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Pan Male Dominant, 20,  London, United Kingdom
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Hello, to everyone who reads this.

First of all, what I am looking for:

People to be my subs online only, who do not mind that I do have other submissives. These two things are non-negociable, I will not give up the other people I am with, nor will I meet up in person except in exceptional circumstances. I prefer people around my own age, but I do consider people up to around 30. Beyond that it is unlikely I will agree to anything. Physical attractiveness is important, but not essencial.

I am a very accompished hypnotist, online and offline, and I often do that with my subs. However again, it is not essencial.

If we get into a conversation and I like you, then I will give photos, if those are important.

I do prefer women, but I do play with men sometimes as well. The reason for this is that although I am bisexual I am attracted to few guys, and as I said, there is some importance attached to appearance.

Personality is also important, however frankly I think it is better to establish that through communication than through posting wants here. If you are interested in an online D/s situation of any kind, then drop me a message, and we can see from there!











 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 152 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive female

Sub / Slave Male

Online Romance

 Lives For:

 Erotic Hypnosis (Expert)

 Intellectual Discourse


 Psychology (Expert)

 Agnosticism (Expert)


 Martial Arts

 Breast Play

 You wearing my collar (Expert)

 Being Massaged

 Mental Bondage (Expert)

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Liberal Politics


 Writing (Expert)




 Scuba Diving



 Blindfolding you

 Body Worship

 Bondage (Beginner)


 Domestic Service


 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service


 Orgasm Control (Expert)

 Sensation Play

 Maid / Butler Service

 Speech Restrictions





 Libertarian Politics


 Political Activism




 Corsetry (Beginner)

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Massage (Giving) (Expert)



 Feng Shui






 Curious About:

 Anal Play (Beginner)


 Canes and Crops (Beginner)


 Electrical Play

 Erotic touch (Beginner)



 Modern Primitivism (Beginner)

 Rituals (Beginner)

 Whips (Beginner)



 Genital Punishment (Beginner)


 Latter-day Saints

 Modern Paganism




 Diapers (Beginner)

 Enemas (Beginner)

 Watersports (Beginner)


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