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Hetero Female Dominant, 43,  Linden, New Jersey
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 Dominant Female


 New Jersey

 5' 7"

 209 lbs






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Trust and emotional connection is important to me, well worth i promise.  My experience with a Dom for 13 years has left me with an appreciation for true service, the richness of getting to know and appreciate the person he truly was left me a better person.  I learn from him until 5 years ago when i move to South Carolina, was nothing more than the sadness of me walking away until was nothing but empty space and silence.... I like to be in an exclusive relationship with a male that appears vanilla to the outside world.  I do want an intense romantic, passionate and meaningful relationship.  I  have a strong sense of who i am, i am artistic, intelligent,  professional woman. I am not at all interest in men who seek multiple play partners, men who are married, or men who are looking for casual encounters.   Ps. I still live in South Carolina until May when i will move back to New Jersey

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Journal Entries:
5/6/2014 6:46:51 PM
Chains of melody. Is raining out side as I open the door I can hear you sit down on the chair in my room is dark and cold, I know you are siting in the dark so I turn the soft light by my bed. I take my wet dress off as I dry my hair I turn the radio on to soft music. my hair get lost caressing my shoulders as the music play. I get from my dresser your leather handcuff and You can hear the chain of melody as I dance in the dark, I lay on bed breathing hard as I rub your handcuff on my hard nipples and my hips, I can hear you breath I can almost taste you. I know you are siting on the dark as I lay on bed I play with my breast keeping my legs close as I feel the heat increase knowing that you are watching in silence has make me so wet. I get from my table my favorite toy. The one that is really hard and thick. I open softly my legs as the music play exposing to you the pink of my pussy that is now hot and wet ready to be penetrated as I hear you say in the dark. "Mistress I beg you please" As you walk tours the light I can see your naked body that I love and your cock is hard and throbbing with anticipation. You walk to my bed and give to me your collar, "good boy" I put your collar on as I touch the wet of my pussy I run my fingers true your lips so you can taste as I kiss you. I ask you to kneel on the chair as I push my hard thick toy deep inside you very slow I want to hear your pain as every inch stretch your Litle ass. As I push deeper and deeper I can hear you say "thank you mistress". Mmmmm you are a good boy and your mistress found much pleasure in you sub. As I feel you are about to cum I take it out and I lay on bed. I am wet and ready I say to you in your ear as you lay In top of me. "I want to feel you deep inside me". That "my pussy is empty sub" as I let you penetrate me I can feel you swelling Inside me " fill me up wit hot cum sub" and I can feel you scream of pleasure as you push deeper. My beautiful sub how amazing is to Have every drop of you deep inside me. All exhausted I feel you softly kissing my breast as you go down to eat my wet pussy. And you are so good at it Litle boy. As you bite and eat my pussy you finger fuck me hard pushing your hot cum even deeper inside me.... All exhausted I hear you say "thank you mistress"

5/6/2014 3:13:07 PM
Is sad to see how people some times come to our lifes and walk away with out ever know how much they miss, because they was so cut up on them self all they think is me, me, me. they fail to see must of all, how much they mean to me. Is sad to see them walk and I wonder if he knew that I cry his absence.

10/18/2013 2:53:32 PM


run away from me and do it fast.

your sky is turning gray and i walk under the storm.

and understand that even that i ask you to leave, i dont want to loose you

i don't want to walk over pain barefoot

the truth is in my mouth to show you the way

i am not who you think i am, i didn't fall from the sky

and if you want to take a chance you would learn

that i am really good

in making suffer the one that love me.

and understand that even that i ask you to leave, i don't want to loose you.

if you only listen with your heart you will understand that if i love you, you would have it all.


9/24/2013 7:33:30 PM

Loving you is not the best i have that clear.

Loving you is not the best but i like it.

I know am playing, is the masochist in me.

Loving you is not the best but is perfect.

Loving you is suffering, am so lucky.

Is a reminder that i exist, that i feel.

Loving you is the biggest lie of the truth.

Is the best of the worse that happen to me.

Loving you is a mistake say a friend that think

that being happy is being free....

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