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Pan Female Dominant, 29,   , Texas
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WARNING: Anyone over the age of 40, with genitalia photos on your profile or as your profile photo, are based out of a non-english speaking country - DO NOT MESSAGE ME. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. Thank you.
About Me
I'm neurodivergent and have been a Female Dominant and Mistress for more than 10 years. I firmly believe in female supremacy. I believe that every man is born betasubmissiveinferior and it is the nurture outweighing nature that determines whether they remain that way or not. If men arent being trained to be used as domestic slaves then they should be treated as infants and toddlers since they dont have the maturity or intelligence or wisdom to know any better or to be given any sort of real world or adult responsibilities.

I have also been a Femdom mommy to a good handful of sweet little abdl boys who needed some nurturing and discipline in the last seven years as well (but thats not what Im looking for as of now either). I also am NOT looking for a love interest or sexual partner (I am biromantic and asexual, taken romantically) - Ive been in a loving and committed FLR relationship for years now and will not compromise that for anyone. This is my lifestyle choice but I would never shove it in the faces is of vanillas - theres great power in subtly. And Id appreciate the same respect from Male Doms thank you.

Some of my everyday hobbies/obsessions include

Photography (street/lifestyle)

Writing (Poetry and prose)

Film commentating ( movies and tv in general)

Technology, Major Tech-head and Software Engineer in the making (I live for watching CES online every year, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are fascinating!)

Music (eclectic taste but mainly 90s, indie acoustic alternative, rb, alternative rock, bubblegum pop)

Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences (I hold a bachelors degree in Psychology)

Travel (road trips galore! Specially for concerts and standup - Ali Wong and Iliza Shlesinger for the win!)


Reading (Fiction, Poetry, and Psychology)

Photo Editing (Affinity not Adobe)

Disney (Renaissance none of this remake stuff)

Trying out local eats (or on the road)

What I AM looking for is a domestic slave (male, be it pan gay trans ace bi hetero, etc - I welcome all) who is young (27-34 preferably), fit (or at least a bit leanermuscular than average), kind, and who withholds the same values and beliefs as I do. A boyeunuch who believes that histheir Owners happiness, approval, and ability to go through Her day to day a little easier because of him, is its own reward.

Some of the things I look for in a male slave are as follows

Someone who knows themselves.

Knows who they are what they want and need.

Knows their place and is most happy and at peace there.

Someone with a personality.
Someone dependable.

Someone eager to go above and beyond not just the bare minimum.






Someone flexible.

Honest transparent and comfortable being vulnerable.


Willing and able to commit.

Someone with some experience and little to no baggage.

To name a few things.

This position I hold open is for something longtermpermanent 247 only, that will more than likely become a live-in situation (once the apocalypse is over and maybe six months to build trust, foundation and for training to happen). FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE PLEASE. Anyone with a bare bones profile will almost 100 be IGNORED by Me. I need to get a sense of who you are, how you identify, your experience level and background. Take that barebones nonsense elsewhere. Please no active duty military men (if youre contract is up thats fine), cross dressers, vanillas, complete newbs or males who need help exploring their submissive sides, men topping from the bottom, in bedroom only people, or sissies. Local and relocatable people only. Local is preferred. Do not waste my time and I will not waste yours. Thank you










Last Online:


 Dominant Female



 5' 1"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

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