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Hetero Female Mistress, 37,  Kent, United Kingdom
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Last Online:


 Femdom Dominatrix


 United Kingdom

 5' 11"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Submissive Male

Switch Men

Live for a year as my servant/slave. Get paid for it. 3 times the average wage. You should be male, straight and with a good physique i.e. toned or muscular. I'm male. I'm in the UK. I get numerous messages asking why I am not listed as my gender. The answer is in the sentence at the top of this profile. I will be relocating to the Midlands in the summer. I shall start this shortly after that. .. Would be useful/preferable: - Interest in domination or being dominated
(Dom/sub/switch, this doesn't matter. With me if you're not submissive it goes nowhere).
- Likes humiliation
(If you're straight, I would expect humiliation-lovers would be best suited).
- Wants money
(I'll give you three years' average wage for the one year of doing this).
- Physically strong
(There'll be strenuous things involved, lots of exercising until you're exhausted).
- Wants to improve physique
(As above).
- No job ties
(You're required for a year).
- Age 40 or lower.
(I must find you attractive, and usually I do not find older men attractive, nor effeminate men).
- Any nationality, nearer the better. I will fund your flight.
(I'm in the UK. If you're from the Marquesas Islands, expect some adjustment problems). Schedule: Week 1-3 Introductory trial.
Week 4-52 Live as my servant. There may be a holiday involved too. That means a vacation on which we both travel, not a break from serving. We will discuss limits, but note that I like to challenge you, and that means that I enjoy things that you might not like. If you don't like them, it doesn't mean you won't do them, it just means you need some persuading. By that I mean punishing or pain. I realise that as a straight man this should challenge you and I like that. So, for gay and bisexual men who are asking why I am not interested in them, that is why. Either that or you're just not my type. I would possibly make an exception for a man with an extremely fit physique, but it is unlikely, unless you want to do it for free. So you'll travel to where I live and spend a year in obedience to another man, with limited contact with the outside world, no sexual interactions with women, very little in the form of entertainment, no choice about what you do, where and when you sleep, what you eat or drink, what you wear. For those who ask, yes, sexual things are to be discussed, but punishments aren't and won't be enjoyable unless you're a masochist. If you do something wrong, then there will be methods to punish, lengthy periods of being tied up, humiliating tasks, cbt, tt, whatever seems most suitable, probably the things that you dislike the most.

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