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Stepping into the spotlight of my heart, emerging, from the shadows, of my soul, I see her, fr
Bisexual Female Slave, 40,  OnTheStage, California
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Stepping into the spotlight of my heart, emerging, from the shadows, of my soul, I see her, from behind, the torn velvet curtain, which continues to rise, as she sultry saunters to center stage and with it, bringing back, a saucy arena, of a time, filled with illicit glamour and debauchery, glancing out, from this burlesque cabaret, with her light, sky blue eyes, shining bright, as her dark, purple hair, mixed with black, cascades off her bare, milky shoulders, with a cross necklace, laying low against her chest, as around her neck, is a black laced chocker and from her nose, a ring rests against her upper lip, of her mouth painted pink, with her cream colored, rosy cheeks, touched up by mascara and her thick eyebrows, with her plum colored nail polish, as she wears, a vintage look, of a black, lacy corset and knee high, dark fishnet stockings, while she shakes her quivers, under the sparkling sequins and brilliant gemstones, with her long gloves, wrapped outside, in a string of white pearls, around her wrists, getting glimpses, of her body art, especially, of the dream catcher, on her side and I am, finding it difficult, to turn away, from the innuendoes, of her dancing language, as she smiles at me, with graceful moments, mesmerizing me, as an audience of one.

So now, she has becomes, my life size pin-up poster, being the mistress, of this life, as I, take her boudoir photographic poses, being my centerfold, my lens captivation, being that I want her, I need her, I desire her, I love everything, that she is, being my show and when the curtain falls, I know, that off stage she is, the very best of me.

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