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Hetero Male Dominant, 49,  Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
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TheGirlRescuer - photo 1

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Time for a re-write.

I have been in this lifestyle for 19 or 20 years now and have had lots of great experiences during that time, but now I find myself at a stage in my life where I am looking for someone very long term or permanent to continue my journey with.

I?m looking for someone younger than myself who is average or better in size (sorry. I don?t go for massively overweight) and looking for something LONG TERM. (also, no interest in online.? If you?re outside the UK unless you plan on travelling, then it isn?t likely that anything will work out between us sadly)

I have NO interest in male subs, or trans subs. Biological female only thanks.

I put my old profile into my journal, so hopefully you?ll be able to look over it there should you so desire.? Anything I missed?? Feel free to message and ask!













 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 6' 2"

 168 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples


 Lives For:





 Erotic Hypnosis

 Mental Bondage (Expert)


 Anal Play


 Body Worship

 Breast Play




 Being Massaged

 Domestic Service



 Hair Pulling



 Obedience Training


 Orgasm Control

 Sensation Play

 Maid / Butler Service

 Sensory Deprivation


 Speech Restrictions

 Role Playing Games

 Drawing (Expert)

 1950s Lifestyle

 Gorean Lifestyle


 Victorian Lifestyle (Beginner)

 Rock Music


 Cane / Crop Discipline

 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions


 Clothing Selection

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Suspension Bondage




 Board Games


 Comedy Shows

 Science Fiction

 Simulation Games

 Web Surfing

 Body Art



 1970s Lifestyle

 Goth Lifestyle


 Heavy Metal Music

 Nineties Music


 Pop Music

 Seventies Music

 Curious About:

 Electrical Play


 Gas Masks

 Masks on Partner

 Rubber Fetish







 Local BDSM Community


 Hard Limits:

 Genital Punishment

 Female Supremacy

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Journal Entries:
8/16/2022 2:35:13 PM

CS REALLY needs to bring back the message boards.

7/27/2022 5:40:11 AM

Is it just me? or do you find yourself scrutinising the electrical outlets whenever someone sends a pic?

7/18/2022 4:22:43 AM

Most of the time on this site I just sit on auto-refresh on the front page and just wait to see who stops by.  Very rarely messaging anyone first anymore :(

So. if you see me online, and fancy a chat, gimme a holler!  I only bite on request! lol

6/19/2022 11:44:40 AM

Feeling lost? Maybe a little alone? Feel like no one else understands the things you need? That your mind and body want things that maybe normal people would think is a little bit wrong?
Maybe you are lacking a purpose, an overwhelming desire to please, to belong to someone. To be their focus but you just dont quite know how, or maybe need someone to help you to take that final step towards your happiness.
Or maybe youre just looking for a new Master to give yourself to.
Youre not the first girl to have these feelings, these needs and desires, and doubtless wont be the last either.
Id describe myself as a Master with a leaning towards Daddy and I have the strong burning, the urge for TPE, and in that situation, I begin to once again fire on all 4 cylinders and now I am looking for someone for an eventual permanent position over a long-term period.

I enjoy and get a lot of fulfilment from taking girls who find themselves in a position like yours, taking hold of them and shaping them, giving them a sense of purpose, a goal to achieve, a new life to embrace and a rewarding relationship and environment to finally and truly learn just who they are, who they have always known themselves to be, and opening those doors to that new life that they knew they were always meant to have.

I am currently looking for a young skinny to average sized girl, (sorry, but to me, overweight is unappealing.) who has a good sense of fun but is willing to stick at things when it gets tough. looks arent too important, but the desire to fulfil your potential IS to own and take control over, to turn into the girl you know you should be. A pet girl. A submissive piece of clay to be shaped and moulded into the potential I see in you.

I have been in this lifestyle for close to 18 years. What I am looking for now, is a girl for a long-term Master-slave relationship. To become a pet, someone who enjoys that sort of control over their life being wielded by another and is willing to let me shape you and make you more than you were before.

It is time I trained someone for a permanent position, so here I find myself in the hope that the girl who fits this requirement is here and ready to take that step.

I like to talk to new people, but. I do not want this to remain an online thing. I want to actually meet people, see the whole person, not just the text and if the chemistry is right, and then move forward into the life that we both know you need. I want this to move to real life as soon as it is prudent. So, no endless texting, I want to be able to move on to video calls and of course real-life meetings so we can a proper, genuine bond with one another, as well as getting to know each other deeply and intimately. I am more than happy to share photographs of myself early on. I always find it so much better when you have a face to put to the name, plus, it gives you a chance to run away screaming before you get too in-depth into it all lol. I hope you would be willing to do likewise.

I enjoy the emotional and mental aspects of Domination and submission. I am not a sadist by any means (except perhaps on an emotional level) but have no issues using pain as a punishment, or as a tool should it be required.

You would be cherished, loved and adored, but dont let yourself think that will give you too much freedom. While I am laid back and easy going in my general life. I am strict and demanding in what I expect from a girl, and you would be forced to live up to those expectations. My boundaries are solid which you would discover should you decide to try to test them.

Im UK based (Northamptonshire), and I would prefer you were too. Or at least willing to relocate to the UK at your own expense to take your place at my feet and my side.

Its time for you to stop being alone in your life girl. Its time to live how you know you were naturally always intended to live. To BE who you were always meant to become.

Do the first few paragraphs sound like you? Then send me a MESSAGE! Say hello! Lets have a conversation! The most you have to lose is a few minutes of your time. And at best? Well, The sky is the limit!

6/19/2022 3:14:07 AM
So.. It's really about time I rewrote this profile.  I haven't dared change it because of the approval thing, but.. suppose I best bite the bullet eh?

2/22/2022 6:09:43 AM

I'm thinking it is definitely time to update the profile pictures, the ones up there currently are like a year old now.  The question is.. Do I dare risk a 6 week "pending approval" phase?

1/13/2022 4:10:36 AM

I think it might be about time to think about a re-write of my profile.  this one seems to be gaining no interest recently so.. time to change things up a little bit.

If there are any parts of my current profile that you feel should remain, please let me know.. also, let me now what DOESN'T work in the current one so I have a better idea of what to change.

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