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Gay Male Dominant, 44,  OrlandoArea, Florida
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

 215 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Switch Men

Sub/Sub Couples

Online Romance


A Poly Household


 Computer Expert

 Leatherworking Expert

I have been very active in the Orlando Leather community, but have taken a hiatus.

I am open to helping a developing boy explore different scenes, but that boy has to be willing to serve in return.

That said, I have always liked smooth or shaved boys, and I have enjoyed boys with shaved or smooth heads also. Jockstraps not panties.

Note I tend to enjoy extreme play, and very submissive men. but I also am willing to work with someone at a lower level of experience and develop them if we click.

At the moment, I am not looking for a 247 submissive, but I will consider a part time boy. I am eventually looking for a compatible house boyslave.

Someone noted that the term boi refers to sissyboi, and I wont argue that. Often it is also used by men who are trying to augment their age. Boy is a perfectly acceptable term for any male submissive, and is general.

Additionally, Sir should be used to address any Male Dom, or Female, if she perfers. It does not imply ownership, only respect andor acknowledgement of the boys role.

I will not play with married men.

I have recently lost my beta boy in his struggle with depression. If you are suffering with depression, seek professional help, do not fight it on your own. He was the fire of my passion.

All picts are taken during personal play sessions at my old playroom, The Woodshed, Bar Codes, or elsewhere.

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Journal Entries:
4/17/2018 10:34:36 AM
If you are waiting for a Master to fix you, or get you into shape, don't. Take some responsibility for your self. Why would I want a lazy undriven "slave"?

4/15/2018 8:45:22 PM
I guess some people want to know more. I will consider sharing my tumblr w boys who have good full picts, and ask politely and properly. (Note: this means at least one full body/face nude, preferably kneeling or in a pup crouch, and know how to use Sir)

4/15/2018 8:12:21 PM
I need to get a new singletail.

12/30/2017 10:30:54 PM
Any boys wanting to show me how deep their snow is? (only valid during winter months, whatever those are....)

11/15/2017 1:09:59 PM
Why do boys think messy rooms are a good idea to show? R/T Doms don't want messy boys.

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