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Hetero Male Submissive, 56,   , North Carolina
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Everyone in my life sees me as a take-charge, intense personality .. so much so that I regularly intimidate those who have held the title of supervisor. That, perhaps more than anything, explains my unquenched thirst to surrender to the right dominant.

Athletic, wry, witty, sarcastic and a natural alpha to all but the person I long to submit to. Not into pain (at least not anything you could describe as severe), dangerous play or anything that could lead to scarring. However, I am helpless around someone who is capable of breaking me simply with the intellectual, physical, psychological and sexual tools nature bestowed. I am finding this is an elusive trait in the person I seek. I am drawn to strength and want someone to wrestle with (again, intellectually and physically).

I also want a collaborator who comes to my creative spirit with the same investment and enthusiasm that I bring. I adore the idea of embracing the areas where my partner is stronger. Ideally, we celebrate each others strengths and open new worlds for one another.

Note .. CS has a weird tick of eliminating apostrophes and commas from profiles and mail, so dont judge any odd or missing grammar here ...












 Submissive Male


 North Carolina

 5' 6"

 150 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

 Lives For:


 Liberal Politics


 Heavy Metal Music


 Art Galleries




 Being allowed to worship your body

 Being allowed to give you massages

 Comedy Shows

 Political Activism


 Female Supremacy

 Alternative Music


 Punk Rock Music

 Rock Music




 Hip Hop Music

 Body Building

 Curious About:


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