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Hetero Male Switch, 23,  Raleigh, North Carolina
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TheLastCenturian - Raleigh, North Carolina

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 Male Switch


 North Carolina

 5' 5"

 190 lbs






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  Hi There! You can call me Rory! =)
Though I've been interested in the BDSM scene for quite a while, I'm only just now starting to play. I'm in a loving monagamISH relationship with MaeDae - we're free to play with others together and separately, but we'll always come home to each other at the end of the night. <3
I'm only somewhat kinky right now - most of what turns me on is kinda vanilla or at least somewhat close to normative. I currently identify as a heteroflexible switch with a major cum fetish. When it comes to women, I tend to like all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. For men, I'm mostly just into fem-boys, CDs, trans, and twinks.   Right now, I'm seeking a mentor to teach me how to Dom a Brat. I've recently been able to tap into my dominant side and above all my other kinks, I would like to foster it. I need to learn how to nurture and read a sub. I've spent too long wanting to do this but not having the confidence to dom - now that I've almost got it, I need someone to teach me how to use it effectively.   I love a Brat who will tease and refuse to obey until you punish them. Dirty talk is a major turn on for me and while I want a sub with spirit who is independent outside of the bedroom, when my hand is around their throat, I need a dirty little cumslut begging to be filled. If you've got experience teaching Doms and training Brats, please message me. Male or female, if you're a princess by day and a slut by night, let's talk!   When it comes to submission, I'm really inexperienced. I'm not really into receiving pain or being humiliated, but the idea of being tied down and milked against my will is really thrilling. I am very interested in meeting a femdom who will flirt with me, talk shit to me and then push me down and force me to cum just for her. I'm really into guided masturbation & jerk-off instruction.
Though I'm not looking to cuddle specifically, it should be noted that aftercare is definitely one of my specialties and something I love providing. (^_^)
Because I'm already involved in a primary 24/7 relationship, I am only looking for secondary play partners. No matter how hot you are or how much you fulfill one of my fantasies, I will not let you come between my girlfriend and I.   Cuckolding has never particularly interested me, but I am somewhat interested in power exchange; in fact, I've had dreams of hosting a gangbang and telling Bellemaedae what a filthy whore she is while other men fill her holes with cum.   According to the test below, I'm an exhibitionist / voyeur, which does make sense. I've only played in-front of others a few times, but I loved every moment of it. The more the merrier!  

Hard limits

  • Scat / Watersports
  • Children (littles and ageplay are fine though)
  • Emotional abuse
  • Vomit
  • Cock & Ball Torture
  • Sounding

Kink test

  • Exhibitionist / Voyeur - 96%
  • Switch - 93%
  • Experimental - 89%
  • Dominant - 82%
  • Sadist - 79%
  • Bondage - 71%
  • Submissive - 64%

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