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Hello! I have been in the lifestyle my entire life and I am looking f
Hetero Male Dominant, 39,  Nottoofaraway, Indiana
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Hello! I have been in the lifestyle my entire life and I am looking for a girl to call my own. I am a Dom, Master, I can be sadistic depending on the girl. There is little that I cannot do. I am not looking for games. I do not have the time for games. I love to cook and I am very good at it. Im very tidy and love cleaning. Especially if Im mad or up set I will clean every thing. Its my release. I like to sew, iron, laundry, any type of cleaning. I am very very productive and hyper all the time. My biggest hobbies are saltwater reef aquariums, leather working, and building. A couple years ago I retired as a business owner, owning a marine aquaculture facility. A hobby that I turned into a big business. I loved working with all the different kinds of fish and sea animals in large tanks that take up an entire room. ) I can make just about anything from working with leather to making stereo speakers or building bdsm furniture or furniture in general. I have no limits on what I can make. I make my own floggers, cuffs, dragon and single tails. I like to fix things and make them what was expected. Down fall to that is very few will notice but I still try. If at first I dont succeed, I will try again and keep going until i get it right. I also know how to use any type of flogger, tail, crop, paddle, and cane. ) i am very very very dirty minded. i love to give my girl a long hard beating with a flogger or tail while tied to a cross and fucking her mind out (depending on her likes and preferences of course) and then turn around and hold her, cuddle with her, give her immense affection and treat her like a queen, making her feel so special. I am a little bit sadistic. I am fair, firm, and consistent. I am also very picky. I will always show respect and I expect the same in return. My girl should always make time for me in their day to talk to me even for just a quick message. Whether it is right before work or right before bed. If I tell you to tell me good morning or good night I will expect that from you and nothing less. That is respect. I love to cuddle. After a long hard scene I like to cuddle with my subslave and just hold her. I like to treat my girl when she has behaved. With punishments, they are quick and done. Rewards are given when my subslave has been a good girl. I enjoy spoiling my girl, I will treat her like the very best. I will always take care of my girl and make sure that she has *nothing* to worry about. I thrive under stress and am always looking for more. I am very creative ) and I enjoy surprising my girl. I love to laugh, joke around, fish, long midnight drives, camping, cuddling, shopping, and making her feel wanted and appreciated (I expect to feel wanted and appreciated in return).I have wide variety of music I enjoy and I like my music loud. Im not big on reading, Id rather be doing something with my hands. I enjoy any type of movie, whether we cuddle and watch it or fuck with the movie in the background. I even enjoy watching chick flicks. ) My mind is full of many random facts with nowhere to go that likes to pop up all the time. I am very out going and open and I can blend in from one social group to another like water over ice. I love looking at the pretty snow but hate the cold.I enjoy doing sweet romantics things for my girl like sending flowers to her at work, or running a bath and giving massages after a stressful day at work. I enjoy sending chocolate to her out of the blue to brighten her day. If it is raining, I will drive her to work and then pick her up so she wont have to walk in the rain to her car. A courtesy that i have always given. Youll never see it coming or what I will do next. I can go slow with life or ride it hard and long. Never a dull moment ))I am the same person on here as I am in real life. I look forward to meeting beautiful girls out there. ) Im extremely loyal and devoted to my girl. My hard limits are kids, animals, death, and anything that will land me in jail.

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