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So everyone wants to know who you are and put a label on you. Here goes. I enjoy wearing thigh
Bisexual Male Dominant, 44,  Dallas, Texas

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 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

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So everyone wants to know who you are and put a label on you. Here goes. I enjoy wearing thigh highs, heels, thongs and leather. Sometime I like to dress this way and sometimes I dont. Its my choice. Im not passible. I cross dress because it makes me feel good. Admiring my heels and kissing my legs until you reach my cock is a good start, if I let you meet me. I love CBT, nipple torture, spanking, denial, ass play, toys, electric play, enemas (always before play, you need to be very clean), bondage and oral. Not anything messy. Enema play is for the pain and discomfort, not to be messy and gross. I like chastity devices, if so desired we will find something for you. I enjoy other things as well. I have hard limits that can not be broken, i.e. scat. I will know your hard and soft limits before we play. Your soft limits will be tested once we trust each other. If you want to know what my limits are, ask. I am looking for a long term relationship. I dont want a 247 situation. I have a career that pays well. I will dominate a man or woman. I prefer a male. I will dominate a submissive couple. A submissiveslave with multiple fuck partners is not what I want. I only play safely and expect you to do so.I expect you to do a few chores as a sign of my dominance or you punishment. Thats all, I have a maid for the rest. I will cook you will clean afterward.I want to find someone who I will respect, trust and yes love eventually. My submissive will need to do the same for me too. Ask if you want to know anything else. I will send pictures to you if you desire. If you think this will work for you, contact me.Pinches, spankings, twistings, hugs and kisses,


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