at heart ways are adorable.

We have some what of a parental relationship, if not an untraditional one because he doesn't dominate me and I don't submit to him. We just love each other and taking care of each other to the best of our abilities, and calling him Daddy makes both our hearts happy.

Daddy will be aware of all friendships I make and maintain, and he may be a part of my friendships with others, i.e, we may all hang out, all go do something together, We may have dinner and a movie at my house, and since we live together, it's kind of hard not to run into my partner. Since he's a part of my life, I want him to know those I am hanging out with. This is not of course a must, but it'd be nice, and I'd honestly like it better if every one knew every one and was comfortable with every one.

You must like animals, because liking animals is a character trait in people that's important to both Daddy and I, disliking animals is a deal breaker, pretty much with us both loving animals as we do. I am a very friendly, bubbly, perky, quirky and outgoing person, open to meeting new friends of any orientation, and new social experiences. I'm not a very private person as a rule, and I really don't believe in tmi (too much information) unless in extreme cases and I seek friendships with likeminded people who are themselves and not very private. Now that doesn't mean every fart, or sex escapade is on display, but those kind of things may come up. Please note I am not really interested in friendships with those who have to clear every given activity and minute and friendship with their dom before we can hang out or be friends, It's way to restrictive for my idea of what a friendship is.

You must be able to show up in public with us, this will not be a bedroom only or discreet only friendship. If you're afraid of being outed, too shy or have some reason why you can not come to public events that may associate you with being kinky, I am sorry but we're not compatible

*You MUST be drug free.* This of course does not apply to any medical prescribed drugs, just illegal drugs and recreational drugs.

*I would like to ask no smokers,* and should we become friends anyway if you do please do not smoke while with me or around me or just before coming to meet me. It's a very offensive habit and frankly one I think stinks.I do not wish to be exposed to it.

NO SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESSES. Or ones that interfere regularly with your life. Serious mental illnesses and ones that interferes with your life regularly are deal breakers. I am sorry to say but numerous past relationships with people who had mental illnesses have burnt me out on being with or around people with serious mental problems.
*You must not be cheating on a spouse, significant other or hiding this from them if you want to create a friendship.

I have no tolerance for cheaters or liars, and my friends must be able to have our friendship out in the light of day if they want to maintain any kind of friendship with me. We'll be discreet, we won't act a fool in public , unless you want to, but you can't be afraid of going down to the local coffee shop or whatever we're doing and being seen with me.

I don't drive, never learned how and with my bad eyesight and other considerations I don't believe it's wise to be behind a wheel. You'd be doing all the driving and I'd help out with gas, or buying lunch when able to, or we'd split the cost of a cab fare if we wished to go somewhere and James was not going too. I don't work, however being on SSI I have my own source of money and I am financially stable. I won't leech off friends, and nobody will have to "pay my way" when we go out. I do not think my career status or not, is any valid reason to base a friendship or not on, However if you have issues with me not working I don't care please just pass me right on up.

I like going to play parties with Daddy; though we don't go very often to play parties, Master's Den is probably one we'll be going to most often if we go. The major events I want to go to will be Kink in the Caribbean in November, happens to be a bit before my birthday to so if we get to go happy birthday me!! SM Odyssey and the Folsom street fair. Eventually I'd like to get to attend the leather Carnival in New Orleans, and go to other events such as the Dark Odyssey in Maryland. Maybe others that we become aware of that interest us, should we be financially and time wise able to go to, will be on the list of must-sees. Please note, just because I dream of these events, don't mean we're going to go, some people think that dreaming of going means we are going.

Travelling is a huge interest of mine, and if it's travel for a BDSM event, and if Daddy can come, well woohoo more fun. It would be lovely to make local friends and find some close enough to get together regularly, without socialization restrictions from their dom, to hang out with, socialize with, go to BDSM events including classes, and things like Folsom street fair with. I don't much care for munches, they tend to be rather boring in my eyes, but I would consider going with friends.

I'm in poor shape physically and I am overweight, I also have a back injury that rears its ugly head every now and again, a slipped disk in the base of my spine causes me a lot of pain and mobility issues, so does my knee not tracking properly, and so because it doesn't track properly it slips out of place and causes pain and weakness and swelling, and invariably causes me to stumble or fall. I don't walk very well any more, so please keep that in mind.

I would like to work on that. So any friends who had a desire in fitness and wanted to go swimming or for walks or other easy for beginners activities would be awesome as well. You could be very into fitness or out of shape and trying to change that as well. Doesn't matter to me:)

I am a fan of horror movies, if you liked them too it'd be nice, because they're the only type of movie I can't get or rarely get any one in my family, including Daddy to watch.

