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Here for The Only One, for Lifelong Relationship Full Length Profile contained within both Jo
Male Dominant, 40,  Dehradun, India












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 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 143 lbs




 21 minutes

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Submissive Female


Here for The Only One, for Lifelong Relationship

Full Length Profile contained within both Journals


STRICT NO to All Indians

(If you are not infected with these, feel free to connect: Attitude, Ego, Impoliteness)


(Warning CS community of Stephanie Scott: Highly Mentally Abnormal from US - keeps creating and deleting profiles so no specific handler)

Journal Entries:
3/28/2018 10:51:04 AM


What's this going on in name of submission and slavery?!!

  • Submission & Slavery reside in Genitals Breasts Hips, Dominance as well?! What you're flaunting in disguise of Submission and Dominance is actually your unconquerable unmanageable need for Sex, turning you into a Slave because you can't handle and control your own self!
  • What are your flaunting in your pics, after all? Every woman on this planet has it, every man has it, so how does that become a deciding criterion to be a submissive or a dominant?!
  • As a female sub, this is what you have to offer? Nudity Cleavage and 3 Holes? Are you a stray sex worker? Any man can find what you're offering paying tiniest imaginable sum, so is tiniest imaginable sum your worth and worth of your submission, and slavery?!
  • Becoming whore, slut, pimp, hucow etc, is being Submissive and Dominant?!
  • Slaves' profiles demand and expect endlessly? Look at their tones in which they demand and converse! All Dominants and Masters are expressing what they have to offer?
  • All subs and slaves have 5-10 pages of messages? This shows how endlessly women are being chased by men, in other words subs and slaves are being chased not The Masters, WORLDWIDE?

Now, Take a look at the revelation in my second pic, kindly.

Thereafter, take a look at my only journal entry.


2/10/2018 9:46:18 PM

Present State of Subs/Slaves/Doms/Masters Worldwide
Self Proclaimed Subs & Slaves are learning DS & MS Lifestyles from Self Proclaimed Doms & Masters. Only use, misuse and abuse of Body is being taught and learned! None of the subs/slaves knows to respond a message that says Hi/Hello with a Hello/Hi, or to talk politely/humbly! So, the language training is not taught, manners are not taught, behavior is not taught, apologizing on mistakes is not taught, entire mind is neither trained nor taught, and this 99.9 percent gamut of subs/slaves/doms/masters is TRAINING body mind heart & soul!?

Simplest Question on Earth to all these Subs/Slaves/Doms & Masters
Can a carpenter teach how to repair tire flat? Can a mechanic teach how to repair home electrics? Can a tailor teach how to cook? Can a Math expert teach Biology? Can a Chemistry professor teach Economics? How are these Doms & Masters teaching when they' never served? The stuff that they teach, what is there to teach about it? - even an insect/cat/dog/animal bird knows it by virtue of laws of this Nature!
About The Teacher
Seeks a Lifetime/Long-term Relationship with one True Sub/Slave with absolutely no worldly discrimination including age/race/nationality/religion/skin color/language/monetary & social stature etc. In this search, for many years have encountered only pinnacles of ego, selfishness, hate, discrimination, and all forms of mental ugliness, only except a pure heart and soul of a submissive/slave.
What is such a Teacher doing on a site like this?
Actually, he's on the right site while others are on the wrong, because submission & dominance isn't about genitals body or mind, but completely about how you’re born with the soul and heart given to you. The moment this Soul steps thumb of a foot out of your body, mind and heart, they and your Life shall lay flat on Earth, mourned as Death worldwide, STUPIDLY. 
True definition is:
A true Dominant protects, a true Sub nurtures -
And this definition above clearly makes Dom & Sub what actually? Dom as Protector - a Father, Sub as Nurturer a Mother! Now look at these 99.9 percentage of Fathers and Mothers on this Site and Planet....... Mothers with their breasts and genitals out seeking Pimps Rapists Whoring Gangbangs and eating Human Excretion! Fathers with their penises out seeking to become Pimps Rapists Torturers Abusers. Wow! And this is known as Hypocrisy and Manipulation to your own self that this race is doing worldwide, every country every religion. Humans should have fun and pleasures it isn’t denied, but same can be done without demeaning and manipulating truth morals values and definitions!
Taught religions and races across Romania, Mississippi, New Orleans, Florida, UK, Europe, Mexico, Africa, Australia, Pakistan, Capital of India and South India.
Just Everybody's Lord, as observed was: PEOPLE, proving the 99.9 percent gamut for human race. Every single one of em was hungry/starving and discontent, and their purpose of Life was to "Prove"! To whom? Again People! Hence, BORN SLAVES THAT WE ARE!
Pic 2 of this profile shows what has never been in centuries on this Earth, whether any incarnations/teachers/protectors/doms/masters etc of any skin color/religion/nationality/rich or poor etc. What It SHOWS is that 99.9 percent of this race of human faces that are mentally & physically addicted with lifelong, is merely one tiny table of someone who’s ruling this age of earth: The Iron Age. So you keep thinking living believing and pleasing People, BUT This is from where - DS & MS Lifestyles descend!
Jesus foretold he would be reborn, and this race wants to evaluate him again using same parameters, only to later shed tears watching what they did in a Movie -

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