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Gay Male Slave, 46,  Newton-Le-Willows, United Kingdom
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TWELFTH UPDATE CONTACT DETAILS ARE AT THE BOTTOM Relentless Addict is the property of Master Relentless but is also controlled and influenced by The Boss (a 6ft 3, handsome, bi, ex-bodybuilder) and The Mistress (a black, bi, athletic, 6ft 1" masked TV). If 2 or more of the 3 Owners agree a rule, then it becomes law for IT. IT is watched over by IT's owners 24/7/365 with no escape or get out, and used by them in any way they wish. On Monday 15 December 2014, under orders of IT's owners, IT moved back to IT's flat in Newton-Le-Willows and can now accommodate all male Dominants and slaves. On Thursday 1 January 2015, IT was ordered by all 3 owners to leave IT's partner of 15 years and focus IT's entire attention, love, devotion, loyalty, obedience and commitment to IT's owners. IT was given a deadline of 1 February 2015 to do this and by Tuesday 6 January 2015, the order was carried out. Since serving IT's Master and other Dominants, IT has definitely become a slave and IT has increasingly shown much more respect to other Dominants whether they be straight, bi or gay. IT's eyes have been opened by IT's owners to the true world of slavery and IT exists 24/7/365 as a slave. IT's existence has been and still is being dictated by IT's owners and IT sinks deeper and deeper into the true world of domination. There is no room for roleplay or fantasism. This is very real! IT's owners have made IT: Move back to IT's flat;
Break up a long term relationship;
Hand over all log in details to everything that IT has (emails, bank accounts, etc) ;
Submit to their dictation of IT's appearance;
Hand over everything about IT, family and work details (with direct contact telephone numbers and email addresses);
Provide each of IT's owners a key to IT's flat;
Soon a Will will be made out to leave IT's property and assets to Master Relentless, and three life assurance policies will be taken out which will leave money when IT dies for Master, The Boss and The Mistress. Master Relentless removed IT's humanity and the words like "I", "Me" and "myself" are no longer used by IT. IT is property and no more. The more IT serves other Dominants, the more submissive IT becomes, and IT is available to serve any male Dominant (who is no less than 100% active). IT is often asked by slaves and potential slaves what it is like to be a slave. It's an absolutely brilliant, educational, privileged and mindblowing experience and a relief to be what IT should be. A REAL slave does not say what IT is into and want. IT just does as IT's told and if IT enjoys the experience, then that is simply a bonus for IT and no more. If any Master or slave would like to meet IT just for a chat, coffee (or to pleasure - Masters only), then IT is at your service. IT will buy a coffee, tea, etc, for Masters in public and if you wish to meet at IT's flat, then IT will get in the drink that you like, to make you comfortable and relaxed. IT is a slave. IT knows why IT exists and what for, and IT­ ALWAY­S kn­ow ho­w to ­show­ respe­ct ­to ALL ­ge­nuine Masters and ful­­ly appreci­­ate them. IT's place­ i­s ­to mak­e t­hem hap­py,­ s­erve the­­m well &­­ ­to thei­r t­otal s­atis­facti­on. IT has been used as:
A personal­ ­toilet (­bo­th yell­ow ­and br­own)­
An arse ­t­ongue wip­­er
A mass­age­r
An a­sh tr­ay
A­ boot & ­feet li­cke­r
A spunk ­b­ucket (bo­­th mouth a­nd arse)
Cleaning & ironing for Dominants­
A slave do­minator (dominate slaves under Dominants' orders)
A cash fag­got
Other acti­vities IT also knows how to ­d­ominate ­ot­her sub­s u­nder t­he ­orders ­of­ a Maste­r­, and the ­­last time ­­IT did it,­ ­it felt ­da­mn good­ and IT will ­gla­dly d­o it ­agai­n. ­ IT's contact details are:
Skype -Newton.guy
Mobile - 07801 291623
Landline - 01925 341996











 Male Slave


 United Kingdom

 5' 9"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Dominant male

Sub / Slave Male

Switch Male

Sub/Sub Couples

Male Dom Couples


 Coffee Shops

 Flea Markets


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