Some of my other interests I enjoy are renaissance fairs, no experience with SCA would like to but so far just the fairs. BDSM events, going out to dinner, trying new alcoholic drinks sometimes while at dinner. Crafting, I do a wide assortment of crafts, Reading, video games, expanding my many collections.
Some of the items I collect are stuffed animals, mainly teddy bears, books, video games, computer games, horse figurines, candles, basically anything that interests me. And of course I have an interest in buying BDSM toys. One day it'd be nice to have room for some of the bigger items.

I enjoy movies, mostly horror like I stated earlier, but not limited to horror alone. I enjoy comedy, kids movies, and fun easy going movies, etc.

I'm interested in all kinds of outdoor activities such as camping, going to the lake, nature walks, ect, but currently am not involved in any such activities though I'd very much love to be. I just would like to share those activities with a group of friends, and well right now, there's a severe lack of people to go with. I'm also into photography, and I love to take digital pictures, and I think I have a good eye for what'd be a good photo, and I enjoy that hobby very much. I am an amateur at that hobby, since I don't know things like shutter speed and ISO and stuff, but I've gotten a lot of compliments on the pictures and subjects I photograph.

Just a heads up, I dislike loud noises, loud music, noise for noise’s sake”, i.e, having the radio on just cause you can't stand silence and I most especially hate being trapped with it i.e. in a car while you're driving or in offices or dining establishments. My ears are very sensitive, and after a short while my head begins to hurt, so please, if you like loud noises crowded busy loud places, or loud music, be aware that I am sensitive to such environments and try to respect that.
So if we're hanging out and I ask you to turn it down or express a need for quiet, it's not because I am rude, or trying to put down anyone’s tastes in music, IF I ask you to turn it down or if we could turn it off for a bit, it truly is disagreeable to me and most likely is having a negative effect on me. After a while of being surrounded by noise I can't get away from or have no choice of being subjected to I begin to feel agitated an stressed, and it can bring on, or worsen a headache or migraine.

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10/31/2010 8:22:02 AM

10/19/2010 8:44:34 AM

yay for pictures that turn out well. I have 3 new pictures.  And by tomorow I am hoping to have a new picture of Daddy and I as a couple.

7/29/2010 4:02:53 PM

7/20/2010 6:34:45 PM

6/30/2010 3:40:53 PM

Looking for a trust worthy woman or select man to do weekly spankings with.

I would like to find someone LOCAL, IN SACRAMENTO ONLY,  who'd like to spank me on a regular basis, like once a week maybe twice a week, I have a goal I want to accomplish with daddy and he just doesn't have enough time or energy to maintenance spank me enough that I can handle the goal I have in mind. THERE WILL BE NO HANKY PANKY, SEX, ORAL SEX, NOTHING, JUST A SPANKING.

Keep in mind you'd have to meet my Daddy, and talk to him and be approved before you get anywhere near my behind, and if Daddy don't like you, or approve of you, it's not happening.

12/19/2009 11:06:49 AM
any one wanna pic any of the multiple group munches in Sacto  and choose to go with james and I to one of them one of these days?:)

6/29/2009 6:11:42 PM
we're all ostriches in this world, with our heads buried in the sand; occasionally some of us briefly pull our heads out & notice that we've all got our heads in the sand .. . . . . . Some of us even may stop & yell, 'Hey, our butts are sticking way up & we've got our heads in the sand.' & sometimes some of the other ostriches even answer us back: 'What sand?' 'What butt?' 'What ostriches?' 'Huh?

Quoted here with permission of Demon Kia

6/23/2009 12:10:52 PM
Please note I am not interested in friendships with those who have to clear every given activity and minute and friendship with their dom before we can hang out or be friends, It's way to restrictive for my idea of what a friendship is.

I grew out of having to ask someone's permission to go play as a child, and I'd prefere my friends did too.

I'm not a very private person as a rule, and I really don't believe in tmi,* to much information unless in extreme cases like you're telling me you like to eat poop for breakfast* and I seek friendships with like minded people, Who they themselves are not very private, and who themselves will not call the tmi card  very easily.

You must be able to show up in public with us, this will not be a bedroom only or discreet only friendship. If you're afraid of being outed, or to shy or have some reason why you can not come to public events that may associate you with being kinky, I am sorry but we're not compatible


6/12/2009 2:21:12 PM
I am chomping at the bit for daddy to realize I've called 3 times and call me back lol. I need to ask him something and I am excited about asking him.  I found a plush necronomicon, it's the book of the dead in case you don't know an it's popular in HP love craft movies, and I wanna know if Daddy wants it. I also found a crocheted cthuluh that's so cute I wanna show daddy * bouncing excitedly* I can't wait till Daddy so I can show him!!!!!!!!!

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